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Friday, November 2, 2012

Osmia Organics Product Review

Happy Friday my lovelies! The weekend has arrived and the Makeup Examiner hopes that readers in the path of Hurricane Sandy are fairing well. Despite being in Sandy’s path, the Makeup Examiner was very blessed with Sandy being a minor inconvenience and my thoughts go out to all who are struggling to recover from her wrath.

Readers, you’ve probably noticed that The Makeup Examiner has been reviewing more organic products lately. What can I say? I’m a diva who’s a beliva in what our planet has to offer in the most natural state. Moving on and getting to the get … Osmia Organics was created by Sarah Villafranco, a former emergency room doctor, who was born and bred in Washington, D.C. What led Sarah from the emergency room in D.C. to creating Osmia Organics in Colorado is a story in itself. But as always the big question must be answered…does Osmia Organics deliver?

Today, the Makeup Examiner is going to review Osmia Organics Lavender Shea Soap (5.5 oz $12 USD), Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair (0.28 oz $22 USD), Facial Protein Exfoliant (1.6 oz $36 USD), and Trusque Natural Perfume (0.48 oz $125 USD).

The first thing that caught the Makeup Examiner’s attention about Osmia Organics was the product packaging. Pretty enough to become part of your bathroom or vanity décor! The next, and to me an extremely important gauge, is the scent of any lavender product. I grow my own lavender and there is a very distinct scent difference between quality lavender oil extraction and garbage plant resin extraction. This specific test is the basis I use for a product line. So, that’s where will begin today’s review.

Osmia Organics Lavender Shea Soap passed the lavender scent test immediately. Before I even used the soap, I knew that it was going to be a high quality product. The lavender was so relaxing and with both olive oil and shea butter it left my skin cleansed and soft.

The next product is the Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair. It is recommended for use at bedtime and contains Manuka honey, myrrh extract and lanolin. Once I pushed through the slight top layer, it was honey on my lips! The Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair gave my lips instant moisture and shine without the stickiness of typical lip balms!

The Facial Protein Exfoliant is one of the most brilliant products that I’ve seen in a while. This product comes in powder form, which you mix in your hand with water! It is a completely different experience from your “regular” exfoliants and left my skin glowing! An added bonus to the powder form of the Facial Protein Exfoliant is that it lessens the chance of icky bacteria issues.

If you’re unfamiliar with natural perfumes, you’re in for complete luxury with Osmia Organics Natural Perfume. The scent that I received is Trusque. It smells heavenly and this particular scent is really relaxing. Osmia perfumes are made by hand and in very small batches. The perfume base is either organic grape alcohol or organic oils and Osmia offers ten different scents, each of which is meant to evoke a specific feeling. Osmia Organics are available at the brand’s website.