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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Phytocéane’s Newest Skin Care That You Will Want All Year Round

We absolutely love products that are multitasking, as well as multi-age. Phytocéane, France's predominate skincare brand, has just introduced Phytocéane Matifying Corrective Bi-Gel and this is one skincare product that works for women 18 to 80! Matifying Corrective Bi-Gel addresses issues like pimples (and can help prevent them), reduces shine, minimizes the look of pores, restores moisture and repairs damage.

Designed to be used as an all-over moisturizer or spot treatment, this multi-purifying formula works to prevent blemishes, reduce shine and minimize pores. Its creamy bi-gel consistency delivers a burst of floral-scented freshness the moment you put it on and goes right to work, absorbing excess oils and knocking out surface shine for an instant matte finish.

But it doesn’t stop there -- Matifying Corrective Bi-Gel unlocks clogged pores and limits oil production within the skin, too, meaning smoother skin and fewer blemishes in your future. And it does it all without drying the skin: marine ingredients restore moisture and minerals for comfortable all-day wear, so skin looks and feels its best.

Phytocéane Matifying Corrective Bi-Gel is the brand’s first facial bi-gel, an all-in-one purifier with comprehensive action on blemishes, shine and pores! And this is how each ingredient works:

  • PHYCOPUR - a marine sugar extracted from brown algae and zinc, selected for its multiple purifying actions, reduces sebum production, inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for acne, reduces inflammatory reaction and improves the healing process.
  • Marine Samphire Oil - purifies pores. Smoothes and refines skin texture.
  • RUBIMARIN - “moisturizing gem of the sea,” extracted from exclusive Phytocéane laboratory-cultivated red vegetal coral Jania Rubens. Ultra-moisturizing and remineralizing.

The results are amazingly impressive! Less shiny skin, blemishes are less visible, tightened pores, and moisturizing effectiveness.

Phytocéane at a glance: When exploring the secrets of Phytocéane you will discover a natural, marine brand that reveals precious JEWELS OF THE SEA and sets itself apart as a true treasure in the spa industry. Nestled in the heart of the Emerald Coast in France, Phytocéane embodies the region’s timeless tradition of travel, escape and discovery. This professional, naturally based facial and body care line utilizes resources and ingredients found in the most pristine, beautiful seas around the world. Phytocéane is one of the only spa brands with their own laboratory, allowing them to research and cultivate their own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas, manufacture skin care products and create cutting-edge professional treatments to deliver remarkable results.

Phytocéane Matifying Corrective Bi-Gel ($50) is available online at Le Spa and in select spas globally.