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Monday, August 10, 2015

Mirabella Beauty ‘Borrowed from the Boys’ Collection Preview

Mirabella Beauty will launch its newest offering September 2015 and Team TME was fortunate to get a sneak peak. Mirabella Beauty’s Borrowed from the Boys is the brand’s premiere brow collection, which will include The Brow Shaper, an all-in-one eyebrow groomer, and The Brow Pencil, offering three shades of brow color.

“Strong, beautifully groomed eyebrows really enhance the eyes and the whole face,” states Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. “I looked to eyebrow queens like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson – who have inspired full eyebrows and highlighted the impact they can bring to the face. Trendy eyebrows have become intense and heavy. I wanted to move away from the overly bold brows to a well-manicured full, natural looking brow. A softer version of the masculine trend.”

Offering shape, definition, universal color fill, and thickness, The Brow Shaper ($25 US/$32.50 CAN) instantly creates beautiful brows. The 5-in-1 tool features a unique formula with powder allowing the product to have a flexible texture when dry for natural looking brows. With panthenol and vitamin E, the product also conditions hair and skin.

The Brow Pencil ($21 US/$27.30 CAN) is available in three shades -- Light, Medium and Dark. Featuring a special formulation, this pencil glides on easily with soft microfine lead, laying rich color smoothly in fine hair-like formation without chipping. A grooming spoolie is included for shaping and softening color as needed. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and contains vitamin E and C for hair and skin conditioning.

For Team TME we found the collection to be a must-have and added it to the TME Vault. The Brow Pencil is incredibly easy to use and offers want every woman wants in brow makeup -- the ability to created or accentuate stunningly groomed brows in seconds. The Brow Shaper is natural looking and for us this is super important for brows. The Borrowed from the Boys Collection will be available online at Mirabella and at professional salons beginning September 2015.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mirabella Beauty Launches Faerie For Holiday 2014

Mirabella Beauty is set to release Faerie, a luxurious limited edition four-piece collection that includes a long-lasting eyeshadow, a mineral-based highlighter and two high-shine lip-gloss shades. Faerie creates a romantic, ethereal, and shimmery look for the holiday season. With whimsical, yet chic packaging Mirabella Beauty’s Faerie Collection just may be our favorite collection of the season!

“The holidays are a time when women embrace a more glamorous look,” says Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. Amber shared that the inspiration behind Mirabella Beauty’s Faerie Collection was to create a collection that would be universally flattering, easily allow for day-to-night transition, and last throughout the days (and nights) of a hectic holiday schedule. 

Mirabella Beauty’s Faerie Collection Includes:

Myth Visionary Long Wearing Eyeshadow ($29): The bronzed hued eyeshadow has the silkiest texture, which allows for easy application and rich, buildable color. Team TME loves the versatility with a light touch offering up an ethereal look for day and buildable coverage allowing for a bold, glamorous look for night. Plus, this is one of the few long-lasting eyeshadow formulas that haven’t irritated our eyes. Myth Visionary Long Wearing Eyeshadow is designed with high elastomeric powders help mask wrinkles with an optical blurring effect! Myth Visionary Long Wearing Eyeshadow is talc and paraben-free.

Swirling Pearl Brilliant ($40) – Is a mineral-based highlighter with Prismatech technology -- combining all the best features of baked, fluid and cream products for a soft, long-lasting texture that gives skin the perfect highlight. Again, super-silky texture that offers easy application. Swirling Pearl Brilliant is talc and paraben-free.

New Colour Luxe Lip Glosses in Gossamer and Luminosity ($26 each) - Colour Luxe Lip Gloss shades Gossamer (Soft Pink) and Luminosity (Clear Sparkle) offer three-dimensional, light reflecting pearls and a moisturizing, vitamin-enriched formula with anti-aging peptides. There isn’t a member of Team TME who doesn’t have a lip product obsession -- lip stick, tint, gloss, balm -- it matters not, which makes for both comradery and fighting. We loved both glosses, but found Luminosity to be incredibly versatile adding a gorgeous sheen over any hued lipstick. Colour Luxe Lip Glosses are free of parabens, lanolin, and castor oil.

Does Mirabelle Beauty Test On Animals? In the words of Mirabella Beauty owner John Maly, “We don't test on animals, just make up artists! But they are really pretty good about it. In fact, they do it willingly!” and an added bonus is Faerie is made in the USA. Faerie will be available in November online, at Mirabella Beauty and professional salons. Check out Mirabella Beauty on Facebook for exclusive offers and giveaways!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mirabella teams with Jasmine Dashtizad for DIY makeup brush must-haves

Mirabella Beauty launched a quick and informative video tutorial on Dec. 26 that features renowned makeup artist Jasmine Dashtizad. Although Mirabella Beauty carries an elegant 14 brush line, Jasmine shares the three must-have brushes and demonstrates the bonuses for each one, allowing any woman to become their own personal makeup artist.

Many of us own quite a few makeup brushes and don’t necessarily have a clue what each is supposed to be used for. Mirabella Beauty and Jasmine clear up this confusion revealing the essentials. Jasmine reveals that the three must-have makeup brushes are the Foundation Brush ($38), the Face Blender Brush ($42) and the Eye Blender Brush ($27).

Jasmine begins with the Foundation Brush has recommends this versus a sponge, as sponges tend to absorb product and cause waste, plus using the Mirabella Foundation Brush, made of synthetic hair, allows us to blend our foundation and avoid the “mask of demarcation.”

Moving onto must-have brush number two, the Face Blender Brush. This large circular brush provides lightweight application of product. The all-purpose synthetic blended hair works well with cream and powder foundation, blush and bronzer. The end result of using this tool is an airbrush quality, high definition, and flawless appearance. Finally, Jasmine recommends the Eye Blender Brush. This brush is created to help apply color to the eyelid with ease and the tapered head allows for easy blending.

To view the Mirabella Beauty video featuring Jasmine Dashtizad and her how-to, please visit HERE. Mirabella Beauty products are available at Mirabella Beauty and select retail locations.