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Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth Day Essentials from Youth To The People

In honor of Earth Day, clean up your skincare routine with Youth To The People. From leafy green cleansers to the new rare berry-infused oils, Youth To The People is made up of 100% recyclable packaging and cold-pressed vegan ingredients making a positive impact on both skin and the environment. Further reasons to love this brand -- all products are formulated without soap, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or added color to leave your skin looking naturally awesome! If you’re not familiar with this powerhouse skincare brand, we have a rundown below of the products that will give you brighter skin and a cleaner future.

Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil ($44): This intensely hydrating oil contains Maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world, açaí and goji berries creating a potent antioxidant elixir for your skin. This velvety soft formula also contains Prickly Pear and Squalane Oil to lock in moisture as well as Jojoba and Sunflower Oil leaving skin with a more radiant complexion.

Age Prevention Cleanser ($36): This nutrient-rich gel cleanser helps balance your skin, and removes daily dirt and toxins to keep your pores so fresh and so clean. Packed with antioxidant-rich kale, spinach and green tea to give you that fountain-of-youth glow, it also protects you from free radicals and environmental stresses that try to bring you down.
Age Prevention Moisture Cream ($48): Get ready for some leafy green moisture with this lightweight, multi-function, antioxidant-rich moisture cream. All the super foods you love, including kale, spinach and green tea, combine forces with Hyaluronic Acid to create a mighty moisturizer that restores, rejuvenates and conditions while protecting against free radicals and environmental stresses. Use it day or night (or when you roll in at dawn) to give you the healthy, beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.
Age Prevention & Brightening Serum ($62): This high performance serum uses fast-acting peptide molecules to maintain skin elasticity and promote natural collagen synthesis, while infusing antioxidant-rich kale into the skin. And Vitamin C doesn’t just boost your immune system; it both brightens skin and prevents hyper-pigmentation to work like Photoshop in real life. This super serum also takes on premature wrinkles and fine lines by reducing damage caused by free radicals and environmental stresses, and then locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid for an added bonus. It’s glow time.
Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream ($35): Small but mighty, this nourishing cream delivers vital nutrients with Youth To The People’s proprietary superfood blend of kale and spinach, tried and true aloe, ultra-emollient sunflower oil and an army of reparative vitamins. Equipped with Tripeptide 5 to reduce fine lines and boost collagen plus Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid to plump and lock in moisture so all eyes are on you!
Age Prevention Superfood Mask ($44): Get your greens from land and sea, this age prevention mask is packed with the best superfoods on earth. Formulated with Spirulina, Bioactive Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid (plus kale & spinach!), these superhero ingredients protect from free radical damage while nourishing your skin for a healthy, youthful glow. Leave on for 10 minutes and discover results you can see!

About the Brand: Youth To The People was created with one simple mission in mind: what you put on your skin should be as whole, nutrient-rich, and clean as what you put in your body. The precise, custom formulas feature 100 percent vegan ingredients, cold pressed extracts, gentle preservatives, and earth friendly packaging. Youth To The People is available at Youth To The People and Sephora

Friday, April 6, 2018

Earth Month Hair Essentials

Happy Earth Month! And to celebrate, Team TME wanted to make sure that you knew about a few of our favorite hair (and Planet) loving products. Beginning with getting your locks clean -- Maui Moisture offers a plethora of shampoos, conditioners, and stylers that are effective and eco-friendly. It’s become one of our favorite budget-friendly brands. Of course you need a tool to style those luscious locks and Olivia Garden never fails. Read on to find out more about these two eco-responsible beauty brands.

Maui Moisture is inspired by handpicked and handcrafted ingredients that can be found on tropical islands like Maui, all of which are responsibly sourced, vegan and made with eco-friendly materials. These products do not contain any parabens, phthalates, sulfate surfactants, colorants, petrolatum, silicones, gluten, or mineral oils. Maui Moisture offers seven ranges for all hair textures and types. Each product within the Maui Moisture Collection will run $8.99 each. Now can you see why we love this brand?!?

