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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Romantic Smokey Eye

The Romantic Smokey Eye with Caite Pywar of Lips Cosmetics

Lipsi Cosmetics Product review

Happy Wednesday my lovelies! The Makeup Examiner hopes that your week is going well and that it’s full of fabulousness. As my loyal lovely readers know, with cosmetics, the Makeup Examiner looks at two main qualities, pigment and consistency.

Lipsi Cosmetics is a Greek inspired product line, with inspiration drawn from the founder’s love for the island of Lipsi. Using Mediterranean inspired colors, the company aims to provide a unique, natural appearance to make women feel more confident without completely disguising their true beauty. So let’s get to the get and check out the good, the bad and the beautiful about Lipsi Cosmetics.

Today, TME is going to review Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder ($20 USD 0.74oz), Native Eye Shadow ($18 USD 3g), Buttery Bliss Lipstick ($16 USD tube) and Posh Gloss ($13 USD tube). The first thing to know about Lipsi Cosmetics is that they are a cruelty-free, socially conscious cosmetic company (yay!) and the next is the packaging. Every Lipsi Cosmetics product arrives in the most gorgeous packaging. The founders of Lipsi Cosmetics believe that every woman should be treated like a princess and receive gifts often. Lipsi hits the mark. The Makeup Examiner has twice received products from Lipsi and it was absolutely like getting a luxurious birthday present!

Aphrodite Powder
Now moving on to the products. Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder is of the highest quality. Aphrodite Powder comes in loose powder form. It is the perfect finishing powder, but also has such quality that I’ve used it alone. Next on the list is Native Eye Shadow, which are available in separate pots. (They also carry palettes.)

Top - Creation, Middle - Row Boat, Bottom - Voyaged
I received Native Eye Shadow in Voyaged (matte mocha brown), Creation (matte light beige) and Row Boat (shimmery light brown). All three shadows had stellar pigment and a cashmere feel consistency. Lipsi’s eyeshadows are so highly pigmented that very little goes a long way and the consistency makes them easy to blend. Creation has become a staple in The Makeup Examiner’s beauty arsenal. It is the most outstanding highlighter shade that I have found.

Buttery Bliss Lipstick in Siren 
The first time that I received Lipsi, I fell in love and absolutely had to try Buttery Bliss Lipstick and Posh Gloss. To say that The Makeup Examiner is finicky about lipstick would be a gross understatement. Lipstick better feel like cashmere, deliver amazing color and not smell like funky wax. Otherwise, it’s simply garbage. Buttery Bliss Lipstick delivers the same high quality as other Lipsi products and they have the perfect red (Siren), which is THE color this season. The last product for review is Posh Gloss, which I received in Ouzo. Ouzo is a clear gloss that makes any lipstick pop and is another staple in the Makeup Examiner’s beauty arsenal.

Posh Gloss in Ouzo
Overall, each Lipsi Cosmetic product has an amazing, luxurious consistency and the perfect pigmentation for what each product is intended to do. With the holidays just around the corner, The Makeup Examiner recommends that you grab Posh Gloss in Ouzo and yes; Posh Gloss goes The Makeup Examiner’s Vault! Lipsi Cosmetics are available at the brand's website!