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Friday, October 13, 2017

The ghd Contour May Be This Year’s Must-Have Tool

In continuation from last season’s obsession with curls, Fall 2017 is big on texture, with 90s-inspired looks taking center stage on the catwalks and the Red Carpet. In response to these trends, ghd has introduced the new ghd contour, a limited edition tool the launched this October and available for FW17 only.

Featuring advanced ceramic heat technology and multi-dimensional plates; with ghd contour you can add depth and bold texture to any look, to instantly enhance shape and volume. Create a playful accent to the hair or add texture to silky strands that won’t hold a tease. Instantly enhance shape and experiment with different sections for a dual texture effort. Featuring the same advanced ceramic heat technology you know ghd by, this styling tool is a must have this season.

“We saw a lot of crimps in the 80’s and early 2000’s.  When I think about 80’s crimps I see something big and teased and wild looking. When I think of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I think of something with a lot of product and stiff looking. Today’s modern crimp is neither of those. Think soft, playful and understated,” says celebrity hairstylist and ghd brand ambassador JustineMarjan.

JUSTINE’S TOP TIP: “You can easily add a pop of interest to any hairstyle through crimping. It creates amazing texture that instantly revives a look. For example, I love the way crimped hair looks when it's brushed and teased for major volume!”

  • ghd advanced ceramic heat technology (heats to 365°F)
  • Maximum size with multi-dimensional plates
  • 2-year warranty
  • Sleep mode: switches off after 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage
  • Includes protective plate guard

The ghd Contour ($169) is currently available, in limited edition, online at ghd and select retail locations!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Julien Macdonald x ghd SS2018 LFW Get The Look

Iconic hair styling brand, ghd, partnered with Julien Macdonald for the Spring / Summer 2018 LFW show, where ghd global ambassador Adam Reed created the hair look. Inspired by high-octane, 90s glamour and the supermodels of this decade, Adam crafted straight, luxurious, glossy hair full of movement.

“When we saw the collection it was immediately clear that super-glamorous hair was required. Inspiration then came from the glamorous heritage of the 90s.”Adam Reed

“We are bringing straight hair back,” explained Adam. “But in a very modern way. The secret to success here lies in the process –namely starting the look with a brilliant blow dry via the ghd air hairdryer. This achieves brilliant condition, gloss, shine and movement. Afterwards, we are running the ghd platinum styler over hair to eliminate any last frizz or kinks. We’re treating the hair very carefully, as you would a beautiful and delicate fabric. Wanting to keep an element of every girl’s personality, we are then letting girl’s partings fall as close to center as suits them best.”

Get the look:

1. Wash hair and comb it through, before applying ghd heat protect spray.

2. Create a parting that is slightly off center. It’s a uniform look, but we are personalizing it by letting each girl’s parting fall wherever suits them best around the center.

3. Blow dry hair smooth with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 4 and ghd Air Hairdryer.

4. Amp up swish and eliminate any last frizz or kinks by running the ghd Platinum Stylerover hair.

5. Seal the deal with a spritz of a hairspray.

6. You’re good to go

All ghd products are available online at ghd hair and select retail locations globally. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2017 Emmy's Look Breakdown x ghd

On Sunday, September 17, the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards took place with all of the usual stunning ladies strutting the Red Carpet. We have the complete get the look beauty breakdown from ghd for Hollywood’s biggest starlets – Ashley Graham, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer! 

Please Note: The Slideshow Is On A 10 Second Loop For Your Reading Convenience

All ghd products are available online at ghd and select retail locations. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Olivia Culpo Red Carpet Red 89th Academy Awards

HAIR BY: ghd Brand Ambassador Justine Marjan

INSPIRATION: "We were inspired by the hairstyles seen on the Marchesa Fashion Show runway, particularly a hairstyle that featured a deep side part and separation around the face. We wanted to balance the feminine glam of the dress with edgy and fashion forward hair."


1. Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Extra Hold Gel ($4) at the roots and use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum ($5) at the ends

2. Create a deep side part then use the ghd air™ hairdryer ($199) and a fine tooth comb to dry the hair forward on the face

3. Blow-dry the rest of the hair straight using a smoothing brush.

4. Spray TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray ($5) and run the ghd platinum styler ($249) through the hair from root to end

5. Separate the back section of the hair from the front and gather the back section into a low pony with a smoothing brush that has been sprayed with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hairspray ($5) then secure with an elastic.

6. Add the front sections to the back pony then secure with another elastic.

7. Add a Rapunzel of Sweden ponytail hair extension piece then flat iron the length of the pony with the ghd platinum styler ($249)

8. Run TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum ($5) through the length of the pony

9. Wrap base of the pony with a velvet ribbon, then secure with a bobby pin and tuck ends in.

10. Spray toothbrush with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hairspray ($5) and lightly brush the top to smooth any flyaways.

