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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gaelle Organic Product Review

Happy Wednesday my lovelies! The Makeup Examiner reminds you that we’re half way through the week and headed toward the weekend! So, dear readers, remember that Friday evening is a mere 50 some hours away. Moving on and getting to the get…in order for you to understand the quality of Gaelle Organic, you must first understand the philosophy of the woman behind Gaelle Organic.

Gaelle Lehrer Kennedy, the founder and CEO of Gaelle Organic, is a 67-year-old retired model and, please have a look at Gaelle’s picture ‘cause may we all look so radiant! The Makeup Examiner had the pleasure of speaking with Gaelle and this amazing woman is smart, engaging and genuine. Gaelle’s philosophy for skin care is to keep it natural and simple. Her beliefs are that one should not use synthetic chemicals to care for skin and that proper skin care can be accomplished with four simple products. Of course, the big question…does Gaelle Organic deliver? Well readers, let’s get to the good, the bad and the beautiful about Gaelle Organic skin care products!

Today, The Makeup Examiner is going to review Gaelle Organic Soap Supreme Moisturizing Cleanser Bar (5oz $12.00 USD), Toner Supérieure (4oz $35.00 USD), Reborn Exfoliant (2oz $47.00 USD), Ultra Sensitive Crème with Colostrum & Edelweiss (2oz $79.00 USD), and Body Crème Supérieure (6oz $88.00 USD).

One of the first things that caught The Makeup Examiner’s attention was the gorgeous packaging and then the scent, the heavenly scent of the Soap Supreme Moisturizing Cleanser. Made with Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Shea Butter, the cleanser moisturizes as it gently cleans your skin and is effective enough to use on your entire body.

The next product is the Reborn Exfoliant. Readers, The Makeup Examiner has written so many times that one should not exfoliate more than once per week, but this product is like no other that I’ve tried. When many of us think of exfoliant, we think of a drying scrub. Reborn Exfoliant is unique in that it is “scrub” in oil and gentle enough to use 2-3 times per week.

Toner Supérieure and Body Crème Supérieure are also highly unique from the products that one may be accustomed to. Toner is usually equated with an alcohol-based product. That dries out our skin and defeats the purpose of toner. Toner is meant to tone our skin, as in even out the tone. Toner Supérieure accomplished this for The Makeup Examiner after 2 days.

The Ultra Sensitive Crème with Colostrum & Edelweiss is the perfect facial moisturizer. The Makeup Examiner has combination skin and often finds facial moisturizers that add to the problem. Gaelle Organic Ultra Sensitive Crème with Colostrum & Edelweiss is gentle enough for sensitive areas and doesn’t create oil issues in the T-zone prone area.

The Makeup Examiner has finally found THE body treatment to get me through the winter months! Body Crème Supérieure is, again, not the usual. At first, I dispensed the cream into my hand and thought that it was watery until I placed it on my skin and realized that the consistency wasn’t from water, but from the organic oils! The Makeup Examiner suffers from dry skin and the moment that the temperature drops the moisture leaves my hands and elbows. One treatment with Body Crème Supérieure and my elbows were baby bottom soft!

After using Gaelle Organic for just three days my skin got a complete makeover. The Makeup Examiner recommends that readers’ start with The Travel Care Kit ($72.00 USD) and definitely get the Soap Supreme Moisturizing Cleanser Bar. Gaelle Organic are available at the brand’s website and select retail stores.