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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Zang Toi + Macadamia Professional NYFW Hair How To

Zang Toi captivated audiences with a stunning Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Using Macadamia Professional products, lead stylist Eiji Yamane exquisitely styled the models with a French Twist Chignon that accentuated the collection exquisitely.

Lead Stylist: Eiji Yamane

Get The Look:

Step One: Evenly distribute Macadamia Professional Blow Dry Lotion, section hair and blow dry.

Step Two: Create a central part and pull back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck – pulling tightly to ensure the top of the head is smooth and sleek.

Step Three: Separate ponytail into three sections and braid all the way through the length of the ponytail. Secure ends with an elastic.

Step Four: Fold new braid in half. After you tucked the braid up, pin it into place with the bobby pins.

Step Five: Using a hair extension matching the color of hair, take one section and clip it under the braid and curling up, create a large loop wrapping around to the right side of the braid.  Secure with bobby pins.

Step Six: Repeat step 5 at the top section and middle section to create a loose, “crescent” chignon, ensuring the inside braid is completely covered.

Step Seven: Spray with Macadamia Professional Style Lock Strong Hold Hairspray to lock in place.

Step Eight: Using a comb, gently smooth out all hair that is pulled back one last time and apply Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream to tame any flyaways.

Step Nine: To complete the look, liberally spray Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist for added shine and luster.

Macadamia Professional products are available online and at retailers around the globe.