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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Makeup Geek Product Review

Happy Thursday my lovelies! The Makeup Examiner hopes that the week has treated everyone well thus far, and if your week hasn’t been full of fabulousness, the weekend is close at hand! Moving on … Marlena, the CEO and Founder of Makeup Geek, had the objective of creating prestige quality products at mass prices. With cosmetics, The Makeup Examiner looks at two main qualities, pigment and consistency. Did Marlena hit her mark? Well readers, let’s get to the good, the bad and the beautiful about Makeup Geek (MUG) eyeshadows and lipsticks!

Today, The Makeup Examiner is going to review the Makeup Geek 5-Lipstick Adventure Pack ($29.99), Makeup Geek 8-Eyeshadow Starter Kit ($45), and Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Color Expansion Kit ($45).

The Makeup Geek 5-Lipstick Adventure Pack was created to celebrate the launch of MUG lipsticks; the company put together a lipstick bundle that includes really fun colors.

  • Luscious – Red with magenta undertones
  • Famous – Purple with magenta undertones
  • Captivating – Warm orange
  • Fearless – Hot pink with purple undertones
  • Lavish – Red with brown undertones
The packaging is sleek with a clear top lid, which is awesome so that you can easily see the lipstick colors. All five colors are highly pigmented and four out of five are the smooth, creamy consistency that you’d expect from prestige makeup, but Lavish gets a fail for consistency. Lavish was absolutely like putting chalk on my lips. Lavish aside, the other lipsticks in this bundle were hydrating and long-lasting. All colors are available for individual sale at $7.99 USD per 0.14-ounce tube. Overall, MUG lipsticks are solid quality at an affordable price.

The Makeup Geek 8-Eyeshadow Starter Kit is a fabulous group of colors, perfectly picked for the neutral lover with a few fun bright colors to play with.

  • Cocoa Bear – Matte golden brown
  • Mocha – Matte Warm medium brown
  • Glamorous – Bronzy, shimmery gold
  • Purely Naked – Soft shimmery nude
  • Shimma Shimma – Shimmery highlight
  • Purple Rain – Deep but subtle matte purple
  • Unexpected – Light and subtle pink matte purple blend
  • Corrupt – Intense matte black with small bit of sparkle

The Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Color Expansion Kit is an amazing group of colors precisely created to expand your palette and get a little funky with color.

  • Chickadee - Matte Yellow Orange
  • Sensuous - Shimmery Purple with Flecks of Silver
  • Unicorn - Shimmery Blue Purple
  • Shimmermint - Metallic Mint Green With Gold Shimmer
  • Envy - Deep metallic green
  • Moondust - Metallic silver taupe
  • Poolside - Bright shimmery teal with specks of gold
  • Razzleberry - Raspberry red/pink with gold glitter
Each shadow in these kits comes in just a pan, which is a major plus because it allows for less packaging waste making happiness for the environment and complete personalization of your palette. Side note: Palettes can be purchased at Makeup Geek and run from $15 to $30. MUG eyeshadows offer a wonderful selection to choose from, but not all MUG eyeshadows are created equally. As for texture and consistency, all 16 eyeshadows had an amazing smooth, creamy feel. Further, most of the eyeshadows were of good quality regarding pigmentation. All colors are sold in individual pans at $5.99 USD per 0.064-ounce pan.

From the MUG 8-Eyeshadow Starter Kit: Cocoa Bear, Glamorous, Purely Naked, Shimma Shimma and Corrupt all delivered high pigmentation. The Makeup Examiner fell in love with Shimma Shimma and Corrupt! But Purple Rain and Unexpected, both of which are of purple hue, and Mocha failed to impress. These three shadows were a major disappointment regarding pigment.

In the MUG Eyeshadow Color Expansion Kit one can have some real fun with the unique colors like Poolside and Razzleberry. Of the eight colors in this kit, Shimmermint failed to deliver. Shimmermint had very little pigment, even with primer. To be fair, the Makeup Examiner has purchased full palettes from MAC and Chanel, only to discover that a few of the shadows lacked pigment.

The Makeup Examiner can confidently state that MUG lipsticks are absolutely prestige quality, but would not classify MUG eyeshadows at the prestige level. However, MUG eyeshadows are hands-down at the upper level spectrum of mass with amazing affordability that puts other higher-level mass cosmetics to shame. Other pluses about Makeup Geek products are that the products are cruelty-free (Yay!), MUG lipsticks are gluten-free and MUG eyeshadows are talc and paraben-free. You can find Makeup Geek Products at the brand's website