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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kendall Jenner's 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Party Look GTL

It’s that time of year again when we watch the most gorgeous women strut their stuff down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway! Now, you too, can achieve the look that Kendall Jenner sported at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party, at-home, with help from celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, and official hair partner, The Beachwaver Co.!
Kendall Jenner VS Get The Look:

Step 1: Create a natural center part and start bisectioning the back from the bottom up with The Beachwaver Co. Limited Edition Swarovski-embellished Darby Clips.

Step 2: Using The Beachwaver Co. Limited Edition White BEACHWAVER S1, curl the hair away from the face throughout the entire back and side section.

Step 3: Smooth the front pieces with The Beachwaver Co. Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron.

Step 4: Spray the Ouai Texture Spray throughout the back and the smooth the front with the Ouai Finishing Crème.

All products are available online at The Beachwaver Co. and select retail locations like Ulta

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fragrance Of The Month May 2016

Since returning from Wanderlust 2016, we have had the worst weather. It hasn’t stopped raining and we’re wondering if the sun will ever come out so that we can enjoy some part of Spring 2016 before the dog days of summer hit. Fortunately, Team TME takes solace in our work and in bringing readers the best info that we can. And with that, Fragrance Of The Month is one of our favorite editorial endeavors. There really isn’t anything like a refreshing, new fragrance to lift your sprits. For Fragrance Of The Month May 2016 we turn to one of our favorite brands … Victoria’s Secret!

For the ladies we present, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell (50ml - $52): Launched on September 2010, Bombshell is Victoria’s Secret’s signature award-winning fragrance. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is the brand’s first fragrance to win three Fragrance Foundation awards, including the inaugural Consumer’s Choice award. This fruity aromatic and floral fragrance contains notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid – it is a sexy blend of notes from around the world. Featuring a stunning emerald-cut bottle with the Victoria’s Secret iconic pink stripe, Bombshell is pleasing to the eye and the olfaction. Seasons: All; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5 Iconic Victoria’s Secret. Perfumers: Adriana Medina and Mark Knitowski.

For the gentleman we, present Very Sexy Platinum For Him (100ml - $68): Launched in 2013, Very Sexy Platinum For Him is an Aromatic Green fragrance with sensuous notes of Sichuan pepper, violet leaf and oakmoss. The flacon is classic with brushed metal embellishments featuring the iconic VS and a square brushed metal topper. Season: Warmer Months; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5. Perfumer: Jean Claude Delville.

Ancillaries are available for Victoria’s Secret Bombshell and Very Sexy Platinum For Him and both are available online at Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Boutiques.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Who Was Behind Kylie Jenner, Lily Aldridge And The VS Models Looks For The 2015 Fashion Show?

It’s that time of year again when we watch the most gorgeous women strut their stuff down the Victoria’s Secret Show runway! Now, you too, can achieve the look at-home with help from celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, and 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Official Hair Partner -- Beachwaver Co.! Pick a style! Any style… from the below hair looks created for the show and the hottest after party of the year on Kendall Jenner, Lily Aldridge, Sara Sampaio and Rachel Hilbert!

The Look: Glamorous, relaxed beachwaves
The Inspiration: The modern muse who wants effortless, beautiful hair that lasts

Runway Show How To:

  1. Prep hair with a mega lift volumizing mousse and blow dry up with the Beachwaver Co. Pro Dryer. Loosely blow dry hair to create natural volume with a natural part. Bring all hair forward and separate in to the left and right sides. Start by sectioning hair from the bottom up using the Beachwaver Co. Darby Clip.
  2. Using the Beachwaver® S1, clamp near the ends of your hair, leaving about 1” out at the ends. Then, press the arrow away from your face. The curling iron does all the work for you by rotating in both directions.  You control the temperature, the speed and the rotation, so it works on all hair types and textures. Continue to curl up in large 2” sections as you move your way up. Then repeat on the other side.
  3. Spray a flexible hairspray on the Beachwaver Co. On Set Styling Brush, which is a combination of boar bristle and nylon bristles. Brush out all the waves. Finish by smoothing the ends with a lightweight shine serum.
    • Tip: If you have curly or frizzy hair, try the Beachwaver Co. Mini Touch Up Iron (which was also used on some of the girls backstage the VS Fashion Show)

Kendall Jenner After Party How To:

  1. Start using the Beachwaver S1, section by section. Leave out about two inches of the ends. Curl away from the face.
  2. Add a texture spray to the roots and at the top to give the look a lot of volume.
  3. Use the Beachwaver Co. Mini On Set Styling Brush to tease roots and add additional volume.
  4. Pull top section of hair up with a clear elastic at the top of the head. Twist the bun to add texture.
  5. Back brush hair at the roots with the Beachwaver Co. Mini On Set Styling Brush.
  6. To recreate the look at home, the Beachwaver Co. Half Up provides an effortless solution!             
  7. Finish by pulling out beachwaves to the side.


