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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Men’s Oscar Grooming Tips and Giveaway from The Art of Shaving

From what we witnessed walking the red carpet at the Feb. 24 Oscars, it’s safe to say that 2013 is definitely the “Year of the Beard.” From Ben Affleck to Bradley Cooper, and George Clooney to Hugh Jackman ... all were sporting a beard. But, the key to pulling off this sexy look is in the grooming.

Diana Schmidtke, who is a men’s grooming expert in Hollywood and The Art of Shaving's brand ambassador, has groomed the faces of many A-list celebs -- George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Rob Pattinson this week alone. And now, Seth MacFarlane at Sunday night’s Oscars! Diana and The Art of Shaving shared a few tips, with The Makeup Examiner, that will keep the gents looking prime no matter clean-shaven or sexily scruffed!

The Makeup Examiner: What are the general trends you saw on the Red Carpet for men's grooming?

Diana Schmidtke: I saw a lot of long hair that was styled nice and clean. Specifically, a lot of long hair slicked back either with a 1940s side part, or pushed back straight off their face like the 1950s.

Can you speak to three looks you saw at the Oscars and why they are your favorites?

Jeremy Renner -- his hair was full, groomed, and perfectly styled. Perfect volume in the front, great side part. I like seeing men on the carpet especially at the Oscars looking dapper and have their hair styled to complement their outfit. Channing Tatem -- this is a good example of a close crop that is actually styled and cut perfectly to a head shape. His skin has the perfect tone, well managed and definitely cared for. That man knows how to wear a suit! Bradley Cooper -- here is a man that has a great beard, but with today’s beard, its not about ‘let’s just grow a beard and not have to keep it trimmed.’ Bradley’s beard was clean, trimmed and neat. The edges were shaved and cut to compliment all around is face. His beard was a great complement to the nice longer hair slicked back off his face. His hair looked natural like he just ran his fingers through it to push it out of his face.

Regarding Seth, what was his regime to get ready for the Oscars?

We started with a Royal Shave from The Art Of Shaving, which is their signature shave at the Barber Spa. Part of The Royal Shave is they have a mask that is applied to the face, which contains Desert Rose Clay -- this is a KEY ingredient to moisturize and keeps the skin hydrated all day, something that is great for Seth who is on-stage for a long-time.

Another reason I opted for the Royal Shave for Seth is because the shave lasts longer. As you know everyone goes to parties after the Oscars so it's a long night, no one wants that 5 o’clock shadow to appear at 1 a.m., you want to keep the clean shaven look all night and a straight razor shave, from a professional barber, will do this. Then we did his hair. I went with a more groomed look compared to his everyday look, but kept it fun.

Lastly we did [Seth’s] makeup. I didn't need to use much makeup just anti-shine by Peter Roth, and concealer by Jouer. I opted for anti-shine because it's long lasting, and Seth was on stage for 4 hours. And there are no powder particles flying off my brush and risking that landing on his suit. It's very dark backstage! Things move quickly and there isn't a whole lot of time like we have during a photo-shoot.

What are tips to getting groomed like Seth?

Here are my four tips:
1. Moisturize.
2. The Royal Shave
3. A haircut
4. Prevent looking shiny; use an anti-shine. Less is more when it comes to a well-groomed guy.

What can men do at home to get the best-groomed look from the red carpet?

Despite the “year of the beard on the carpet” it's very important to shave because black-tie events translate to stepping it up and looking your best. In the event you do have a beard (like many men did), groom it! Trim/shave it up under the neck. Create straight lines that are straight around the ear, neck and nose. One trick for keeping a beard looking perfect is to spray your comb with hairspray and then run it through your beard to keep the wild hairs at bay. Don't forget to check and perhaps trim, if needed, your nose hairs, ear hair, and eyebrows as well. A beard is sexy, but it must be groomed to get that red-carpet look!

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The Art of Shaving Oscars Giveaway!

Prize (s)
Two (2) lucky Makeup Examiner readers will receive the same type of gift bag presented to Bradley Copper and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Pre-Oscars party. The gift bag includes One (1) The Art of Shaving Power Shave Collection -- Chrome Customizable Stand, Fine Badger Power Brush, and Power Razor and One (1) The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Kit -- Pre-Shave Gel (2 fl. oz), Shaving Cream (5.0 oz), After-Shave Lotion (3.3 fl. oz), and a Pure Badger Black Shaving Brush from The Art of Shaving valued at over $580!
To enter, email with your name and address, and subject line: The Art of Shaving Oscars Giveaway!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Skincare Tips For Men

Happy Monday lovelies and welcome the return of Manic Makeup Monday! The Makeup Examiner is yet convinced that men understand the importance (and actual enjoyment) of “luxury” grooming, let alone the basics of skincare. That’s not to stay that men folk are stupid, I believe that it’s a simple issue of not necessarily knowing what to do. My office is fairly well stocked with beauty/grooming products and it’s rather endearing when my “manly-man” brother comes into visit, pokes around and slyly asks what a particular men’s grooming product is for.
As usual, I digress. Winter temperatures and decreased humidity can leave your skin super dry. So, if you don’t currently have a skincare regime, now is as good a time as any to begin one. A skincare regime is seriously simple and you’re going to look and feel better once you begin one.

