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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mirabella teams with Jasmine Dashtizad for DIY makeup brush must-haves

Mirabella Beauty launched a quick and informative video tutorial on Dec. 26 that features renowned makeup artist Jasmine Dashtizad. Although Mirabella Beauty carries an elegant 14 brush line, Jasmine shares the three must-have brushes and demonstrates the bonuses for each one, allowing any woman to become their own personal makeup artist.

Many of us own quite a few makeup brushes and don’t necessarily have a clue what each is supposed to be used for. Mirabella Beauty and Jasmine clear up this confusion revealing the essentials. Jasmine reveals that the three must-have makeup brushes are the Foundation Brush ($38), the Face Blender Brush ($42) and the Eye Blender Brush ($27).

Jasmine begins with the Foundation Brush has recommends this versus a sponge, as sponges tend to absorb product and cause waste, plus using the Mirabella Foundation Brush, made of synthetic hair, allows us to blend our foundation and avoid the “mask of demarcation.”

Moving onto must-have brush number two, the Face Blender Brush. This large circular brush provides lightweight application of product. The all-purpose synthetic blended hair works well with cream and powder foundation, blush and bronzer. The end result of using this tool is an airbrush quality, high definition, and flawless appearance. Finally, Jasmine recommends the Eye Blender Brush. This brush is created to help apply color to the eyelid with ease and the tapered head allows for easy blending.

To view the Mirabella Beauty video featuring Jasmine Dashtizad and her how-to, please visit HERE. Mirabella Beauty products are available at Mirabella Beauty and select retail locations.