Lily Aldridge After Party How To:

  1. Part hair in the center.
  2. Use the Beachwaver S1 rotating curling iron, which works in both directions to give you a more natural looking wave.
  3. Blowdry bangs forward to provide movement in the front of the hair.
  4. Use the Beachwaver Co. Mini Touch Up Iron to smooth bangs and provide shiny movement in the front.
  5. Soften the waves and make them a bit more straight and textured.


Sara Sampaio After Party How To:

  1. Create a French dutch fishtail braid in the back of the hair. Bring hair all the way around the back to then bring it around to one side of the hair to create a side braid.
  2. Repeat the same pattern over and over, and say the mantra in your head "left under to the right, right under to the left.” Braid all the way down
  3. Then turn it into a three-strand braid. Secure with clear elastic.
  4. Use the Beachwaver S1 and a little of the Beachwaver Co. Ceramic Styling Iron at the roots to provide more texture. 

Rachel Hilbert After Party How To:

  1. Create classic, gorgeous beachwaves by using the Beachwaver S1.
  2. Spray hair with a flexible styling hairspray.
  3. Brush out hair with the Beachwaver Co. On Set Styling Brush.
  4. Voila! Big sexy waves are the end result.

Love the looks? Who wouldn’t? All products are available online at Beachwaver! Don’t forget to see the ladies in action during the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 8th at 10pm on CBS! And check out more amazing looks from Sarah, right here, on TME

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Victoria’s Secret DIY Skin Tips Straight From Ildi Pekar

Call it your supermodel DIY skincare routine! Ildi Pekar, Celebrity Facialist to Miranda Kerr and many Victoria’s Secret models has offered her expertise to TME readers and gives us some innovative skincare tips that ANYONE can do, at home. Call it your supermodel DIY skincare routine!

Supermodel Approved Tips to Hydrated Fall and Winter Skin! Pekar mentions, using krill oil/fish oil is a great way to hydrate the skin and do the following for a supermodel complexion:

NO to OVERDRYING! Stay away from scorching hot water. This over dries your skin when the weather is already doing the job

HELLO HONEY! Use gentle products. Anything that is soothing for the skin like honey

SAY NO TO COFFEE! Lay off the caffeine, it does dehydrate you and your skin

HYDRATE FROM WITHIN! Almonds/Avocados oils are great to eat to keep your skin hydrated within

We LOVE SEEDS! Pumpkin seeds and walnuts are also very high in oil! Add it to your diet

DIY Super Model Winter Mask:
  • ½ Banana
  • Smash
  • 3tsp. Of raw honey
  • 3tsp. of sour cream or yogurt (with fat!!)
  • Blend the ingredients
  • Apply to face. Sit for 15 Minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Note: A special thank you to Ildi Pekar for sharing her DIY Supermodel Mask! Want to see Ildi up close and in person? Visit Ildi Pekar Skin Care located at 315 Madison Avenue, Suite 2600, New York City. Of course you want to phone first and make an appointment -- (212) 682-6080. The new I.PEKAR collection is available online! Don’t forget to see the ladies in action during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 8th at 10:00 pm on CBS!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fragrance Of The Month May 2015


Finally … finally Spring 2015 weather has arrived! Winter is gone and we couldn’t be happier to bid it ado! Hopefully you’ve been trying (and enjoying) some of our picks for Fragrance Of The Month. If not, well … it’s time to. We say that not because Team TME has chosen them, but because it’s Spring and it’s time for a change. Speaking of change, stay tuned because we have a surprise later this month regarding fragrances that you won’t want to miss! For Fragrance Of The Month May 2015 we offer two scents from Victoria’s Secret, which are both lovely and affordable.

For the ladies we present, Very Sexy Now 2015: Launched on February 20, Very Sexy Now 2015 (50ml - $52) has a Floral Fruity theme that is very reminiscent of the sexy aromas that float through the air as you walk along a beautiful Caribbean beach. It is no wonder, as the inspiration for Very Sexy Now 2015 are warm sand, beach breezes and sun-soaked days. This limited-edition eau de parfum is an instant vacation. Of note, the bottle is a warm aqua marine hue embellished with a perfect light tangerine ribbon and the classic Victoria’s Secret gold-toned charm. The bottle and topper are of the same hue with the topper made to look like an oval gem.

