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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cellulite Confessions and Summer Body Tips From Vichy

With a tongue-in-cheek mockumentary, “Cellulite Confessions,” Vichy Laboratories launched a campaign on May 2, which highlights the extreme, nonsensical, and just plain crazy treatments that women go through in the pursuit of smooth skin. It is kind of crazy the unhealthy lengths that we will go to become cellulite free.

If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes efforts are so extreme and desperate that the only thing one can do is laugh. Check out the video and leave a comment if your not laughing hysterically by the end of it. The “Cellulite Confessions” are a segue to the introduction of Vichy’s tips for an ideal summer body.

With the help of fitness guru and owner of Zakifitness, Violet Zaki, Vichy offers logical solutions for a better body. "Promoting a healthy lifestyle and empowering women to feel their best is my job, and it is important that my clients are taking a healthy approach to treating cellulite," says Zaki. "My simple solution for a sculpted body and firm skin is Vichy CelluDestock ($39.50 6.74 oz) and [exercise]. This is the recipe for real results in a healthy way." With the launch of the mockumentary, Vichy launched a Facebook sweepstakes in which fans can enter for a chance to win free samples by voting for their favorite outrageous "Cellulite Confessions" from now through May 15.