PRODUCTS: ghd platinum styler ($249), ghd air hairdryer ($199)

RETAILERS: ghd hair and Sephora

Charlize Theron's Parted Pony At The Oscars Get the Look

HAIR BY: Enzo Angileri

INSPIRATION: The inspiration for Charlize’s hair was punk glamour but with a touch of Hollywood glamour.  We achieved this look with a ponytail.  The most important element of this style is to achieve all over shine and ensure that the hair looked healthy.

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, I applied Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil on the ends of the hair because we wanted the ends of the hair to be super silky and be able to reflect light.  Then I used the ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush ($45) with the ghd Air™ Hairdryer ($199) to blow dry the hair completely and then created a well defined part to the left.

Next, I sectioned the hair into 5 areas from the front to the back. Next, I used the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand ($199), which was ideal because of its oval shape, to create an old Hollywood wave.  Then I lightly brushed out the curls with my fingers to create loose curls. After I pulled all the hair back and smoothed out the hair on the sides using a bit more of the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil to achieve more shine.  I then fastened all of the hair into a ponytail with an elastic. 

Lastly I used the ghd Platinum Styler ($249) to smooth out the ponytail and curved it little bit at the end.  I finished the look by spraying Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist for an incredibly shiny and smooth finish.

PRODUCTS: ghd platinum styler, ghd curve classic wave wand ($199), ghd air hairdryer ($199), ghd natural bristle radial brush ($40)

RETAILERS: ghd hair and Sephora

Monday, February 13, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

What’s Up At ghd Hair And Bonus GTL For Khloe, Kerry and Olivia

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s leading ladies keep their hair healthy and strong on the Red Carpet during Award’s season? All of those “touch-ups” and even mid-show style changes! That is some rough going on gentle locks for sure! Well, apparently the answer to this question is contained within a tube… the secret to long-lasting lovely locks seems to be ghd’s Advanced Split End Therapy. This magic restores hair by nourishing dry damaged ends and replenishing overworked tresses. 

Unlike other hair treatments, the Advanced Split End Therapy ($28) features the ghd Thermo-Marine Bonding System, which is activated by the heat of your styler to bind broken hair fibers together to smooth and seal the hair, leaving hair feeling sleeker, smoother, and shinier for up to 10 washes. Fortify hair from styling damage and environmental stress for A-list hair all winter long. Hmmm… sounds amazing right about now. Okay, are you ready for the GTL for Khloe Kardashian, Kerry Washington, and Olivia Culpo?

We are OBSESSED with the half-up braided hairstyle ghd Brand Ambassador Justine Marjan created for Khloe Kardashian.

Step 1:  Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth serum then blowdry with a smoothing brush and the ghd air hairdryer ($199).

Step 2: Create the partings for 3 braided sections, one on either side of the eyebrow, and one at the center parting.

Step 3: Add styling pomade to each sections, then create a braid to the crown of the head and clip away.

Step 4:  Once every section is braided, add pomade to the sections between the braids then comb into a half up hairstyle and secure with an elastic.

Step 5:  Flat iron the rest of the hair with a ghd platinum styler ($249), then use more serum through the ends.

Justine Marjan was busy creating this season’s hottest hairstyles at the Sundance Film Festival for Kerry Washington and Olivia Culpo. Check out these tips on how Justine created Kerry Washington’s voluminous, textured ponytail and Olivia Culpo’s edgy, dutch braid ponytail.

Kerry Washington’s Textured Ponytail How-To:

Step 1: “I used my ghd platinum styler ($249) to smooth the hair before gathering it into a high ponytail with styling pomade at the roots.”

Step 2: “I curled the pony in tiny sections alternating directions with my ghd curve classic curl iron ($199). Then I sprayed the pony with dry shampoo, lifted it up and backbrushed, then pieced it out with the end of my rat tail comb and sprayed with extreme hold hairspray to finish.”

Olivia Culpo’s Braided Ponytail How-To:

Step 1: “First apply Keratin Smooth serum to damp hair then blow dry smooth with a ghd air hairdryer ($199) and flat brush. Then create a clean middle part, then another part from the arch of the eyebrow to the crown of the head. Clip the rest of the hair away.”

Step 2: “ Next apply smoothing pomade to the roots then create a Dutch Braid on either side of the middle part. When the braid reaches the crown of the head, create a 3-strand braid to the ends and secure with an elastic. Apply more pomade to the roots of the rest of the hair then use a fine toothcomb to gather into a high ponytail.