Very Sexy Now 2015 Notes~
  • Coconut Water, Tuberose, Cucumber Flower

Very Sexy Now 2015 opens with the sweetened aromatic blend of coconut and cucumber flower that gives way to the dominant and exotic tuberose, which seems to remain at drydown. This is a lovely and simple scent – uncomplicated kind of like life should be! Seasons: S/S; Sillage: 3; Longevity: 4; Bottling-5.

For the gentleman we, present Very Sexy For Him: Very Sexy For Him (100ml - $52), launched in 2001, has a Citrus Aromatic theme that even after 14 years on the market still remains fresh, exciting and inviting. Perfumer Jean-Claude Delville chose a spectacular blend of notes that just simply work for this men’s fragrance. The flacon is simple and sleek with a smokey blue bottle and silver toned topper.

Very Sexy For Him Notes~
  • Top: Bergamot, Tangerine, Caraway, Lime
  • Mid: Cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, Bamboo, Sage
  • Base: Orange blossom, Sequoia wood, Vetiver, Musk

Very Sexy For Him opens with opens with a snap of citrus that quickly gives way to the mid notes of Sichuan pepper, bamboo and sage. Drydown leaves one with the very distinct woody notes. Despite a blend of notes that may seem heavy, Very Sexy For Him is not. Perfumer: Jean Claude Delville; Season: S/S; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5

Very Sexy Now 2015 are Very Sexy For Him are available online at Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Boutiques.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Special To Air On CBS

Announced on Jan. 27, for the first time on network television viewers will get a glimpse into Victoria's Secret's sexiest swim show of the year, “The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Special” on the CBS Television Network.

This new special follows the Angels as they land in Puerto Rico to shoot the swimwear campaign. With exclusive access to the models as they tackle jungle treks, underwater shoots and overcome personal fears, the special gives unique insight into their character and life stories. Joining them on the island to perform exclusively will be Grammy Award-winning artists Maroon 5 and Juanes.

Supermodels Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tookes, Stella Maxwell, Joan Smalls and Jac Jagaciak will talk about shooting in Puerto Rico, the significance of VS Swim to their lives and careers and what drives them.

The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Special premieres Thursday, Feb. 26, CBS! CHEAT TWEET: Check out 1 of the hottest shoots of the year #VSSwimSpecial @VictoriasSecret 2/26 10PM ET/PT @CBS #OwnTheBeach.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Victoria's Secret Releases The Swim 2015 Catalogue

Victoria's Secret officially debuted its Swim 2015 collection, Friday, Jan. 2 featuring supermodel Behati Prinsloo. Shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Greg Kadel in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, the catalogue is the destination for the sexiest, most fashionable swim styles of the season. Yes, we realize it’s freezing but this is a fabulous reminder that swimsuit season isn’t that far off … as well as great incentive to keep any “get in shape” New Year’s resolutions!

The brand, known for building the careers of the most recognized Supermodels in the world, has selected Angel Behati Prinsloo to appear on the cover wearing the Very Sexy One Shoulder Triangle & Double Strap Cheeky. This marks the first time Behati has been chosen as the cover model to launch the annual swim catalogue series. Behati Prinsloo was born in Grootfontein, Namibia, South Africa and can be seen in a variety of the brand's print and television campaigns. She has walked in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since 2007 and had the prestigious honor of opening the 2014 show in London.

Hot trends in this year's swim collection include sport and surf inspired swimsuits using fabrics like neoprene and mesh. Boho styles make a statement this year with mixed prints, macramé, fringe and ruffle details. Super sexy silhouettes are always popular, and this year's head-turning trends -- plunging necklines, high legs and strappy details -- are hotter than ever. Be a part of the conversation with Instagram and Twitter using #OwnTheBeach, with @VictoriasSecret!

The Swim 2015 collection is available at online at Victoria’s Secret, in the Victoria's Secret Catalogue, and select Victoria's Secret stores nationwide beginning January 13.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

VS Supermodel Lily Aldridge Celebrates The Reveal Of The 2014 ‘What Is Sexy? List’

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Lily Aldridge celebrated the reveal of the highly anticipated “What Is Sexy? List” yesterday, July 30, at the Powell Street store in San Francisco. This year, sexy is all about LESS IS MORE.

