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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Review May 2015

As members of the “fragrance obsessed club,” we were rather intrigued by Scentbird. A subscription service that offers upmarket perfume?!? As one reviewer stated, “Scentbird is an incredible idea, whose time has certainly come!” Yes, we couldn’t agree more!

So, what is Scentbird and how does it work? Scentbird ($14.95/month) is a monthly fragrance subscription service, with subscribers receiving a .25 oz sized vial of perfume. Subscribers can choose their fragrance from Scentbird’s 350 plus perfume offerings or opt to receive Scentbird’s monthly-featured scent.

First month’s subscription is sent with a velveteen drawing string bag and sturdy, chic atomizer, as well as instructions for how to use the atomizer. Subscriptions are sent out on the 15th of each month. Consecutive months, subscribers receive a vial of their perfume, which we find to be brilliant as it less waste and better for the environment, and a postcard detailing the perfume.

The Scentbird website rocks an amazing interface. We have to mention this, as we’ve often been annoyed by certain subscription service websites with horrid navigation. Signing up was simple and enjoyable. A word of caution, once you go there you can expect to spend a bit of time perusing around … it happens to the best of us … it isn’t as if you plan to hang out on the site … it just happens because the site has a lot to see.

For May 2015 we opted to go with Scentbird’s featured scent, Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta, which arrived like clockwork on the 16th. And here is a prime example of why Scentbird is a phenomenal subscription service. First, the subscription arrived in a very timely fashion and secondly, we couldn’t find a decent sample size of Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta anywhere -- NO, a tiny “vial” sample is not worth the materials for which it is housed!

You simply cannot get a feel for any fragrance from a tiny vial, which is why TME doesn’t accept “press samples” of that size. With that said, you can purchase 1.7 fl oz of Something Blue for $85. So for $70.05 less, you can take the perfume for a 30-day “test drive” and if you don’t like it you haven’t lost out. By the same, Scentbird offers the easiest way we can think of to find your next favorite scent! You can subscribe to Scentbird by visiting its website.