  1. Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk – This collection is formulated for individuals with normal to dry hair who need gentle hydration. Formulated with Coconut Milk, Guava Oil and Mango Butter, hair is left detangled and nourished with no leftover residue. Available in a shampoo, conditioner and raw oil mist, these products work to hydrate strands while providing luscious shine.
  2. Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter – This collection is a dream for anyone with dry, damaged, or over-styled hair. The four products in this collection include a shampoo, conditioner, raw oil, and hair mask, all focused on intense hydration and moisture retention. Formulated with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Macadamia Oil, hair is softened, quenched and repaired from over-processed, damaged hair.
  3. Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage + Agave Nectar – This collection comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask is formulated for those who chemically treat their hair regularly and are looking to help repair, strengthen and fortify hair. Formulated with Agave Nectar Extract, Hibiscus Oil and Pineapple Oil extract, hair is left smoothed, healed and perfectly hydrated.
  4. Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair + Vanilla Bean – Seeking hair that’s sleek and smooth with a shiny finish? This collection of shampoo and conditioner helps tame frizz, reduce hair bulk and add intense shine. Made with Vanilla Bean Oil, Cocoa Butter, as well as Kukui Nut Oil, hair is left defrizzed, restored and mended.
  5. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil – Formulated for thick, curly hair, this shampoo, conditioner, curl milk and curl smoothie, contain a blend with Coconut Oil and Papaya Butter, as well as Plumeria Extract. The collection helps to condition curls, reduce frizz, and improve overall curl definition.
  6. Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers – Enhance, strengthen and thicken your hair with this shampoo, conditioner, and blowout spray, all made with Bamboo Fibers. The unique formulas, made with Bamboo Fibers, Castor Oil and Neem Oil, work with each hair strand to help create thick, full, and voluptuous tresses along with a fresh and spicy scent. The formulas help to promote thicker, stronger, healthier hair.
  7. Maui Moisture Color Protection + Sea Mineral Collection - The new Maui Moisture Color Protection + Minerals range harnesses the power of sea botanicals like Minerals, Algae, and Sea Kelp to give you mermaid hair that’s vibrant, smooth, and shiny.

Olivia Garden, a leader in the hair care industry for over fifty years, introduced the first eco-friendly brush collection in 2006 using a design patent that included striped bamboo. Now in 2018, with advanced technology and innovative ingredients, Olivia Garden is introducing a new line of bamboo brushes unlike anything on the market.

The EcoHair Collection uses a new proprietary bamboo technology with an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle that is softer, more durable, and easier for styling. Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource, unlike wood, that preserves the natural forests and surrounding eco-systems. The new EcoHair Paddle brush design features a new “secure-fit” cushion frame system where the cushion snaps into the brush body with no glue, for guaranteed durability. In addition, the brushes boast a beautiful and unique whitewashed bamboo and blue design.

Olivia Garden EcoHair Collection:
  • EcoHair Paddle ($20.50) – comfortable ballpoint tips that are gentle for hair and scalp to detangle, brush, and create updos
  • EcoHair Combo ($23.95) – special blend of ionic and boar bristles for superior styling and daily care
  • EcoHair Detangler ($20.50) – for gentle detangling on wet or dry hair with special memory-flex bristles

Maui Moisture is available online at Ulta and other major retailers. The Olivia Garden EcoHair Collection, as well as other Olivia Garden products can be online at Olvia Garden and select retail locations.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Honeybee Gardens Cosmetics Review

It’s safe to say that we’re always on the hunt for something exciting in the beauty realm and that there is plenty of time spent perusing the Internet during our downtime – which some people think is all day!  Anyway, we digress. During one of those Internet perusal sessions, a TME team member found this company Honeybee Gardens. Only half listening to her, as our minds were elsewhere, she went on and on “Guys, look at this!” Finally, we had to stop and look.

