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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Tresses Treatment from Celeb Stylist Felix Fischer

Courtesy Felix Fischer IG

As we were stating yesterday, the things this weather will do to our hair! Not to mention the beach, the pool, the summer sun, and all of the other summertime activities. By the end of a really great weekend, our hair has a bonafide hangover!

But, we recently came across an amazing treatment from celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer. Felix has coiffed the likes of Penelope Cruz, Ashley Graham, J.Lo, Gigi Hadid and more, so we thought that his restorative Treatment Pony was very much worth a try. 

The Treatment Pony not only works wonders for our summer damage hair, we know that it’ll be amazing for winter too! The best part of this treatment -- other than gorgeous hair -- it can be done any time of day!

Felix’s Treatment Pony:

Step One: First, brush hair out and add your favorite hair mask to the entire head, like the evolis Professional PROMOTE Treatment Mask. (TME Favorite)

Step Two: Place hair on top of head and brush into a simple high ponytail, securing with a gentle hair elastic.

Step Three: Heat up a quarter inch hair wand (try hot tools). Take 1-inch sections of hair from the pony and wrap around the wand, leaving out the ends. Keep going until whole ponytail is curled.

Step Four: Apply Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to curls and shake up/rough them up for added volume and texture.

Step Five: Go about your business and enjoy amazing hair!