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Friday, November 2, 2018

Movember Moustache Manicures and Easy ‘Stache Stencils

Movember kicked off yesterday, Nov. 1! Last month, the guys supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now it’s our turn to support them with some conversation starting nail art. But before we take to our nail lacquer, it’s important to understand why we’re supporting the gentlemen and to get a brief history lesson about the Movember movement.

Founded in Australia in 2003 with a mere 30 guys participating, Movember has developed into a global movement with approximately 3 million registered supporters. The objective for the guys is to grow out their mustaches for the 30 days of November, with bragging rights as the “prize”. But, by growing out their mustaches, guys gain an opportunity to educate others and raise funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, which a whopping one in six men will experience their lifetime. For The Makeup Examiner’s gentlemen readers, who wish to participate, please visit Movember.

For us ladies, or even the guys, there are quiet a few trendy accessories to don and you can check out “Trendy Ways To Support Movember” for inspiration. Team TME has found that the Movember moustache manicure is the easiest avenue to show support for the Movember movement and to make this super simply, you can find a printable ‘stache stencil in the slideshow, as well as three-step style guide below.

Movember Moustache Style Guide:

1. Select a light base color so that your Movember moustache design really pops.

2. Choose one, or more, designs from the ‘stache stencil and place design either on the nail tip in a French manicure style, or mid-point and paint away.

3. Add a clear topcoat and you’re good to go.

Try each one of the stencils or change up the nail polish color. With Movember manicures, the possibilities are endless. For the hardcore nail art ladies, check out an easy freehand tutorial HERE. Just remember that whenever someone asks why you have moustaches painted on your nails, you let them know it’s for the guys!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harry's Shave Partners with the Movember Foundation

For the second year, Harry's is an official partner of the Movember Foundation, and this time around they've created a series of four videos that encourage conversations around men's health. Funny and for a good cause, the videos were created entirely in-house at Harry's.

The Harry's campaign features four groups of guys discussing men's health in a comedic way, helping to get the ball rolling on really important (but potentially awkward) conversations that inspire men to get checked regularly. Together, with the Movember foundation, Harry's is hoping to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity screening and treatment.

In addition to the video series, $5 from every limited edition shave set sold will be donated to the Movember Foundation -- the proceeds from which will go towards initiatives focusing on men's health (spanning from local health programs to groundbreaking international collaborative research).

Whether you’re growing a Mo, making a donation, or just spreading the word, Harry's encourage you to spark conversations about the biggest health issues faced by men. Raising money is half the battle. Now, help start the conversation. Men’s health issues are hard to talk about, so Harry's is trying to break the ice. Watch this video series unfold and share them to start your own conversations! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Harry's Partners Up For Movember 2014

This fall, Harry’s is the official razor partner for the Movember campaign in the US and Canada. Together, they’ve created a limited-edition razor to celebrate the commitment that guys make to grow their Movember moustaches and change the face of men’s health.

Harry’s and Movember will reward participants who have signed up on and have raised $25 in donations by October 25th, 2014 with a custom, limited-edition razor -- while supplies last. Additionally, starting on October 13th, The Harry's x Movember Shave Set will be available for purchase on for $20, with $5 from each order donated back to the cause. 

Harry’s and Movember want to help guys kick off the month by shaving down on Movember 1st and throughout the month Harry’s will provide fun tips on how to maintain their moustache. Harry's will help support Shave the Date: Movember 1st by activating barbershops and boutiques across the country on 11/1. Partners will be giving away complimentary custom razors and shaves to guys who are participating in Movember.

The Team at TME knows that us ladies want to support the gents too. You can do so by becoming a Mo Sista. Sign up and so your support at Movember Mo Sistas. *As we kind of missed this previously, it’s important to note that Harry’s Products Are Cruelty-Free!

The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. We achieve this by challenging men to grow moustaches during Movember (the month formerly known as November) to spark conversation and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. The Movember community has raised over $550 million, and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries, to date. This work is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movember Inspired Nail Art

Happy Thursday my lovelies! Tomorrow is Friday, November 9 and for those of us in the United States, it’s been an exhausting week due to our presidential election, which was quite the nail biter! So Friday cannot come soon enough and the Makeup Examiner intends to break her schedule and actually enjoy the weekend. Speaking of nail biters…The Makeup Examiner has found an awesome way to support our guys, during Movember, via the cutest Movember inspired nail art!

Are you asking, “What is Movember?” Founded in Australia in 2003, Movember has developed into a global movement encouraging men to grow out their mustaches for the 30 days of November. By growing out their mustaches, men have the opportunity to educate and raise funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, which a whopping one in six men will experience their lifetime.

Oh no! Was that a collective groan regarding moustaches? Understandably, you may have a mixed reaction to a moustache on your man. But during Movember while our guys are growing out their moustaches, we should show our support and once you acquire the basic skill for a simple nail art moustache, the look is limited only be your own creativity.

Creating a moustache on your nail is not as difficult as you’d think. With a toothpick and a little patience, you can create this simple look with ease!

  1. Coat your nails with a soft pink, beige or blue.
  2. Using a toothpick and a black nail polish, make two black dots in the center of the beginning of your nail tip.
  3. Create two smaller dots on both sides of the center dots, close to the side of your nail.
  4. Connect the center dot to the smaller one with a curved line. Then connect the top of the dots with another curved line.
  5. Fill in the each side of the mustache with the toothpick using a stippling (dotting) motion.
  6. Add a topcoat and you're ready to go!
Check out the nail art moustache tutorial HERE! Once you’ve created your Movember nails, email The Makeup Examiner with a picture! Check back soon for a review of a whole new nail care and nail art system!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Art of Shaving partners with Movember

Here’s one for the guys in our lives! One in six men during their lifetime will hear these heart stopping words from their doctor, "You have prostate cancer." In the US alone, almost 241,740 new cases will be diagnosed this year. As the battle against cancers affecting men rages on, luxury-grooming brand The Art of Shaving joined in the fight on Oct. 31 by teaming up with the pioneering global men's health charity, Movember.

Founded in Australia in 2003, Movember has developed into a global movement engaging guys to grow and women to support the Mo, which is slang for moustache, for the 30 days of November. Along the way, these participants raise awareness and funds for men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. The Art of Shaving encourages their well kempt brethren to grow and groom bold Mo's and participate in Movember's 6th annual U.S. fundraising event.

The Art of Shaving is calling on the members of their "brotherhood of shaving" across the country to register to participate, and pledges to match team donations made at The Art of Shaving stores or via the brand's Movember team, up to $25,000. The brand kicks off the partnership, and helps all “MoBros” keep it neat this growing season, with the release of the limited edition Horn Moustache Comb and grooming book, “The Moustache Grower's Guide” written by Lucien Edwards. The Art of Shaving knows there's nothing wrong with a little competition to spur things on, so the brand will award top Movember fund raisers with “The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave,” their trademarked wet-shave regimen based on the philosophy: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave, and Moisturize.

To participate, men and women start by registering at Movember website. From there, men must start Movember 1st clean-shaven and grow their Mo for the month. As the Mo grows, it becomes the "hairy ribbon" for men's health, and the guys growing them become walking billboards for 30 days. Each moustache sparks important conversations about men's health. The Art of Shaving is performing their civic duty on Movember 1st and invites all registered “MoBros” to a complimentary “Movember Hot Towel Shave” available at the brand's luxurious Barber Spa locations. Keep a look out for my Art of Shaving product review in my Makeup Examiner column! For makeup questions or product reviews, email me at!