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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sexy Hair Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the Day Marilyn Monroe's Iconic White Dress Blew Our Hearts Away

Sexy Hair launches a celebratory campaign to honor the 60th anniversary of the day Marilyn Monroe shot one of the most iconic moments in film history. The scene in the film The Seven Year Itchwhere Monroe's white dress is blown up by a gust wind from a New York City subway, has become almost as famous as the actress herself. To celebrate Marilyn's poise, grace, and sex appeal, Sexy Hair is recreating the scene stealing moment at the exact location sixty years to the day as part of a multi-faceted campaign.    
In 1954, spectators and photographers lined up by the thousands to watch Monroe film the memorable scene. On September 15th, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Lexington Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets, millions of New Yorkers will witness modern day Marilyns creating their own scene stealing moments. Later that evening, Marilyn will light up the city sky as a "Living (digitally animated) Photo" of the starlet and her dress adorn the sides of various landmark buildings in Times Square, Union SquareColumbus Circle and around Grand Central Station.
Fans around the country can also celebrate the 60th anniversary by channeling their inner Marilyn and sharing their own, scene stealing moment on Sexy Hair's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms using the hashtag #MyMarilynMoment for a chance to win a year's supply of Sexy Hair shampoo, conditioner and stylers. Personal stories where a fan turned a potentially embarrassing or career damaging moment into an unforgettable positive will be accepted through September 22, 2014. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Hair Trends

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of SUMMER! Oh yeah baby! I am so over cold weather and this past winter’s polar vortex. Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to take a look at Summer Hair Trends 2014. Taking a look at what was stomping down the runways for Spring/Summer 2014 we saw a myriad of looks. In conjunction with what was seen during FW, The Makeup Examiner reached out to Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa and asked her to weigh in on what’s hot. So, what hairstyles are truly sizzling for summer? Read on to find out!

Accessorize - SS14 is the season to get creative with your hair accessories. From floral garlands to pretty headbands and scarves, make a bad hair day into a good one by adding something special.

Beach Waves – Seen at Versace and Marc by Marc Jacobs - Definitely a big trend for summer, this laid back look is easy to do and the more randomly placed the waves are, the better. For the lazy ladies, creating this look is as easy braiding slightly damp hair (two large braids - one on each side) before you hop into bed. For those with medium and shorter lengths, you can still achieve these soft, face-framing waves. Apply a minimal amount of leave-in conditioner like Marco Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner ($35) and invest in Remington’s T|Studio Silk Ceramic Multistyler ($34.99) that comes with a Curl Guide sleeve for the perfect beach waves. Keep locks looking lovely with a spritz of Shu Uemura Texture Wave ($28).

Low Ponytail – Seen at Altuzarra, Lanvin, Jason Wu - Summer is always amazing, but sometimes the humidity brings bad hair days. An easy solution is the simple, chic Low Ponytail. It’s as easy as securing the ponytail at the nape of your neck and the look can be versatile. Opt for a super sleek look that can be achieved with a high gloss finishing spray like Sexy Hair 450 Headset ($18) or a casual, whimsical look that is achieved by gently moving the ponytail from right to left before securing at the nape of your neck. Product

Tip For Blondes: Remove brassy tones from blonde with Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Color Lustre ($58).

Sarah’s Picks:

Polished Waves – This is a look that celebrities are always requesting. And a simple, chic wave is definitely in style this summer. To get the look, prep your hair with a great deep conditioner, like Aussie 3Minute Miracle Shine ($5.99). The added moisture and shine is perfect to counter the extreme heat and all the salt and chlorine your hair will be exposed to this summer. The concept behind a simple wave is that the curls always wrap away from your face to open it up and look effortless. After you curl your hair, spray Aussie Mega flexible hairspray to a boar bristle/nylon brush to smooth the curls into waves.

Braided Bun – Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Separate out a section, create a 3-strand braid and secure it with a clear elastic. Smooth the rest of the ponytail with Aussie Miraculously Smooth Anti-Frizz Cream and roll it up into a bun with the Wrap Up ($12). Then take the braid and wrap it around the bun for a cool summer style.

Half-Up Top Knot – This is a super cute summer style that works with your waves, but keeps you cool! Take your hair and pull half of it up with the Half-Up bun tool. Spray Aussie Sprunch hairspray to add texture to the waves.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sexy Hair ‘Get The Look’ and Product Review

Christina Aguilera Courtesy of Sexy Hair

Marilyn Monroe is timeless beauty. 50 years after the height of Marilyn’s fame, her iconic beauty is still sought after buy the masses. Celebrity Stylist David Babaii, stylist to Christina Aguilera, considers Christina to be a modern-day Marilyn with curves reminiscent of the beauty icon. David recreated his interpretation of Marilyn’s look and shared the how-to with The Makeup Examiner.