For starters, resist the temptation to take long, hot showers. Those showers may feel fantastic while you’re in there, but they’re actually hydration stealers. Limit your shower to no more than 15 minutes and keep the temperature warm. After your shower, you need to get moisture back into your skin. Suave puts out a line of excellent, fast-absorbing body moisturizers that run about $5 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Shaving can become an issue during the winter and soap should not be the “shaving cream” of choice ever, but most especially during the cold months. Edge Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin ($2.50 7.0 oz) is great product for you to take a little extra care of that oh-so-handsome face! A little Beauty Insider News just for the guys, Schick Hydro is doing a new product launch Winter 2013! For guys that are already adept at shaving and want to learn about luxury grooming products, check out The Art of Shaving and EVOLUTIONMAN!

You only get one face, so you gotta take care of your skin. Even if the sun isn’t on your mind at the moment, the sun’s UV rays can be substantially stronger in the winter, especially when they’re bouncing off the snow. Take care to use a moisturizer that contains SPF 20, like EVOLUTIONMAN’s Moisture Protect SPF 20 (2.75 oz $25.00). The same goes for that gorgeous pout. I have everyone addicted to Blistex Moisture Melt SPF 15 ($1.90 per tube) and Blistex Deep Lip Renewal SPF 15 ($2.99) for really chapped lips. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Art Of Shaving: A Product Review For The Gentlemen

Hello lovelies! On the Makeup Examiner Facebook page, I posed a question to the gentlemen about grooming. Specifically regarding manicures. While each gentleman who answered all agreed that they were comfortable with getting a manicure, not all were willing to do so. This begs the question – Are guys uncomfortable with pampering themselves?

The Makeup Examiner has spent her entire life surrounded by the male species; four older brothers, male housemates, nephews, my best friend … you get the picture. I have a great appreciation for the male gender, which is why I endeavored to write this review and brings me back to the question I posed above. This answer is yes and no. Yes, a lot of guys won’t go out of their way to try luxury grooming products and no, once they’ve been introduced to them, guys will use them!

Obviously, I couldn’t write a review about fabulous men’s grooming products without enlisting my fabulous male housemates. Did I get reluctance? YES! The guys were hesitant to try “fussy” stuff, but I was hopeful.

The Art Of Shaving sent me The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave Mid-Size Kit ($60), which contains Pre-Shave Oil ($16), Shaving Cream ($17), After-Shave Balm ($18) and Black Badger Brush ($55). Right off the top, as an introduction to The Art Of Shaving products, the $60 kit offers a $46 savings! I also received The Art Of Shaving Travel Kit & Razor ($170) in Lemon Essential Oil and Unscented. All products are available in Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender and Unscented.

Both of my housemates are guys that use whatever shaving cream is on sale at the drugstore and prior to using The Art Of Shaving products; a luxury shaving regime was not on their bucket list. The guys began the regime with Pre-Shave Essential Oil and applied Shaving Cream with the Badger Brush, which was a new experience for both. Each said that the shave was much smoother then they’re used to and they gave four thumbs up for to the After-Shave Balm, which soothed their skin and allowed them to skip a day of shaving. One preferred the unscented and the other loved the Lemon scented kit, as did his girlfriend.

Aside from my manly man housemates giving a five star review of The Art Of Shaving products, the kits meet TSA guideline so it’s perfect if you’re traveling for the holidays. Bottom line, no matter if us women like you corporate or cowboy, we love you cleaned-up! And ladies, these are amazing gifts for the guy in your life! The Art of Shaving products can be found on their website and at select retail outlets. As always, the Makeup Examiner hope that readers have found this review to be helpful and for those that use The Art of Shaving products, leave a comment below!

©2012 Yvonne P. Mazzulo, aka The Makeup Examiner. All rights reserved. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Art of Shaving partners with Movember

Here’s one for the guys in our lives! One in six men during their lifetime will hear these heart stopping words from their doctor, "You have prostate cancer." In the US alone, almost 241,740 new cases will be diagnosed this year. As the battle against cancers affecting men rages on, luxury-grooming brand The Art of Shaving joined in the fight on Oct. 31 by teaming up with the pioneering global men's health charity, Movember.

Founded in Australia in 2003, Movember has developed into a global movement engaging guys to grow and women to support the Mo, which is slang for moustache, for the 30 days of November. Along the way, these participants raise awareness and funds for men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. The Art of Shaving encourages their well kempt brethren to grow and groom bold Mo's and participate in Movember's 6th annual U.S. fundraising event.

The Art of Shaving is calling on the members of their "brotherhood of shaving" across the country to register to participate, and pledges to match team donations made at The Art of Shaving stores or via the brand's Movember team, up to $25,000. The brand kicks off the partnership, and helps all “MoBros” keep it neat this growing season, with the release of the limited edition Horn Moustache Comb and grooming book, “The Moustache Grower's Guide” written by Lucien Edwards. The Art of Shaving knows there's nothing wrong with a little competition to spur things on, so the brand will award top Movember fund raisers with “The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave,” their trademarked wet-shave regimen based on the philosophy: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave, and Moisturize.

To participate, men and women start by registering at Movember website. From there, men must start Movember 1st clean-shaven and grow their Mo for the month. As the Mo grows, it becomes the "hairy ribbon" for men's health, and the guys growing them become walking billboards for 30 days. Each moustache sparks important conversations about men's health. The Art of Shaving is performing their civic duty on Movember 1st and invites all registered “MoBros” to a complimentary “Movember Hot Towel Shave” available at the brand's luxurious Barber Spa locations. Keep a look out for my Art of Shaving product review in my Makeup Examiner column! For makeup questions or product reviews, email me at!