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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Secrets Of People With The Perfect Kitchen

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our week-long Spring 2019 Cleaning Fest. Turning back to Organizing and Storing Expert, Emma Gordon of Clutter, we look to tackle the horrors of the kitchen! Emma offers amazing tips for organizing your kitchen pantry. And those tips are applicable to the entire kitchen! 

Secret Number One: Start by clearing all the food out of the pantry to get a visual inventory of the items you have already. Don't be surprised if you find a duplicate, that’s the hazard of an unorganized pantry.

Secret Number Two: The trick to keeping your pantry organized is to make it easy for your family to keep the items they eat on a regular basis accessible without having to move everything else around. Keep your meal staples like pasta, rice, black beans, quinoa in clear containers so you can quickly and easily see when it's time to add them to your shopping list.

Secret Number Three: Save shelf space by using an over-the-door towel hanger to store lunch bags and soft coolers on the back of your pantry door.

Secret Number Four: Make room by storing infrequently used appliances in another closet, or up on the top shelf. Things like ice cream makers, tamale cookers, pressure canners, electric roasting pans, only get used seasonally, and shouldn't take up prime pantry real estate.

Secret Number Five: Onions, potatoes, and garlic should be kept in a basket out of direct light in a basket or wire bin. Unbox cereals and store in a tall clear container so you can always see when you need to pick up more from the grocery store. Some containers will hold two full boxes of cereal, so you can stock up, and save on pantry space. Save space by unboxing individually wrapped items like granola bars, sunflower seeds, chips, etc. and gathering them in a basket.

Secret Number Six: Use canning jars to store your pantry items. They are cheap, durable (made to stand boiling water) and since they are made of glass you don't need to worry about plastic toxins leeching into your food, or making room on the top rack of your dishwasher. Canning jars come in a variety of sizes from tiny half-pints to half-gallon glass jars. The lids are airtight, washable, and come in two standard sizes that fit all jars regardless of whether you found them at a yard sale or picked them up at Target.

Okay, so now that you've organized your entire abode it's time to go play and enjoy your super clean space! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Secrets Of People Who Have Neat and Organized Closets

Happy Spring!!!! Hmmm … day three of the Spring 2019 Cleaning Challenge … and we can happily report that everyone is really working hard to get things organized again. We hope that our tips have been useful and that your Spring 2019 Cleaning projects have been going well. Today, we bring you what has got to be one of the most difficult tasks for those who have super busy lives. Shameful admission … more than one member of Team TME has found in her closet clothes with the tags still on, shoes still in boxes that have never been worn and accessories that have long been forgotten.

While only one TME member has a “floordrobe,” we all can see how easily that this can happen … every woman has dealt with “I have nothing to wear” and torn through the entire closet to find the “perfect” outfit while leaving her wardrobe scattered about on the floor. For the closet we turned to our own editor, Eve who has the best tips for keeping your closet neat and organized, as well as where to begin if you do have a “floordrobe”.

Secret Number One: Some of you may need to clean up the “floordrobe” before you can begin to organize your closet. The first step is to clear an area (like your bed) so that you can separate your clothes into piles of “keep,” “discard,” and “donate”.

Secret Number Two: Deciding what items go into which pile can be a really daunting task if you don’t go in armed with a plan. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing within the past 12-months, it GOES! Keep in mind that there’s a reason that you haven’t worn a particular shirt or slacks and someone else will enjoy those items so place them in the “donate” pile. As for what goes in the “discard” pile that would be items that are torn, completely faded, from the 90s … etcetera.

Secret Number Three: After you’ve decided what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to get rid of, take 20 minutes to vacuum and clean the closet … you’ll be surprised by how dusty and closet can get. After you’re finished tidying up the closet, begin to organize your clothes by color and type. Hang your skirts, dresses, slacks and jeans on one side and your blouses, shirts, cardigans, and sweaters on the other. Within each category of clothing, hang them by color (white, pink, floral) and type (separate business, formal, and casual) all separated in a row so that you can easily find the perfect black top to go with your slacks. Do this for your shoes as well!

