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Monday, November 26, 2018

Mindfulness: The Evolution of You And Me

We hope that everyone has recovered from the holiday weekend and that each of you is facing this Monday morning with a bright and renewed presence of mind. Trust us, we understand that it's difficult times. After this past long weekend, we've renewed our commitment to doing a series about mindfulness... well not exactly the terminology of mindfulness that some of you may be familiar with, but mindfulness as it pertains to taking care of one’s self. The problem is that life seems to get in the way of our commitment to posting about self-care -- and even worse tending to our own self-care -- but here's one more try at what we know is a good thing for all! 

Stop yourself from thinking that TME has gone “new-agy”. We have not. So, what the heck are we talking about here? Well, to us, beauty is a lifestyle -- being beautiful is a lifestyle. It is the intrinsic value of a calm mind and the beauty that comes from within. It is the mindfulness of kindness and it is a fact that when you feel beautiful on the inside it shows on the outside. Our Mindfulness posts will be a journey of creating calming spaces through aromatherapy, at-home spa treatments and other avenues that lead to a sense of peace, calm, relaxation and a general positive state of well-being.

Oh... that might sound a little “new-agy”. But, trust us on this one because we have lived the proof. Proof? “What proof,” you may ask? Rewind the clock to the beginning of 2014 when our fearless leader, Yvonne, hit the proverbial brick wall. Burned out, exhausted and anxiety-ridden... she was beyond ready for a change. Change she did… by walking (running) away from writing SIX national daily columns and an ongoing freelance gig with Yahoo to a lifestyle blog -- with the occasional rant about the state of the world -- and a commitment to herself to become the change that she wanted to see. In retrospect the change began long before 2014, but that’s another story.

Are you still with us? Good! We realize that achieving a sense of well-being is not “one size fits all”. For our EIC, it is meditation, weekly at-home spa days, steering clear of negative situations (DRAMA) and we’ve taken a page from her handbook on life. But, what works for her doesn’t necessarily work for someone else and that is the basis for our posts... to introduce you to the products and actions that may help you.

Today, we aren’t reviewing a specific product. Today, we’re starting with one action of relaxation.

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Listen to Washed Out - "Feel it all around" (Yep, it’s the theme from Portlandia)
  3. As you listen, breath in through your nose to your diaphragm on a 3 count and exhale on a 6 count

Feel better? Happiness!  Now, go tackle the rest of your day... it’s Monday!

*Medical Advice Disclaimer: The information included in this article is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare provider.