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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses Perfume Review

Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses, launched in September 2013, is the second offering of the Tru Blooms collection from Tru Fragrance and is a rather interesting concept in scent. This unique perfume is the first of its kind to be created from flowers that were planted, grown and harvested in the urban gardens of Chicago. So right from the start, Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses piqued The Makeup Examiner’s interest.

Aesthetically pleasing packaging includes a lovely water colored printed carton with the Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses Eau de Parfum encased in a light pink rose print bottle with a wooden topper wrapped in light pink rose water color paper. Of note, is the inspiration which is derived from the pink hues found in the Chicago rose gardens. Although the inspiration is a node to the Chi-Town citizens, who took this fragrance from seed to scent, the perfume evokes thoughts of walking through any magical rose garden … wherever you may hail from.

Notes ~
  • Top Notes: Sparkling Citrus
  • Mid Notes: Rose Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Pink Rose Petals
  • Base Notes: Blond Woods, Patchouli, Warm Musk

Upon application, immediately evident is sparkling citrus, which quickly gives way to rose geranium, lily of the valley and pink rose petals. At this stage, Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses is a relaxing blend of summery olfaction pleasures. The scent moves into a release of curious blond woods, patchouli and warm musk and drydown leaves your skin scented with a sultry floral, ultra feminine fragrance. Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses is definitively an all-seasons perfume and one to reach for when feminine sensuality is what you wish to evoke!

Regarding the production of Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses, the perfume is part of The Tru Blooms initiative that trained over 150 Chicago residents in the skills required for urban farming. Flowers were planted in 22 gardens, both beautifying the cityscape and cutting taxpayers dollars. Through this project Tru Fragrance created partnerships with over two dozen organizations that were able to further their missions by participating in the creation of this perfume.

Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses ($42 - 1.7oz) is available online at Tru Fragrance and select retail locations. You can learn more about the initiative at Tru Blooms Chicago and checkout more from the brand on Facebook and Twitter.