Get The Look:

To achieve Christina’s style, David applied a generous amount of Big Sexy Hair Big Boost through her hair and gently massaging it into the strands lifting the root area and scrunching the ends. This creates the foundation for perfect Bohemian waves that are not only sexy but add that flare of fun to the style. Next, he gently diffused the hair curling and twisting strands until dry. To create the prefect finish, David used a curling iron to wrap large sections for smoother and more defined waves. The finishing touch was a mist of hair spray.

  1. Apply Big Sexy Hair Big Boost, an amplifying, texturizing, and defining cream, which David states, “Creates a touchable, flexible styles with voluminous results” and The Makeup Examiner agrees!
  2. Blow dry with a medium round brush to form lift at the base.
  3. Use a one-inch curling iron, wrapping sections around the inside of the barrel while leaving the ends free.
  4. Once you release each curl, secure with a clip and allow curls to cool.
  5. Remove clips and finger-comb hair.
  6. Gently brush to smooth the top layer of hair.
  7. To create volume, apply Big Sexy Hair Powder Play to roots and massage in.
  8. As the final touch, spray Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Hairspray.

Regarding Sexy Hair products, Big Sexy Hair Big Boost ($17.95) is a re-workable crème that adds volume without a heavy feel. Just a dime-sized amount boost hair volume and lends to added texture and definition. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play ($16.95) instantly liquifies when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous textured hair. It is weightless, odorless and colorless. Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Hairspray ($17.95) is a TME favorite as it’s a working hairspray that can be used for styling and to hold the look with an amazing buildable hold. Now that TME has covered a few products, (Check back for a rather extensive Sexy Hair Product Review), let’s check out two new Sexy Hair Stylers.

Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Professional Dryer ($169 – on sale for $99.95) is one of the best handheld dryers the TME has used. It’s made with Black Ceramic Titanium Technology that helps seal in the hairs’ natural moisture, lock out humidity and create less static and frizz.

  • Black Ceramic Titanium
  • Ionic Generator with Positive/Negative switch depending on hair type
  • 3 speeds
  • 2 temperature settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Lightweight, Quiet DC motor (1000 hours)
  • 9 Foot ALCI Cord with Wrap
  • 1875 Watt
  • Concentrator for pinpoint styling & control
  • Diffuser for fast, gentle hair drying. Ideal for curls and waves.

Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Professional Flat Iron ($169 – on sale for $99.95) is a nice flat iron. The Makeup Examiner is pretty loyal to her ghd Flat Iron ($245 average price), but I was happy with the Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Professional Flat Iron features and the results!

  • Digital technology takes the guesswork out of selecting the correct heat for your hair type & treatment ranging from 330-450
  • 1 inch Ceramic Black Titanium technology
  • Ceramic Titanium heaters provide instant heat recovery
  • 60 minutes auto shut off
  • Dual Voltage ideal for travel
  • 9 foot cord with cord wrap ideal for storage and travel.
  • Travel Pouch

As I mentioned, Sexy Hair is having a sale on their stylers and they’re offering product samples with all product orders. You can find Sexy Hair products online at Sexy Hair or Ulta.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sexy Hair partners with beauty icon Marilyn Monroe

Sexy Hair Concepts announced on Wednesday, July 24, that the brand is launching a multi-year campaign with Marilyn Monroe as its spokesperson. Sexy Hair Concepts is the brand behind the award winning Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray, which The Makeup Examiner can attest to knowing that the spray is indeed a winner.

What’s in store for both Sexy Hair and Marilyn fans? Monroe once said, “In Hollywood, a girl's virtue is much less important than her hair-do.” With that said, fans can expect a celebration of glamour, wit, sophistication and the unique sexiness that only Marilyn Monroe could embody.

The new campaign “Styles Change. Sexy is Forever” will pay homage to the Marilyn’s timeless beauty with a marketing campaign, followed by the release of a special edition product to be unveiled in fall 2013. The campaign will include the use of the Marilyn Monroe name and photos in advertising, online and in-store. Sexy Hair will also incorporate Marilyn’s spirit into the brand’s social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sexy Hair Concepts Product Review

Despite having a strong loyalty to certain brands as I’ve written before, The Makeup Examiner is a complete beauty junkie. I have this can of Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal, which is fairly decent to give a nice sheen when I straighten my naturally curly hair. On the hunt once again, I hit the Sexy Hair Concepts website and found a plethora of hair care and styling products. I wondered if it was possible for one company to deliver quality products for various hair types and needs.

