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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hawaiian Tropic retires ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contests’

Hawaiian Tropic announced on April 23 that they have retired their “Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contests” and are replacing the bikini contests, which have been a part of the iconic sun care brand since 1983, with an online search. The launch of the brand’s search for a new Hawaiian Tropic spokesperson is called “New Face”. The retirement of the bikini contests emphasizes the brand’s new direction, as Hawaiian Tropic recently introduced a new line, Silk Hydration, which brings focus to skin care.
Danielle Duncan, Brand Manager of Hawaiian Tropic, explained to The Makeup Examiner that the move from the “Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contests” to the “New Face” campaign is recognition by the brand for an emphasis on the value of sun care. “The modern Hawaiian Tropic woman still loves to spend time in the sun, but also understands the importance of sun care in helping to keep her skin healthy,” said Duncan.

And so the search begins! The “New Face” contest will run from May 6 through May 31 on the Hawaiian Tropic Facebook page. This completely new concept for Hawaiian Tropic will engage social media users to choose the new Hawaiian Tropic spokesperson. Women vying to become the brand’s spokesperson will be able to post a photo and information about themselves to the Hawaiian Tropic Facebook page, then it will be up to America to choose. The woman with the most votes will be announced as the “New Face of Hawaiian Tropic” on July 19, 2013.