Aside from having an aesthetically pleasing website and being a company that is 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly, Honeybee Gardens offered these gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. With names like “Rock The Smokey Eye,” “Cosmopolitan Girl,” and “Party Girl,” we just had to try one. And of course with a name like Honeybee Gardens, you’d expect this cosmetic house to carry lip balm … so we had to try at least one lip balm too!

We were sent all three of the eyeshadow palettes ($29.99 each), which include four coordinated eyeshadow hues, as well as the Honey Bee Gardens Lip Balm Sampler. The eyeshadow collections are packaged in a bangin’ recyclable, magnetic cases that also include a dual end sponge/brush bamboo applicator.

Each eyeshadow is of a phenomenally, smooth consistency and the color payoff is top prestige quality. With just a light swipe, our fingers were covered with color! (Never apply makeup with your fingers; we only do this for swatching purposes!) And because of the amazing consistency, the eyeshadow is highly blendable and makes for ease with a variety of looks.

Moving onto Honeybee Gardens lip balm. Lip balm is an essential in the TME Vault, so we’re extremely discerning. Honeybee Gardens offers a Lip Balm Sampler ($9.99) that contains four full-sized lip balms in Strawberry Champagne, Orange Mimosa, Vanilla Pie and Tropical Lip. Each lip balm is also sold individually.

With ingredients of beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, you’d expect a nourishing lip balm. And you’d have your expectations met with each one. The lip balms are lightly scented, lightly flavored and deliver a nice gloss. So, if you end up with chapped lips, you can grab this lip balm and look gorgeous while you sooth your pretty pout.

Overall, Honeybee Gardens offers a full line of prestige quality cosmetics at an extremely affordable price. Beyond the magnificent quality and selection, is a company that hasn’t wavered from their motto “Remembering our place in nature, and nature’s place in us.”

Honeybee Gardens is a cruelty-free company; packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, and their raw material suppliers practice responsible harvesting. Their retail processing center employees physically and mentally challenged persons. Honeybee Gardens soap company in Western Pennsylvania, provides sample and production overruns to area charities and shelters for abused women and children, as well as the homeless.

You can find Honeybee Gardens products online at Honeybee Gardens and select retail locations.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Top Eco-Chic Beauty Products For Earth Day and Everyday

Each year since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22. An early Happy Earth Day to you! No one at The Makeup Examiner is going to tell anyone how to live his or her life, but we are going to share a little bit of our founder’s story. Yvonne was raised in an eco-conscious household by an --across the board-- activist mother. She shared with us that she’d always taken for granted that other people lived the same way that she did. Entering her teenage years, she had zero interest in the things that her mother taught her and became very interested in big business. 

Fast forward to eight years ago when she left a position as a CEO and decided to become a freelance writer. Wanting to give a voice to the voiceless, Yvonne focused on women’s issues. The media outlet that gave her a steady gig had asked if she’d wanted a beauty column. As she tells it, “I thought, ‘Yeah, like a hole in the head,’ but I took the gig anyway and hit the ground running. Six years later, I have been privy to a unique view of the beauty industry and have worked with so many amazing and wonderful people. This journey has taught me more than I could have imaged to learn about sustainably, the environment and how to tell the difference between a true eco-friendly product and a brand that is just straight up greenwashing.” Sustainable, organic, and fair trade are the issues that we hold close to our hearts and in celebration of Earth Day, Team TME has chosen a few of our favorite eco-friendly brands! Oops, we almost forgot that each of the brands listed are also cruelty-free!


Chantecaille - Chantecaille Beauté launched its brand with the philosophy of making women feel beautiful and beautifully making a commitment to the environment through responsible practices and philanthropic endeavors. Chantecaille’s philosophies haven’t changed, and we’ve yet to try a Chantecaille product that we don’t love. Non-GMO Too!

Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) – Pretty much still in the Indie category, Rouge Bunny Rouge is quickly becoming a favorite by all. With enchanting (and minimal) recyclable packing, Rouge Bunny Rouge has us hopping for more!

jane iredale - The Makeup Examiner Team chose jane iredale, as the brand’s Hydration Sprays have earned ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification. In conjunction with earning the aforementioned award from ECOCERT, jane iredale products are made without harsh chemical dyes, talc, parabens, formaldehyde, heavy metals or synthetic preservatives.


Gabriel Cosmetics – Offering a plethora of colors, Gabriel Nail Polishes are both eco-friendly and “5-free.” Plus, the brand is completely committed to sustainable practices.


Davines - Davines is a cruelty free, organic and sustainable brand that belongs to 1% For the Planet! There isn’t much more to elaborate upon other then to say that each product we’ve tried from this Italian brand is exceptional.

Pureology – Understanding the importance of water conservation, Pureology has taken conservation measures that include designing shampoo and conditioner packaging that use 39 percent less water during the manufacturing process, utilizes 100 percent recyclable packaging made of 50 percent post-consumer recycled materials, uses 100 percent vegan ingredients, and ultimately saves nearly 60,000 gallons of water each year through its overall conservation efforts.

ECRU New York – ECRU is dedicated to making products that are eco-friendly. ECRU New York’s products are not tested on animals and do not harm the environment. Of course, all of the brand’s packaging is recyclable.


Eco-Amour Advanced Skin Fitness – This brand has been a TME favorite for a long time. All Eco-Amour products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable containers.

Merlot Skin Care - Featured on The TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, is a family-owned and operated brand with its products made in the USA. That aside, the entire Merlot Skin Care line is cruelty-free and incorporates the healing benefits of natural red grape seed antioxidants, which are gentle and effective.

NUDE Skincare – The brand’s products are made without parabens, phthalates, sulphates and other harmful chemicals, and they also avoid non-biodegradable mineral oils and silicones.


L’Occitane - The beautiful company with Parisian-inspired stores across the nation offers many eco-friendly products. L’Occitane offers refill pouches for most of its best-selling product formulas like soaps, face wash, shampoo, etc., which is the perfect way to refill your bottle or jar without having to purchase another container.

Daily Concepts – The brand’s products are environmentally-friendly and made from natural components such as soy based foam, charcoal and turmeric. Daily Concepts is a vegan brand and is committed to the global community through it’s participation in Lava Mae, a non-profit organization determined to “deliver dignity one shower at a time” to the world’s homeless.


Lotus Wei - The Makeup Examiner chose to highlight this particular company because of its all-around philosophies of integrating the plant, planet and beauty. Lotus Wei offers Flower Elixirs, Balancing Serums, Energy Mists, and Transformative Perfumes. Each of which are available in varying moods -- Joy Juice, Infinite Love, Pure Energy, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind and Inner Peace -- aimed to help us focus upon a specific issue in our lives by shifting our mood and physiology.

For more information on living a “greener” life, visit the Eco-Friendly or Earth Day sections on TME and visit the Earth Day website.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What’s New at Jane Iredale

We’ve seen so very many skin-loving and exceptional products from jane iredale that this brand has earned a permanent spot in the TME Makeup Vault. How can anyone not fall in love with a brand that places an emphasis upon sustainable and cruelty-free products that leave us looking our very best? Well … let’s see what new with jane iredale.

