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Friday, March 24, 2017

MAC Cosmetics Introduces Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora Collabs

What to get when you mix M∙A∙C Cosmetics with some of the most interesting beauty YouTubers from around the globe? Well, in our opinion, you get a little bit of summpin’ mighty wonderful! Launching in April is the start of a multi-tuber collaboration that will include a total of ten beauty gurus from around the globe. And this deliciousness starts off with two of our personal favorites … Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora!

With her enticing southern accent and astute beauty acumen, it’s no wonder that Laura Lee has a YouTube channel that has amassed 2.5 million subscribers. Not to mention, she’s hilarious! Lest we not forget Gabriel Zamora with his stunning azure hair and quick wit, making this Beauty Boy a bit of yummy! Yeah, we could look at Gabriel all day long! But without further ado, let’s check out what these two -- and others have created!

#MACxLarLarLee, a muted beige matte, and #MACxGabrielZamora, a malty warm brown satin ($17 US/$21 CAD), will be available online at MAC Cosmetics beginning April 20, 2017! Ready for a sneak peek of the others?

  • #MACxFleurDeForce cool beige (crème sheen) - Available UK April 2017 on
  • #MACxAlessandra neutral pink (matte) - Available UK April 2017 on
  • #MACxSamanthaRavndahl light shell pink (crème sheen) - Available Canada April 2017 on
  • #MACxVicCeridono deep berry red (matte) - Available Brazil July 2017 on
  • #MACxTheRealFouz dirty rose (matte) - Available Middle East June 2017 on
  • #MACxMarie creamy neutral beige (glaze) - Available France May 2017 on 
  • #MACxCaroDaur muted pinky-beige brown (matte) - Available Germany June 2017 on
  • #MACxNikkiaJoy grapefruit pink (matte) - Available Australia July 2017 on