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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fragrance Of The Year

Hello lovelies! It’s Yvonne and it’s been a very long time since I’ve stepped out from behind the curtain to greet you. When we began our Fragrance Of The Month (FOM) series, we had no idea that it would become such a hit with you -- the reader. We believe that this happens when the people writing about a particular issue, or product, are whole-heartedly passionate about the subject. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our FOM series as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. And rest assured that Team TME will continue to introduce you to our interesting fragrance finds each month.

Although our esteemed Gigi Harris, Luxury Lifestyle columnist and TME staff writer, is the wordsmith behind the series, FOM is a team effort. Each of us will give our opinions, and yes we do not always necessarily agree on all points of any fragrance … okay in full disclosure we rarely agree. This could not have been truer when we decided to name a Fragrance of the Year and the month leading up to this has made for some interesting (and hilarious) debates. Without further ado, I leave you in the trusted hands of Gigi.

Each journey begins somewhere, right? Well in order to paint a complete picture we have to rewind to June 2014 when we first wrote about Atelier Cologne. We were working on a bridal piece for Yahoo! and the perfumery’s bespoke gifts caught our eye. Speaking to a boutique staffer, we were delighted with their knowledge, suggestions, and above all service. Since June 2014, we’ve had the complete pleasure of communicating with members of Atelier Cologne Maison de Parfum, from France to NYC, and each person has been a sheer delight. In conjunction with top-notch fragrances, this, to us, is a further proof of passion. So, which scent from the Atelier Cologne offerings has captured our delight intensely enough to be named Fragrance of the Year? Rose Anonyme!

Rose Anonyme Notes ~
Top: Bergamot from Calabria, Ginger from China, Turkish Rose Essence
Mid: Turkish Rose Absolue, Incense from Somalia, Velvet Oud Accord
Base: Patchouli from Indonesia, Papyrus from India, Benzoin from Laos

Launched in 2012, this rare gem -- Rose Anonyme -- is the sum of desire, passion, and love of life … in a bottle. Each TME staffer (including our EIC and owner) has tried this scent and each of us has fallen in love … completely! In recent years, rose fragrances have had resurgence in popularity, but so many brands have simply gotten it wrong. When creating a rose scent, one must be very careful as it’s a fine balance between sensual and something your elderly Auntie Matilda would wear.

Rose Anonyme (100 ml - $140) is unquestionably rose-centered, but is a perfect unexpected blended balance of sensual femininity and seductive masculinity. Opening with a rapturous blend of bergamot, ginger and rose one is introduced to the fragrance’s mid and base notes in rapid succession. Not only did Atelier Cologne nail, with precision, what a rose scent should be -- they’ve created a timeless fragrance that we expect will become a signature scent for many. Scent classification: Oriental Floral; Perfumer: Jerome Epinette of Robertet; Season: All; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5.

As with all Atelier Cologne offerings, Rose Anonyme is available with companion treatments -- Rose Anonyme Moisturizing Body Lotion ($60), Rose Anonyme Body and Hair Shower Gel ($40), Rose Anonyme Soap ($19) and Rose Anonyme Candle ($55), as well as bespoke gifting options. Atelier Cologne offers sample collections and samples of all offerings including our beloved Rose Anonyme.