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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Harmony Soap Company Product Review

Happy Thursday my lovelies! We’re in the homestretch for the weekend! Yay! In all honesty dear readers, the Makeup Examiner wouldn’t know weekday from weekend as I’m constantly on the hunt for the best beauty products. But ssshhh…don’t tell anyone…I took the day off yesterday.

Moving on and getting to the get…during one of my obsessive searches, I found this organic soap company, New Harmony Soap. Doing this product review is somewhat timely as we’re currently in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is co-founder Stephanie Spann’s 2006 breast cancer diagnosis that led her and husband Jim to create New Harmony Soap. With a motto of “Get Your Skin Off Junk Food” and an inspiring back-story the products are bound to be decent right? Well readers, let’s get to the good, the bad and the beautiful about New Harmony Soap products!

Today, the Makeup Examiner is going to review New Harmony Soap Rosemary-Mint Body Bar (.375lbs $4.89 USD), After Shower Finishing Mist (8oz $8.99 USD), Whole Shea Butter Balm (2 oz $7.99 USD) and Rosemary-Mint Dead Sea Salt Body Soak (1lbs $8.99 USD).

Many things factor into my review of a product or product line, beginning with packaging. I believe in treading lightly upon the earth so when I found that New Harmony Soap had sent their products via eco-friendly packaging that was a big gold star for New Harmony Soap. I received my products in rosemary-mint, which is amazingly invigorating, but New Harmony products are scented in 12 other amazing scents like anise, lavender and Tahitian vanilla.

The Body Bar is cleansing, yet gentle and in the rosemary-mint, very invigorating in the morning! The next product is the After Shower Finishing Mist, which I found to be incredibly convenient as it serves multiple purposes. After you bath or shower, you spritz your body with the After Shower Finishing Mist that is moisturizing and highly scented. So you’ve now quickly moisturized your skin and given it a lovely scent. Perfect for those mornings when most of us are under time constraints.

For readers that don’t know about Dead Sea salts, take a moment to watch this video. Regarding New Harmony’s Dead Sea Salt Body Soak, this product left me feeling like I had spent a few hours at the spa! Now, I’ve saved my absolute favorite item for last, Whole Shea Butter Balm…New Harmony’s shea butter products are different from what you’ll find elsewhere because their shea butter products are the real deal. What many readers may not know is the majority of shea butter products on the market are processed. New Harmony’s shea butter products are 100 percent unrefined. This is shea butter in its natural and most curative state. An added bonus with the rosemary-mint is that mint can be very soothing for headaches for which the Makeup Examiner happen to have on the day that I received my products.

New Harmony Soap products are natural, organic and deliver. Aside from providing great quality and affordable products, the company believes in global sustainability. And if you have the opportunity, the Spann family invites you to visit. The Makeup Examiner recommends that readers’ start with the New Harmony Soap Gift Set ($21.99 USD), which contains all the products that I’ve reviewed. Readers can find New Harmony Soap products at their website. As always, the Makeup Examiner hope that readers have found this review to be helpful and for those that use New Harmony Soap products, leave a comment below!