Secret Number Four: The easiest and apparently best kept secret for both saving time and keeping your closet clean and organized is to pick out your outfit the night before. Taking ten minutes to chose the next day’s outfit will absolutely save you time in the morning and if you have a little “I have nothing to wear meltdown,” followed by a “floordrobe” incident you will have time to clean up your clothes and keep your closet organized.

Bonus Tip: If you truly want to turn over a "new leaf," stick to the rule of one in and one out. If you buy a new shirt, donate one. It's a really good way to keep your clothes organized, maximize your space, and your wardrobe! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Secrets Of People Who Have Clutter Free Homes

Yesterday, we brought you Secrets Of Organized People with help from Organizing and Storing Expert, Emma Gordon of Clutter. In our week-long series we move on to the next set of tips … Secrets Of People Who Have Clutter Free Homes! Yes, we know that many of you may be thinking that a clutter-free home in absolutely unattainable. Honestly, it isn’t. However, it does take a little bit of discipline and possibly a whole lot of re-working your mindset.

Secret Number One: Save time straightening your house with this simple technique. Grab an empty laundry basket with paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, and a small garbage bag. Work clockwise through each room, wiping down surfaces as you go, and using the laundry basket to hold items that don't belong in that room. Before moving to the next room, check the basket to see if there is anything you picked up from another room that needs to be put away, and then repeat in the next room.

Secret Number Two: Make the most of your kitchen and closet storage by rotating out seasonal items to make more space for the things you use more frequently. Holiday cookie cutters, fondue pot, tamale cooker -- if you only use it during the holidays, it's time to stow it all away to make space for spring and summer items.            

Secret Number Three: Make the most of your cleaning day by hiring service startups to come directly to your door and handle boring tasks while you get your spring cleaning done. Get all your seasonal items safely stored away (and out our your way) by scheduling a storage pick-up with Use STRATIM to get your car washed, gas tank filled and returned to your driveway. Or use Handy to get help with everything from furniture assembly, window washing, to fixing your garbage disposal.

Happy Organizing!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Secrets Of People Who Have Organized Bathrooms

We hate to name names, but the same person who has her perfectly organized closet also has a perfectly organized bathroom. Our editor believes that the bathroom is a sanctuary and should be kept immaculate at all times. We used to think that she was off her nut (okay we still do) but she’s right about easily keeping your bathroom a clean, organized and lovely space.

Secret Number One: Bathrooms can become overwhelming disorganized, especially if you’re sharing one bathroom. Just as with cleaning your closet, you want to create to piles for your bathroom items -- keep and discard. Yvonne’s tip is to go through every drawer, cabinet and basket because you know that you’re going to find those dumb sparkly butterfly mini-clips from the 90s in one of your drawers, as well as a 2-year-old can of hairspray that need to go.

Secret Number Two: After you’ve disposed of items that you’re never going to use (yes, parting with products is never easy), get creative with storage. If you’re short on drawer and cabinet space, go upward and invest in shelves. Baskets are a great way to keep your items organized and if they’re on “display” in the bathroom, you’re sort of forced to keep them clean. Check out our “DIY Makeup Brush Holder” to get the creative juices flowing.

Secret Number Three: Life is busy, we know. And you don’t always have time to scrub the bathroom from top to bottom. However, it takes seconds to wipe down the mirror and sink. Keep a container of paper towels, glass cleaner and disinfectant wipes under the vanity -- that way they’ll always be right at hand and it will take five minutes to “freshen up” the bathroom.

Secret Number Four: Of course you can’t “freshen up” the bathroom if it’s filthy to begin with. So, you may need to begin with a full-on scrub-fest. If you have serious soap scum in your shower/bath the easiest way to remove it is to first use a magic eraser followed by a proper bathroom-cleaning product. To remove water spots and gunk from around faucet fixtures use vinegar, rinse and follow with glass cleaner to make them shine.