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Thursday, January 26, 2017

What’s Up At ghd Hair And Bonus GTL For Khloe, Kerry and Olivia

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s leading ladies keep their hair healthy and strong on the Red Carpet during Award’s season? All of those “touch-ups” and even mid-show style changes! That is some rough going on gentle locks for sure! Well, apparently the answer to this question is contained within a tube… the secret to long-lasting lovely locks seems to be ghd’s Advanced Split End Therapy. This magic restores hair by nourishing dry damaged ends and replenishing overworked tresses. 

Unlike other hair treatments, the Advanced Split End Therapy ($28) features the ghd Thermo-Marine Bonding System, which is activated by the heat of your styler to bind broken hair fibers together to smooth and seal the hair, leaving hair feeling sleeker, smoother, and shinier for up to 10 washes. Fortify hair from styling damage and environmental stress for A-list hair all winter long. Hmmm… sounds amazing right about now. Okay, are you ready for the GTL for Khloe Kardashian, Kerry Washington, and Olivia Culpo?

We are OBSESSED with the half-up braided hairstyle ghd Brand Ambassador Justine Marjan created for Khloe Kardashian.

Step 1:  Prep damp hair with TRESemm√© Keratin Smooth serum then blowdry with a smoothing brush and the ghd air hairdryer ($199).

Step 2: Create the partings for 3 braided sections, one on either side of the eyebrow, and one at the center parting.

Step 3: Add styling pomade to each sections, then create a braid to the crown of the head and clip away.

Step 4:  Once every section is braided, add pomade to the sections between the braids then comb into a half up hairstyle and secure with an elastic.

Step 5:  Flat iron the rest of the hair with a ghd platinum styler ($249), then use more serum through the ends.

Justine Marjan was busy creating this season’s hottest hairstyles at the Sundance Film Festival for Kerry Washington and Olivia Culpo. Check out these tips on how Justine created Kerry Washington’s voluminous, textured ponytail and Olivia Culpo’s edgy, dutch braid ponytail.

Kerry Washington’s Textured Ponytail How-To:

Step 1: “I used my ghd platinum styler ($249) to smooth the hair before gathering it into a high ponytail with styling pomade at the roots.”

Step 2: “I curled the pony in tiny sections alternating directions with my ghd curve classic curl iron ($199). Then I sprayed the pony with dry shampoo, lifted it up and backbrushed, then pieced it out with the end of my rat tail comb and sprayed with extreme hold hairspray to finish.”

Olivia Culpo’s Braided Ponytail How-To:

Step 1: “First apply Keratin Smooth serum to damp hair then blow dry smooth with a ghd air hairdryer ($199) and flat brush. Then create a clean middle part, then another part from the arch of the eyebrow to the crown of the head. Clip the rest of the hair away.”

Step 2: “ Next apply smoothing pomade to the roots then create a Dutch Braid on either side of the middle part. When the braid reaches the crown of the head, create a 3-strand braid to the ends and secure with an elastic. Apply more pomade to the roots of the rest of the hair then use a fine toothcomb to gather into a high ponytail.

Step 3: “Lastly, spray a smoothing brush with high impact hairspray then brush the hair into a smooth pony and secure with a hair bungee. Using the ghd curve classic curl iron ($199) to curl through the length of the pony then wrap the base with velvet ribbon to finish.”

All ghd Hair products are available online at ghd and Sephora.