PurePressed Eye Shadow Triples ($30) - From elegant to edgy, these silky, richly pigmented, long-lasting and easily blended eye shadows can create any look. Can be used wet or dry and as a brow filler, blush or lip stain!  New Shades: Soft Kiss - a matte, warm mauve, shimmery port wine and shimmery smoky brown and Pink Quartz - a matte light pink, shimmery soft pink and shimmery, cool plum

PureMoist Lipsticks ($25) - Vivid pigments blend with nourishing natural oils and fruit extracts for petal-soft lips that feel, look and taste amazing. New Shades: Lisa - a creamy rose beige and Susan - a soft cool pink

In Touch Cream Blush ($27) - Glide on this moist, cream-to-powder blush stick for soft, dewy and completely natural looking radiance. Wear alone, under powder blush for a natural look or over top for more drama. Can also be used on eyes and lips!
New Shade: Candid - a warm, rosy neutral

Bronzer Refill ($44) - For a sunny glow, this bronzer contains four hues that can be mixed and matched for an all-over sun-kissed look. Sweep across eyes, lips and cheeks for contouring, highlighting or all-over radiance. Apply dry or mix with moisturizer or hair gel for dramatic effect on the body and hair. New Shade: Peaches & Cream - four luxurious, warm peachy and pink hues with shimmer

The New jane iredale products are available online at jane iredale and select locations around the globe.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Skin Care Review

We think that it’s safe to say that we’re having a major skin care obsession! Oh, and some of the products that we’re getting are certainly feeding that. Is it a bad thing? No… we’re thinking no. If we’ve learned anything about outer beauty from the past seven years, it’s that our skin is our most important asset and if you treat your skin well, you skin will show its appreciation. So, what’s the latest that we’ve found and can’t get enough of -- Sol de Janeiro and more specifically, three yummy products from this Brazilian inspired brand.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter ($18) – This is love at first smell. This lip butter works, but the scent will stop you in your tracks and have you sniffing the tube, leaving your coworkers looking at you like you’ve finally lost it. Yeah, it smells that good. As for Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter efficacy, it hydrates and nourishes lips for a plump, supple, and gorgeous pucker. It’s deeply nourishing and will absolutely get rid of dry winter lips!

Sol de Janeiro Açaí Body Power Cream ($45) is summer skin beauty in a jar! This is a delicious body cream infused with Açaí Oil, the anti-oxidant powerhouse that will make your skin look and feel younger. It helps with dry winter skin, dullness and uneven skin tone. Ultra-nourishing cupuaçu butter and super-conditioning coconut oil deliver essential hydration, extra-fine peachy mica flecks give off an irresistible afterglow, and the crisp, clean Açaí fragrance refreshes. What’s not to love and speaking of love, this is a must-have to get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45) is not new, however it’s new to us. This is an absolutely addictive full body cream inspired by the Brazilians’ favorite feature -- the bum. Pronounced as boom boom in Brazil, this super rich yet fast absorbing cream has a delicious nutty sweet fragrance and a surprisingly light, silky texture. It glides over skin, absorbing quickly without feeling greasy or oily. It can be used on your bum, legs, tummy, arms or anywhere that needs an extra lift. The result is smooth, tight, positively glowing skin.

Sol de Janeiro products are available online at Sol de Janeiro and SephoraSol de Janeiro uses a blend of natural Amazonian raw ingredients for potent efficacy that are ECOCERT certified emulsions and is a Cruelty-Free brand.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

jane iredale Holiday 2016 Collection

We’re calling it … the jane iredale Holiday 2016 Collection is a complete must have! The collection is a curated selection of festive favorites, all packaged as perfectly portioned minis and under $35 … so they’re perfect for any size budget (and bag). The shimmer and shine collection consists of the Champagne on Ice Kit of sparkly mini–glosses in three flattering, sheer shades; a selection of purse sized hydration sprays to condition and de-stress the skin; and travel-ready minis from the Beauty Prep collection to set the stage for glowing, beautiful skin.

