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Monday, December 5, 2016

Makeup Revolution Pro Precision Makeup Brushes Review

There has been a “revolution” of sorts within the makeup brush sector of the beauty industry. Everyone has gone completely bonkers over the oval shaped brushes that cost approximately $40 per brush. We have always been of the opinion that certain products, especially tools, are worth putting out a little more money for. For example, our $240 ERCU New York IONpower Blow Dryer and our $200 BIO IONIC OnePass Straightening Iron are beauty staples! For us, these stylers cut styling time and help to prevent damage. They are worth the investment. The stylers are going to last and are actually guaranteed to do so.

With that having been said, we are acutely aware that not everyone can afford to drop that kind of money and there are other less expensive options on the market that will absolutely work. Which brings us back to where we started. Just as so many others had become obsessed with those $40 oval brushes, we too became obsessed. But as we just mentioned, we are acutely aware that not everyone can afford to spend $40 a pop on one makeup brush, and furthermore the suggestion that many have made of purchasing only one specific brush from this company just doesn’t cut it in our opinion. So, we set out on a mission to see if there was a decent alternative.

We were sent a 10-piece Makeup Brush Set from Mermaid Beauty that costs approximately $17. This set is supposed to be a “dupe” of the $355 10 Brush Set from that other very popular brand. With handles made of flimsy plastic and bristles that fall out … hmmm … we don’t think so. Now what????? Ugh! We tried to find something that worked well and was affordable … Enter Makeup Revolution Pro Precision Makeup Brushes! We weren’t the least bit familiar with Makeup Revolution, and beyond the brushes we still are not well versed in this company … but the brushes are a fab place to begin.

The Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set ($30) Includes:
  • Pro Precision Brush Oval Face
  • Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek
  • Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape

The Makeup Revolution Precision Eye Brush Set ($22) Includes:
  • Pro Precision Round Blending Eye Brush
  • Pro Precision Eyeliner Brush
  • Pro Precision Oval Eye Brush

We are absolutely loving the stylish rose gold design! Of course more importantly are the brushes for which we couldn’t be happier! The bristles are incredibly soft and each brush works incredibly well, picking up product and dispersing it with precision. The bristles are made from synthetic hair so happy us! The verdict … these sets are a good alternative to the more expensive brushes and can be found online at Makeup Revolution! We do want you to know that the company that makes the $40 brushes has come out with a three-piece collection called BrushCraft, two of the brushes cost $18.50 and the last one costs $24.50. We did receive the Oval 6 ($24.50) and it is absolutely lovely, but we hoping that the collection is expanded. Until next time … xoxo