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Monday, May 4, 2015

Fragrance Of The Month May 2015


Finally … finally Spring 2015 weather has arrived! Winter is gone and we couldn’t be happier to bid it ado! Hopefully you’ve been trying (and enjoying) some of our picks for Fragrance Of The Month. If not, well … it’s time to. We say that not because Team TME has chosen them, but because it’s Spring and it’s time for a change. Speaking of change, stay tuned because we have a surprise later this month regarding fragrances that you won’t want to miss! For Fragrance Of The Month May 2015 we offer two scents from Victoria’s Secret, which are both lovely and affordable.

For the ladies we present, Very Sexy Now 2015: Launched on February 20, Very Sexy Now 2015 (50ml - $52) has a Floral Fruity theme that is very reminiscent of the sexy aromas that float through the air as you walk along a beautiful Caribbean beach. It is no wonder, as the inspiration for Very Sexy Now 2015 are warm sand, beach breezes and sun-soaked days. This limited-edition eau de parfum is an instant vacation. Of note, the bottle is a warm aqua marine hue embellished with a perfect light tangerine ribbon and the classic Victoria’s Secret gold-toned charm. The bottle and topper are of the same hue with the topper made to look like an oval gem.

Very Sexy Now 2015 Notes~
  • Coconut Water, Tuberose, Cucumber Flower

Very Sexy Now 2015 opens with the sweetened aromatic blend of coconut and cucumber flower that gives way to the dominant and exotic tuberose, which seems to remain at drydown. This is a lovely and simple scent – uncomplicated kind of like life should be! Seasons: S/S; Sillage: 3; Longevity: 4; Bottling-5.

For the gentleman we, present Very Sexy For Him: Very Sexy For Him (100ml - $52), launched in 2001, has a Citrus Aromatic theme that even after 14 years on the market still remains fresh, exciting and inviting. Perfumer Jean-Claude Delville chose a spectacular blend of notes that just simply work for this men’s fragrance. The flacon is simple and sleek with a smokey blue bottle and silver toned topper.

Very Sexy For Him Notes~
  • Top: Bergamot, Tangerine, Caraway, Lime
  • Mid: Cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, Bamboo, Sage
  • Base: Orange blossom, Sequoia wood, Vetiver, Musk

Very Sexy For Him opens with opens with a snap of citrus that quickly gives way to the mid notes of Sichuan pepper, bamboo and sage. Drydown leaves one with the very distinct woody notes. Despite a blend of notes that may seem heavy, Very Sexy For Him is not. Perfumer: Jean Claude Delville; Season: S/S; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5

Very Sexy Now 2015 are Very Sexy For Him are available online at Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Boutiques.