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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HAIM Wears Urban Decay Cosmetics At Grammys Get the Look

HAIM, the indie sibling trio, has officially arrived! They quickly made their way through the festival circuit and snagged a spot at the 57th Grammy Awards, held on Feb. 8, with a “Best New Artist” nomination. For HAIM’s premiere on the Grammys Red Carpet, makeup artist Jo Baker used Urban Decay Cosmetics to give the trio -- Este, Danielle, and Alana -- gorgeous, natural looks in keeping with their chill, indie style, but still with a hint of that classic, UD edge.

Jo’s Inspiration: “The HAIM girls opted for a chic and sophisticated look for the Grammys. I kept the makeup muted, with a monochromatic neutral color palette and a pop of red lippy on Este! I used neutral matte tones around the eyes and deep nudes on Danielle and Alana's lips, keeping the makeup soft and flattering and in unison with one another. The rounded shape of the eye shadow hollowed out their eyes, making the girls’ eyes look elegant, soft yet striking. I focused on the tones and the shape of the eye makeup, allowing their natural beauty to show and not to be overpowered by the makeup!”

Get the Look From Jo Baker:
STEP 1: HAIM is known for their unique "less is more" makeup approach.  I kept their skin feeling lightweight and beautiful using Urban Decay NAKED Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ($28) gently pressed around the eyes and onto any imperfections.

STEP 2: On top of the concealer, I swirled the Urban Decay NAKED Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation ($36) with a small powder brush in circular motions. This matte yet creamy powder feels velvety on application and blends onto the skin beautifully. It diffuses light to create a luminous flawless appearance and, like the concealer, it has buildable coverage.

STEP 3: Before the shadow I applied a thin layer of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20) over the entire lid on all three girls. This legendary product creates a perfect, crease-free, invisible base - and keeps your eyes looking fresh for up to 24hrs! I use my finger tip to gently smooth it over the entire lid, being careful not to drag the skin around the eye area, because it is more delicate that the rest of the face.

STEP 4:  I used one eye shadow palette for all three girls – the Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette ($29) delivers six cool matte tones, light through dark. 
  • On Este, I applied "Walk of Shame" shadow all over her lid, blending the edges, and then applied "Naked2" shadow over the top, blending both colors together to create a soft mushroom matte smoky eye.
  • On Danielle, I hollowed around her eye socket with "Walk of Shame" and used "Faint" around the edges of her eyes to add intensity.
  • On Alana, I kept her eyes lighter. I applied "Foxy" over whole lid and “Walk of Shame” towards the outer eye crease to add a subtle depth.

STEP 5: I followed each girl’s eye makeup with a light coat of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ($20). This jet black formula is ultra creamy--it lengthens and fattens the lashes, yet maintains a gel-like finish, avoiding the usual brittle finish of other mascaras that can clump and crumble. I left the cheeks bare and color-free to show off their clean and naked looking skin.

STEP 6: I completed their Grammy looks with the beautifully pigmented, comfortable, creamy Revolution Lipsticks ($22).
  • At the last minute, Este wanted a powerful statement red lip (she's known for her red lip), and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “69” gave her the bold, rich red color she was craving!
  • On Danielle, I applied Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in "Sheer Liar."  The deep, but sheer, nude tone was the perfect complement, and easy to reapply. This soft lip look doesn’t need lip liner.
  • On Alana, I used Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in "Sheer Rapture" - its subtle mauve nude was ideal to enhance her bright blue eyes to really pop and allow them to be the main focus!
All products are available online at Urban Decay!