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Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit Online

Melissa Liebling-Goldberg of Spring

Although it may not feel like it -- Spring 2017 is here. And with it begins the preparation for swimsuit season. Was that a collective “ugh” that we heard? Yeah, we feel the same! Most of us do not have hours to spend at the boutique searching for the perfect suit and turning to the Internet, while a logical avenue for saving time, can be a futile endeavor. Seriously! How many times have you purchased swimwear only to receive it and find that the suit is nothing like what you’d expected? Of course, there’s also the hassle of returning the suit and starting the process all over.

Well, buying a swimsuit online doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. The Makeup Examiner checked in with VP of Editorial at Spring, Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, to pick her brain for foolproof ways to find that perfect swimsuit online. Melissa states that finding swimwear online is as easy as sticking to a few basic rules.

1. Keep your “in-store” frame of mind

We usually choose realistic styles, sizes, cuts, and colors that look best on us when we are about to confront a mirror. Apply that same reasoning as you add items to your online cart. Choose styles and sizes that work with your body type and that you’ve been wearing consistently. And if you’re anticipating a smaller or bigger size this season, make sure to take your measurements and compare them with the brand’s sizing chart.

2. Narrow your search

Discovery is endless on the web! As an online shopper, you are exposed to millions of options, which can be confusing and overwhelming once approaching checkout. Choose 3-5 cuts and styles you’ve worn in the past and that flatter your frame.

Styling Tip: To play up your chest try using a halter style, print or color, or a push-up. If you have a larger bust, try picking a suit that allows for cup sizing on top. Choosing a string bottom means you can adjust it to fit you, no matter what your shape is.

3. Follow the KLT Rule -- Know, Love, Trust

If you are nervous about buying online, try sticking to brands that you already know, love and trust. Chances are that will leave you feeling great and worry-free about your online purchase. Visit Spring for a plethora of brands and options.

There you have the rules to stick with to increase the opportunity of easily finding the perfect swimwear online! Note: A special thank you to Melissa Liebling-Goldberg for taking the time to share her expertise. Oh, if you’re worried about not being “swimsuit” ready, we have you covered on that point too! Checkout some bangin’ tips from our favorite Fitness Guru, Brooke “The Sculptor” Taylor!