Step 3: “Lastly, spray a smoothing brush with high impact hairspray then brush the hair into a smooth pony and secure with a hair bungee. Using the ghd curve classic curl iron ($199) to curl through the length of the pony then wrap the base with velvet ribbon to finish.”

All ghd Hair products are available online at ghd and Sephora.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Celebrity Hairstylist Owen Gould Shares Olivia Culpo GTL

ghd Celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould spent yesterday, December 7 with Olivia Culpo helping her get ready for her event-filled day! Opting for two very classic hairstyles, Team TME thought that these would be perfect to share as we go into the holiday party and event season.

Olivia Culpo was a very busy lady yesterday and appeared at ICAP Charity Day + the Reebok event with Gigi Hadid looking absolutely gorgeous, as usual, with a simple yet elegant Classic Chignon hairstyle. Since Olivia was headed from a charity event to a sportier party, Celebrity Hairstylist Owen Gould wanted to create a sophisticated hairstyle that would complement any outfit. 

How to Recreate Olivia Culpo’s Classic Chignon:

Step 1: To start, I blew out her hair straight with the ghd Air and the Oval Dressing Brush for smoothness.

Step 2: Once her hair was dry, I created a deep side part and straightened her hair in one-inch sections using the ghd Platinum Styler to smooth out her ends.

Step 3: Then, we curled the ends of the hair using the ghd Curve Classic Curl Iron, this ensures that the ends stay smooth and together for an easier chignon.

Step 4: Next I pulled all of the hair in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and then twisted the remaining hair in a clockwise position and secured the style with bobby pins.

Step 5: Once the hair is tightly secured, I spritzed A little hair spray to smooth the fly-aways and she was ready to go!

Olivia Culpo then appeared on set for a taping of “Beat Bobby Flay” this afternoon sporting a playful, high-textured ponytail. Celebrity Hairstylist Owen Gould wanted to create a fun, youthful hairstyle to complement her outfit.

How to Recreate Olivia Culpo’s Voluminous Ponytail:

Step 1: To start, curled her hair in two-inch sections using the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand to create texture and volume.

Step 2: Once the texture had been added, I swept the hair into a high pony.

Step 3: After securing the hair, I teased it just to give the pony a little extra volume and finished with a light hold hairspray.

ghd products, referenced above, are available online at ghd and select locations around the globe!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Celebrity Stylist David Babaii Shares How-To For Katherine Heigl's Emmy Look

Katherine Heigl - Courtesy of ghd 
Katherine Heigl shined on the Emmy's Red Carpet on August 25 in anticipation of her new series this Fall "State of Affairs." Celebrity Stylist, David Babaii was inspired to create the elegance of a modern day Grace Kelly to compliment Katherine's chic evening gown. Using the brand's latest game-changing innovation, the launch of ghd curve, a soon to be released collection of four curling tools featuring patented tri-zone technology, Babaii created a classic Hollywood look for Heigl.

“I am thrilled to debut this brand new range of innovative curling tools on Katherine for the Emmy Awards that will be launching to consumers [Fall 2014].  I used the ghd Curve Styler's Soft Curl Tong; the barrel shape is able to create soft tumbling waves, which is the look I was going for with Katherine. I demand the best for my clients, and with ghd tools in my kit, I know that my clients will have a good hair day, every day … and especially when walking the red carpet on the day of The Emmy's!" says Babaii, newly appointed North American brand ambassador for ghd.

David Babaii provides step-by-step tips below on how you can achieve a Red Carpet-worthy look at home:

  1. On damp hair, apply ghd Total Volume Foam from roots to ends.
  2. Use a professional performance hairdryer, my favorite is the ghd Air, and Round Ceramic Brush to create a smooth finish and top with a small amount of ghd Smooth Finish Serum
  3. Next use a 1 1/4” Soft Curl Tong from the ghd Curve styling range, separating the hair into random sections throughout whole head.  Leave the tips of the hair out so that the curls look more undone.
  4. Use your fingers to form the curls
  5. Pull the hair into a bun on the middle of the head with your fingers and use bobby pins to secure the hair into place.
  6. Set in place with firm hold hair spray.
Want to get Heigl's star style?  ghd is currently running a "How To Get The Look" promo on ghd Hair all week to offer their fans a deal on getting red-carpet ready. The bundle deals include:
  • Purchase the ghd Eclipse Styler and get a Paddle Brush and Heat Protect Spray for free
  • Purchase the ghd Air and get the Ceramic Round Brush Size 3 and Smooth Shine Serum for free
The ghd curve collection will be available starting September 2014. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ghd Gloss Collection Limited Edition Styler

The Makeup Examiner just caught a little insider info about one of the ghd stylers. Readers, you might remember that I mentioned ghd stylers in last week’s Manic Makeup Monday article. ghd announced the introduction of their new limited edition styler on Oct. 29!