Champagne On Ice Kit ($35) - A set of sparkly mini-glosses in three flattering, sheer shades:
  • Lips on Crystal – Fuchsia Red with Gold Shimmer
  • Lovely Bubbles – Sheer Iridescent Shine
  • You Go to My Head – Shimmery Sheer Gold

BeautyPrep Minis ($8.50-$18) - Morning or night, treat your skin with travel-ready minis from the BeautyPrep collection:
  • BeautyPrep Face Cleanser Mini – Infused with micellar water and dual cucumber extracts
  • BeautyPrep Face Toner Mini – Refreshing, pH balancing, and pore refining
  • BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer Mini – Locks in hydration for smooth makeup application

Hydration Spray Minis ($10) - Take a mini break to condition, de-stress and protect skin with these purse-sized hydration sprays:
POMMISST Hydration Spray Mini – Disguises pores and fine lines
Balance Hydration Spray Mini – Controls oil production
D2O Hydration Spray Mini – Plumps skin and sets makeup

The jane iredale Holiday 2016 Collection will be available November 2016 online at jane iredale.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Ever Skin Care That Improves the Wear of Makeup

New from jane iredale is the brand’s BeautyPrep Face Collection that is the first specifically designed to optimize the wear and longevity of mineral makeup. Consisting of three skin loving products -- each prepares, protects and pumps skin full of hydration so makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer. There is never a bad time to begin a good skin care regimen and The Makeup Examiner Team is telling you fabulous beautynistas that jane iredale’s new BeautyPrep Face Collection is going to become a staple in your beauty arsenal!

BeautyPrep Face Cleanser ($28): This no-rinse cleansing water provides a deep pore cleanse with nourishing Oat Amino Acids. Ideal for removing makeup and cleansing skin prior to toning and moisturizing, it contains a proprietary micellar water with dual Cucumber Extracts in liposome form that gently hydrate, smooth and protect the skin. Removes environmental pollutants and is antioxidant and vitamin rich to help reduce free radical damage. May be used with or without water, leaving no oily residue on the skin.

BeautyPrep Face Toner ($33): This gentle toner refines pores and moisturizes with organic botanical liposomes. Prepares skin for layering moisturizer and makeup and is infused with Herbasome, a fruit extract infused water, to provide deep skin hydration. Contains organic Lemon Grass, Apple, Pear, Carrot and Coconut Water to balance pH and restore the surface of the skin.

BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer ($45): This soothing cream moisturizes skin and helps prevent transepidermal water loss while protecting the skin from airborne pollutants. Prepares the skin's surface so makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer. Contains four organic Rose Stem Cell Extracts: White Rose supports natural cell regeneration and the skin barrier, while restoring suppleness. Damask Rose helps to tighten pores, purify and smooth the skin. Rosa Canina (Rosehips) calms and brightens skin and helps prevent transepidermal water loss. Pale Rose helps to rebuild the moisture barrier and provide suppleness for the appearance of newer, softer skin.

Like all jane iredale products, this trio uses only pure, clean ingredients that improve the health of the skin. jane iredale BeautyPrep Face Cleanser and BeautyPrep Face Toner have both been awarded ECOCERT Natural Cosmetics certification. The BeautyPrep Face Collection is available online at jane iredale and select retail locations around the globe. Please note that The Makeup Examiner stands with all beauty brands to raise awareness about Grey Market online retailers and encourages you, the reader, to take a moment to educate yourself about counterfeit beauty products.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

Davines and ION Studio Open Flagship Salon

The renowned Italian hair care brand, Davines, has taken the next step in bringing its balance of beauty and sustainability to the United States. On July 22, the brand opened its flagship US salon and atelier, alongside long-time partners and industry vets -- Marco Santini and Leo Manetti of ION

The new collaboration -- ION: Davines Salon + Atelier, offers a thoroughly distinctive experience with the Davines mission statement at its heart, a blending of beauty and ethics reflected through the environment in which the salon lives and works. “Beauty can be done sustainably, and we want to be a catalyst for the,” shared Leo Manetti.

“Davines has always been inspired by the by the work of Marco [Santini] and Leo, as well as that of their highly specialized team at ION Studio,” remarked Anthony Molet, CEO of Davines North America.

To bring this quest for better beauty to fruition, they enlisted WRK Design -- the Brooklyn based architectural and design firm known for projects like Le Labo, Rag & Bone, Rudy's Barbershop and Brass Monkey.

