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Friday, March 3, 2017

MAC Cosmetics Min Liu Collab Sneak Peek

If you're a fan of Miss MIN designs you will be absolutely enamored with the Min Liu for M∙A∙C Collection. MAC Cosmetics seems to always be the brand that fuels inspiration in all of us. The consistent, inventive collaborations with the world’s most intriguing artistic minds never stops … Chinese designer Min Liu most definitely fits the bill. The Miss MIN label is known for its modern take on Chinese traditionalism and this carries into the collection. Meditating on the creation and rejuvenation of life, her collaboration features indomitable reds, deep peony pinks and misty metallics, capturing the flow of energy that connects mountains, oceans – and all of us.

On the collaboration, Min Liu said, "M.A.C Cosmetics is an innovator of celebrating individuals, much like the essence of Ms MIN. The inspiration that guided this collaboration came from an ancient masterpiece about Chinese mythology culture, spirituality and folklore in the presence of nature. Energy, like beauty in fashion, flows and shifts over time. I find fashion and beauty to be the collision of personal expression of self, today being different than tomorrow, capturing our ying and yang, and the discovery of our quiet and our riot.”

The collection has a certain energy and flow in terms of both the color palette selected and the designs imprinted on the products. A standout for us is the Pearl Matte Face Powder in First Waves, which looks almost like it was plucked from a Chinese landscape painting, yet has face and cheek colors that are addictively wearable. M.A.C's group creative director James Gager felt that Min was a natural choice for this partnership. He said, "We've continually loved Min's collections. It's been amazing to watch her become the force in contemporary Chinese design she is today. We're fascinated with her modern take on traditional Chinese motifs, making us want to find a way to work together. When we first met, she brought a piece of fabric with indomitable red, deep peony pink and metallic details, which became the centerpiece of the collection's design.  It's been a joy to partner with Min to create a subtle and elegant collection. I can't wait to show the entire world the result!"

Ranging from $34 to $115, the Min Liu for M∙A∙C Collection will be available April 2017 online at M∙A∙C and in select retail markets.