Not only did I get the early announcement, I was also able to acquire the Red Gloss Collection Limited Edition Styler. As I’ve previously written, ghd is hands-down the very best flat iron that I’ve ever used and I recommend no other. I have used the ghd Gold Classic Styler for the past six years, but the new Red Gloss Collection Limited Edition has some amazing new features such as auto sleep mode, universal voltage and a signature rounded barrel.

With the Red Gloss Collection Limited Edition Styler, The Makeup Examiner was able to quickly achieve both frizz-free curls and sleek frizz-free straight hair styles. Gloss features ghd’s bestselling Classic Series Professional 1” Styler and the styling plates are contoured with a high-gloss finish to glide through hair effortlessly and smooth while providing extra shine. So what is the insider info? The Red Gloss Collection Limited Edition styler ($185 USD) will be available exclusively at Ulta beginning Nov. 1! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Properly Straighten Your Hair

It’s another Monday readers and with it comes another Manic Makeup Monday question from a Makeup Examiner reader. So Happy Monday my lovelies and let’s get to this Monday’s question!

Today’s Makeup Monday question comes from Makeup Examiner reader Beth K. of Fairmont, Iowa, USA. Beth asks: “I have curly hair that I like to straighten and always end up with frizz when I do. Is there a quick and easy way to straighten my hair without getting the frizzies?”

In short, the answer is no. There is not a quick way to straightening your hair. Sans a chemically straightening, even those with straight hair have to work for the frizz-free, sleek style that we all desire to attain when setting out to straighten our hair. One of the Makeup Examiner’s housemates has straight hair. Usually she’s able to attain the desired style with proper product and a blow dryer, but even she needs to whip out the flat iron to achieve a frizz-free style at times. Of course, with the correct hair care prep, product and straightening tips; anyone can get that gorgeous, sleek style.

Choose the correct flat iron - The difference between a flat iron that you purchase at the drug store and a legit professional iron is the difference between prestige and mass makeup. The Makeup Examiner considers the purchase of a flat iron to be an investment. What I own is a ghd Gold Classic Styler ($190 USD), which at the time that the Makeup Examiner purchased was $100 more than the price listed. But again, this is an investment.

In conjunction with a good flat iron, you need to purchase the correct size. The length and thickness of your hair should determine the size of your iron. Understandably, not everyone can afford to drop $200 on a flat iron and that’s okay, just make sure to look for an iron that has multiple heat settings. Your hair texture and type should determine your heat setting.
  • For fine or damaged hair: 250-300 degrees
  • For medium/average hair: 300-350 degrees
  • For thick or coarse hair: 350-400 degrees
Now that you understand a little about flat irons, let’s move on to proper hair preparation.
First and foremost, NEVER take a flat iron to wet hair! If you’re looking to fry your hair, wet or damp hair plus a 400-degree flat iron equals hair fry! To begin the process, choose the proper product to use with your blow dryer based upon your hair type and always use a diffuser on your blow dryer (this tip is for all hair types).

For fine hair choose a volumizing mousse with heat protection and also blow dry your hair to create volume by lifting it at the roots. Smooth your hair from the mid-shaft to your ends using tension and a natural bristle brush. For thick, curly or coarse hair opt for a cream or serum with heat protection. Blow dry hair with a natural bristle brush and apply tension as you dry hair in order to make it as straight as possible.

Now for the trick to straight, sleek hair: Begin by clipping your into manageable sections and start with the back of your head. Near the nape of your neck, grab a half-an-inch to two-inch section of hair. Starting half-an-inch down from your roots, move the iron at a steady pace, down the hair shaft. When you reach the crown of your head you’re going to change up a little and lift hair off your scalp and get the iron as close to your roots as possible, pressing firmly while drawing the iron straight outward from your head to achieve a flat, smooth finish. Once you’ve achieved the desired straight look, you’ll want to sparingly apply a shine spray and then an anti-humectant holding spray for an all-day style.

Bone straight hair is amazingly gorgeous, but honestly not a look for everyone. Some women should opt for a “voluminous” straight look. To achieve a fuller look you’ll want use the flat iron differently. When you reach the mid-shaft of your hair versus the crown, this is where you’ll begin the technique of lifting your hair off your scalp, straight out to the sides. Again, once you’ve achieved the desired straight look, you’ll want to sparingly apply a shine spray and then an anti-humectant holding spray for an all-day style.

Mistakes you need to avoid. Never drag the iron down your hair. If you find that this is happening check to see if you have a knot in your hair, if your iron is at a hot enough setting or if your iron is dirty. If you have a knot in your hair, gently comb through that specific spot, if you iron isn’t hot enough then be patient and wait, lastly you need to clean your flat iron after each use.