Built to reflect the design of a home with three distinct floors and seventeen chairs, the salon is completely custom-done with the utilization of local craftsmen and sustainably upcycling and renovating salvaged materials.

Ion: Davines Salon + Atelier is located at 41 Wooster Street, New York, NY. Phone: 212-343-9060. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Review

ECRU New York introduced a line of hair care products, late in 2013, infused with Acacia Protein Collagen and Silk Proteins, one product being ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream. BB Cream for hair? Being ever the skeptic, I simply rolled my eyes at yet another catch-phrase product. After all, what was this “Acacia Collagen” and what was so awe-inspiring about using it on my hair?

Putting my investigator’s cap, I read up on Acacia Collagen. I found out that Acacia Collagen is an extract from the Acacia Seyal tree, which is native to Africa. Apparently this botanical ingredient is used in high-grade anti-aging skincare products due to its moisture retentive properties.

ECRU is utilizing this extract, versus animal proteins, in the brand’s patented Acacia Protein Collagen Hair Care line as to offer the same moisture retention and damage prevention as high-end skincare products. As I’ve previously written, ECRU New York is an eco-friendly brand, which does not test on animals and is committed to sustainability. So, catch phrase aside I tested out ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream.

What did ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream ($30) do for my hair? Well, first off this is a multi-purpose product (LOVE) that serves as a leave-in conditioner, heat protectent and styling product! A dime-sized amount of product was plenty for my long hair (More LOVE).

Acacia Protein BB Cream didn’t weigh my hair down, allowed for quick styling when taking my naturally curly hair to straight, and left my hair in amazing condition. For those that have damaged hair, Acacia Protein BB Cream is must-have styling product and for those that don’t it’s a great preventative.

ECRU New York Acacia Protein Collection includes:
Acacia Protein Shampoo ($25)
Acacia Protein Conditioner ($25)
Acacia BB Cream ($30)
Acacia Protein Masque ($25)
Acacia Protein Oil ($30)

ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream and the entire Acacia Protein Collection can be found online at ECRU and select retail locations globally!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HoneyColony Warns Bee Loss Numbers Worse Than Previously Reported

HoneyColony, a health-oriented magazine and eco-friendly market place announced on June 16 that it using Pollinator Week to help bring awareness to the fact that bee loss numbers are far worse than what mainstream media is reporting. While the Bee Informed Partnership concluded in a survey recently that beekeepers across the United States suffered an average loss of 23 percent this winter, the Center For Food Safety says deeper investigation reveals that the colony mortality rate over the full 12-month period was closer to 45.2 percent.

“Our mission at HoneyColony is to empower people to be their own best health advocate and to put honesty back into our food supply,” said Maryam Henein, Founder of HoneyColony and Director of the film, Vanishing of the Bees. “With that said, the plight of the bees is a core concern since they are responsible for pollinating one out of every three bites of the foods we eat. Bees have been dying due to systemic pesticides that are also harming human beings. Something must be done.”

The directors of the award-winning film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page, designed the Bee the Change t-shirt to celebrate honeybees and to remember that change starts with us. The t-shirt is featured in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine as one of three ways to save the bees. The Bee the Change t-shirt is hand-screened on organic cotton so no bees were harmed in the process since most conventional cottonis treated with systemic pesticides. A portion of the money raised through t-shirt sales will benefit The PollinationProject, a non-profit organization that gives $1000 per day in grants to projects that change the world. Once enough funds are raised, a bee-centric project will be chosen to receive the grant.

As part of their extensive editorial content, HoneyColony reports on the status of the bees as well as other areas of concern for those leading a healthy lifestyle. A recent article “Bee Loss Numbers Worse ThanReported As Threat To Food Security Remains” written by Maryam Henein provides more details on the bee loss numbers and the threat to food security.

