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Monday, February 15, 2016

MAC Daily Face Report AW16 February 14

Show: Hood By Air AW16

Inspiration: “The Hood by Air Gang.”Inge Grognard

Face: Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion applied over the face to replenish and hydrate. M·A·C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer applied as needed to perfect while keeping skin looking very real and raw.

Eyes: M·A·C Pro Acrylic Paint in Black Black mixed with Mixing Medium Eyeliner to create a carbon black, gel-textured paint. The brows were painted with negative space “cuts” of varying designs for a custom look.

Lips: Prep + Prime Lip applied over the lips to lightly hydrate and perfect without shine.

Show: Prabal Gurung AW16

Inspiration: “Lord Byron poem ‘She Walks In Beauty’.” Diane Kendal

Face: M·A·C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer strategically applied over the face as needed to even and tone, keeping skin looking radiant and fresh. The cheeks were flushed through the centre with a blend of Cream Colour Base in Vintage Rose and M·A·C Studio QuikTrik Stick in All Aflush (available Autumn/Winter 2016) applied with fingertips. M·A·C Studio QuikTrik Stick in Tight and Tawny (available Autumn/Winter 2016) dusted over the blush for subtle sun-kissed look to skin. M·A·C Studio QuikTrik Stick in Softly Does It (available Autumn/Winter 2016) pressed onto the cheekbones for a dewy highlight to skin.

Eyes: Cream Colour Base in Dusk and Tint blended together and buffed into an oval shape over eyelids with a 252 Brush, creating a warmed effect to skin. Cream Colour Base in Dusk applied under the eyes and through the crease with a 252 Brush to deepen and contour.

Lips: Lipstick in Sultry Move from M·A·C Trend Forecast Fall 16/LIP(available Autumn/Winter 2016) mixed with a bit of concealer that matched the model’s skin tone and applied evenly over the entire lip to finish.

Nails: “Fresh, clean, nude manicures customized to the model’s skin tone.” Keri Bliar
One to two drops of M·A·C Studio Nail Lacquer in Rack ‘Em Up (available Autumn/Winter 2016), Skin, Erogenous or Very Important Poodle were mixed into M·A·C Studio Nail Lacquer in Delicate in order to create a custom sheer nude over nails.

M·A·C products, unless otherwise noted are available at M·A·C.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MAC Cosmetics NYFW Daily Face Chart

Inspiration: “Natural beauties defying the boundaries of highlighting and contouring to enhance their features.” Inge Grognard

FACE –Contouring and highlighting made to suit each face, a raw beauty in the making. Gestural, pictural movements using fingers, hands and brushes for tools. The process of sculpting the face by playing with graphism, using the following products: M·A·C Studio Conceal and Correct Palettes, Prep + Prime Highlighters, M·A·C Pro Paint Sticks, M·A·C Pro White Full Coverage, Invisible Set Powder, Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

LIPS – Lip Conditioner (Tube) patted into lips to nourish and prepare

Inspiration: “East Meets West” – Diane Kendall

FACE – Prep + Prime Fix+ spritzed over the face to hydrate and plump Mineralize Charge Water Moisture Gel massaged into the face to restore moisture and provide a supple feel M·A·C Studio Conceal and Correct Palette applied as needed for an effortless perfection to skin Bright Forecast and Radiant Rose Prep + Prime Highlighter applied over the under eye area to brighten and soften Medium Dark Blot Powder swept through the centre of the face to polish and set Cubic Powder Blush applied over the apples of cheeks and blended slightly downward for a healthy flush

EYES - Brows were brushed up and boyish in look, using an appropriate shade of eye shadow to fill and perfect, followed with Clear Brow Set to finish Joy Toy Foiled Shadow (available Spring 2016) applied over the eyelids and softly onto the brow bone for a natural, light, reflective finish Shadowy Sculpting Powder Pro Palette used to define the crease in a soft, arc shape Lashes were well curled and finished with two coats of Haute & Naughty Lash to accentuate and define

LIPS - Promise Me Velvetease Lip Pencil (available Spring 2016) blended over the entire lip for a soft, natural look

Products, unless noted, are available online at MAC and MAC Boutiques.