Founded over a decade ago by Michael O’Rourke and headed by beauty industry leader Karl-Heinz Pitsch, Sexy Hair states, “Whether you want to achieve Red Carpet glamour, Rock Star style or everyday sophistication - Sexy Hair has the right product for you.” Sexy Hair Concepts sent The Makeup Examiner products from their Big Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair and Straight Sexy Hair lines. Armed with these products and a few of my friends, I set out to find out if Sexy Hair Concepts lives up to their claim.

Today, the Makeup Examiner is going to review Sexy Hair Concepts:

  • Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray ($15)
  • Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($15.99)
  • Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Mousse ($17.50)
  • Big Sexy Hair Powder Play ($12)
  • Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Spray ($16.50)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray ($19.95)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care Shampoo ($15.95)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care Conditioner ($15.95)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Leave-In Conditioner ($12.50)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Styling Treatment ($21.95)
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Touchable Weightless Hairspray ($14.50)

With my naturally curly hair, fighting humidity is always a major factor. The Makeup Examiner tested Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray from the Big Sexy Hair product line styling my hair both curly and straightened. The Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray was amazing! It kept my curls frizz free and my straightened hair, straightened. Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a great product too and one that I’d personally recommend to always keep on hand as you never now when you may not be able to wash your hair (Hello … Hurricane Sandy).

My favorite product in the Big Sexy Hair line is the Root Pump Mousse. I love to straighten my hair, but I go the voluminous straighten route and with Root Pump Mousse I was easily able to achieve this look. You may not think of a reaching for a powder product for styling, but you probably haven’t tried Hair Powder Play. I specifically chose my housemate who has bone straight, fine hair and it gives amazing volume that lasts.

As for the Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Spray it was horrible. Three of us tried it and all three of us had the same issue…it didn’t smooth or protect our hair! Moving on to the Healthy Sexy Hair product line. Reinvent Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner were also a no go. The shampoo didn’t cleanse and the conditioner didn’t condition. But, not all is lost with line by any means. Soy Renewal Leave-In Conditioner is amazing!!!! And paired with Soy Renewal Beach Spray, which smells like heaven, you end up with gorgeous, soft curls that last all day. Soy Renewal Styling Treatment is another fantastic product. Soy Renewal Styling Treatment kept my hair smooth, hydrated and frizz-free with both my natural curly style and straightening. The last product for Sexy Hair Concepts is Healthy Sexy Hair Touchable Weightless Hairspray. It ain’t your momma’s Aquanet for sure and I’m in love with this hairspray! It’s strong enough to keep my style exactly how I want it, yet there is zero stiffness. Ask your guy or gal and no one wants to touch helmet hair!

From the entire Sexy Hair Concepts product lines, The Makeup Examiner is adding Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Mousse, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Leave-In Conditioner and Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray to the TME Vault. Sexy Hair Concepts products are available at salons and retail outlets around the globe.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Caring is Sexy Cut-A-Thon by Sexy Hair Care

Hair care manufacturer Sexy Hair has announced that on Wednesday, October 10, men and women across the country will unite in style for the greater good while taking part in the first nationwide event “Caring is Sexy Cut-A-Thon” in support of breast cancer awareness.

Sexy Hair has been a partner of Look Good Feel Better since 2009 and has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the cause. The launch of the first “Caring is Sexy Cut-A-Thon” is taking Sexy Hair's relationship with Look Good Feel Better and its dedication to the breast cancer battle to another level, spreading the brand's mission to share "sexy" confidence with others by feeling and doing good.

More than 875 salons will participate in the haircut marathon organized by hair care manufacturer Sexy Hair in support of Look Good Feel Better, a nonprofit organization that helps hundreds of thousands of women who are undergoing cancer, cope with the devastating appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

It is literally a day of cuts for a cause. Participating salons and stylists will offer reduced price haircuts in favor of a $10 charitable contribution to benefit the self-help beauty charity. With salons participating across all 50 states, patrons can easily find a salon nearest them for a haircut of their choosing all while supporting the fight against breast cancer. Sexy Hair will donate 100% of the proceeds from these appointments to Look Good Feel Better.

In addition to the “Cut-A-Thon,” Sexy Hair will hold a series of yearlong promotional events in 2013 to benefit Look Good Feel Better. For a list of participating salons please visit the Sexy Hair website.