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Monday, August 4, 2014

reVive Light Therapy by Kathy Ireland Skincare Review

Kathy Ireland Worldwide (kiWW) launched the reVive Light Therapy systems in June of this year. Pricing in at $69 to $350, the reVive Light Therapy systems seem to offer an affordable alternative to at-home skincare devices. Having had the opportunity to review other skincare systems, we’re familiar with how the products are supposed to work and what results one should experience.

First and foremost for any at-home skincare system is safety, for which the FDA says a resonating “yes” for the reVive Light Therapy systems. The next issue for devices of this type is ease of use and effectiveness. Focusing upon four key skin issues -- anti-aging, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, acne and skin healing and additionally pain relief, we weren’t exactly convinced that one system could target an array of skin care problems plus reduce pain. But, we are fearless when it comes to testing out products for readers and forged ahead.

reVive Light Therapy offers four different systems, each utilizing various forms of light therapy to address a specific skincare and pain concerns:  reVive Light Therapy Essential ($69), reVive Light Therapy Clinical C 60 ($169), reVive Light Therapy Professional “Cordless Handheld” ($249), and reVive Professional “Full Face” DPL Panel System ($349).

The system that we received is the reVive Light Therapy Professional “Cordless Handheld,” which comes with three interchangeable LED heads, individual instruction booklets, goggles and a travel case. Beginning with the Blue Acne Treatment head (Because we happened to catch a zit) we attached the head to the handheld device and proceeded to treat the affected area for a one-day treatment cycle. The daily treatment cycle consists of 3-minutes in the morning and 3-minutes before bed. Bye-bye zit! Understanding that our acne issue was one spot, we wouldn’t expect quick results for more severe acne issues.

Moving on to the Purple Anti-aging light treatment head, which requires 20-minute treatment cycles, we used the system for one week and noticed a marked difference in the fine lines around our eyes. The Purple Anti-aging light treatment head was also highly effective in reducing a sunspot on our cheek and increasing even skin tone! The approximate price of reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy Handheld System is $169 versus the latest anti-aging laser gadget that costs approximately $565. The laser is heavy, costly, inconvenient, and we don’t trust the long-term effects of lasers versus innocuous LED light.

The last treatment to tackle was the pain relief. Utilizing the Red Pain Relief light treatment head, we did a 14-minute treatment cycle on our wrist. The first use brought marked relief and the second treatment offered complete alleviation of pain. As for reVive Light Therapy systems there are so many reasons why it’s a win. Varying price points, total effectiveness, convenience and mobility. As we stated, we’ve used other at-home skincare treatment devices and they’re heavy, not practical for travel and the prices are insane. So there you have it dear beautynistas and suavenistas, -- TME’s experience, and gold seal approval, with reVive Light Therapy systems.

reVive Light Therapy systems are available online at reVive and select retail outlets.