About HoneyColony - HoneyColony was founded to bring together people and companies who are interested in adopting healthy lifestyles and want to help each other cut through the hype and claims of natural products and remedies. This community, referred to as “the hive”, includes leading health experts, top-notch journalists, companies that uphold these values and like-minded people looking for a trusted source of information and inspiration.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Savane Organics Product Review

The Makeup Examiner had never heard of Savane Organics and was obviously unfamiliar with this brand, so when I was approached to do a review truth be told I wasn’t overly enthusiastic and initially turned the brand down. But as I always believe that all things happen for a reason, I’m thrilled that I was asked a second time because I, and TME readers, would have missed out on a very interesting experience.

Beginning with the backstory of Savane Organic Skincare, in 2006 we find Harvard-educated Jennifer Peters aiming to create a brand that respects the planet, is committed to ethical production practices, organic formulations and sustainability. Jennifer's journey literally carried her across the African continent in search of the purest natural ingredients. The next four years were spent in research and development, forming partnerships with like-minded organic suppliers, and getting the stamp of approval from organizations such as Phyto Trade and Ecocert. In 2010, Savane Organic Skincare was quietly launched with an initial offering of six certified organic products.

The Savane Organic Skincare range consists of seven products:
  • Soothing Cleanser
  • Gentle Exfoliant
  • Purifying Toner
  • Anti-Aging Lift Serum
  • Balancing Face Oil
  • Protective Moisturizer
  • Nourishing Eye Cream

Soothing Cleanser ($42- 100ml) made with Aloe Ferox, Rooibos, Moringa is certified natural (99%) and organic (67%) by Ecocert and contains 55% fair-trade content. I found the Soothing Cleanser to be just that, soothing and effective. After the first usage, my skin looked more radiant and felt amazing.

Gentle Exfoliant ($50-50ml) made with Rooibos, Marula and Jojoba is certified natural (99%) and organic (91%) by Ecocert and contains 5% fair-trade content. Savane Gentle Exfoliant smells absolutely lovely and adds to a relaxing spa experience. The exfoliant is gentle and left my skin feeling soft. 

Purifying Toner ($40-100ml) made with Rooibos is certified natural (100%) and organic (78%) by Ecocert and contains 79% fair-trade content. Purifying Toner is packed with antioxidants and is my favorite product from the Savane Organic Skincare line. Given, The Makeup Examiner is addicted to toner, but with that said I’m super picky about toners. I want a toner that refreshes my skin without all the garbage … that’s exactly what I found with Purifying Toner.

Anti-Aging Lift Serum ($90-30 ml) made with Kigelia, Baobab, Buchu is certified natural (99%) and organic (76%) by Ecocert and contains 71% fair-trade content. Using the Anti-Aging Lift Serum twice a day for a week, I did notice that my skin looked more youthful. With a high dosage of hyaluronic acid, the Serum opens your pores to promote deep penetration and prepares your skin for the follow-on product, which for me was the Balancing Face Oil ($80-30 ml -- made with Marula, Kalahari Melon, Manketti is certified natural (100%) and organic (95%) by Ecocert and contains 45% fair-trade content) at night and the Protective Moisturizer ($85-50ml -- made with Baobab, Kigelia, Manketti, Yangu is certified natural (99%) and organic (89%) by Ecocert and contains 79% fair-trade content) in the morning.

The wasn’t a single product in the Savane Organic Skincare line that The Makeup Examiner disliked and the brand’s dedication to responsible practices, places them at the top of the list. All Savane products are: Made in Africa; Certified natural and organic by Ecocert; Made with Fair Trade ingredients; Contain only sustainably harvested wild ingredients; Packaged in recyclable eco-friendly packaging; Not tested on animals and contain no animal products; Suitable for all skin types. 

The Savane Organic Skincare range is available online at Zaega and Zaega is offering a SavaneOrganic Skin Care Trial/Travel Kit ($25), which is perfect for Mother’s Day or travel!