The 2014 “What Is Sexy?” List honors the hottest and most inspiring women in Hollywood who embody a simple, casually confident lifestyle. From Sexiest Street Style to Sexiest Natural Beauty, the women who made the list are all about maximum impact with minimal effort and no filter needed:

  • Sexiest Actress: Margot Robbie
  • Sexiest Legs: Amber Heard
  • Sexiest Bikini Body: Jenna Dewan Tatum
  • Sexiest Hair: Lily Collins 
  • Sexiest Smile: Taylor Swift
  • Sexiest Lips: Emilia Clarke
  • Sexiest Sense of Humor: Zooey Deschanel
  • Sexiest Mom: Jessica Simpson
  • Sexiest Songstress: Ellie Goulding
  • Sexiest International Import: Lily James
  • Sexiest Summer Glow: Blake Lively
  • Sexiest Street Style: Alexa Chung
  • Sexiest TV Cast: The Vampire Diaries
  • Sexiest Short Hair, Don't Care: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Sexiest Sporty Style: Jessica Biel
  • Sexiest Natural Beauty: Nina Dobrev
  • Sexiest Eyes: Emma Stone
  • Sexiest Up-and-Comer: Jhene Aiko
  • Sexiest Curves: Gabrielle Union

Plus, the two winners for the Fan Voted categories are:
  • Sexiest Selfie: Gigi Hadid 
  • Sexiest Social Star: Shay Mitchell

Inspired by the What Is Sexy? List, Victoria's Secret also celebrated the launch of the new, simple and sexy collections of bras, including the Incredible, Fabulous, T-Shirt Bra and Unlined styles. Incredible by Victoria's Secret is the most comfortable collection of bras with smooth cups and fully adjustable straps. The Fabulous Bra comes in multiple silhouettes with lightweight padding. The T-Shirt Bra collection has a softer touch with a bit of lift for a natural shape, while the Unlined styles are made with sheer, mesh lining for a more fashion forward, and sexy look. The new bra collections range in sizes from A-DDD and come in an array of fall colors including black, olive, navy, rich grape and more.

Victoria's Secret also introduces a sexy and simple fragrance, Eau So Sexy. The new fragrance is a fresh scent that makes it ideal for everyday and the perfect match for the new, simple and sexy bras. The new bra and fragrance collections are available exclusively at Victoria's Secret stores, in the catalogue and online at Victoria’s Secret.  Want to know more? Victoria's Secret invites you to see more at: VS All Access online at Victoria’s Secret, Facebook, @VictoriasSecret on Twitter and Instagram with #WhatIsSexy and #LessIsMore!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Herbal Essences Naked Collection

Courtesy of P&G Beauty Herbal Essences
In a TME exclusive and ahead of its launch, Herbal Essences has shared today, Dec. 10 a sneak peek of the brand’s newest hair care collection! Last year, Herbal Essences had us screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to irresistible hair, and now, we’re being asked to bare it all and “get naked” with the Naked Collection!

The Herbal Essences Naked Collection launches a unique and alluring campaign on a night of nearly-naked fashion … the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, during which the brand will have an official unveiling of its latest offering. During this evening’s broadcast, beginning at 10 p.m. on CBS, celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan will share how to look and feel good naked, from hair to toe, and of course, dish on all of the oh-so-sexy hair coming down the runway. Follow @HerbalEssences on Twitter and #getnaked, as to not miss a single tip from Charles!

Are you ready for The Makeup Examiner sneak peek? TME gives you …The Herbal Essences Naked Collection:

  • Naked Volume - Gives hair light, touchable volume with the invigorating scent of white grapefruit and mint extracts to leave you with soft, full, bouncy hair
  • Naked Moisture - Provides lightweight hydration with a stimulating herbal and mint infusion for sensationally nourished, smooth hair
  • Naked Shine - Revitalizes strands with white tea and mint extracts for a brilliant silky shine, just as nature intended
  • Naked Dry Shampoo - Transforms lifeless, oily hair into fresh, touchable hair, whether you need a quick styling touchup or a boost of extra volume
  • Naked Flexible Hold Spritzer - Delivers a lightweight, flexible hold for shiny, soft, touchable hair
  • Naked Volumizing Soufflé - Gives hair a boost of natural volume you can run your fingers through
  • Naked Cleansing Conditioner - A low-lather, multi-tasking cleanser that combines the conditioning properties of a nourishing oil with gentle cleansing
  • Naked Sheer Shine Mist - Nourishes hair from root to tip to leave behind luscious, shiny locks
Can’t wait to “get naked” before everyone else? Herbal Essences is offering the chance to purchase the first bundle kits of the Naked Volume Collection before they hit store shelves. Get ready to take it all off and check it out for yourself by heading to Herbal Essences, then tune in at 10 p.m. on CBS for the hottest fashion show of the season!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Victoria's Secret debuts ‘Angel Dream’ for Holiday 2013

Riding the wave of the hottest runway show, which took place on Nov. 14, Victoria Secret is debuts a new fragrance inspired by its super sexy “Angels”. Victoria’s Secret Angel Dream is the latest edition to the award winning Victoria’s Secret Angel collection of fragrances.

Inspired by the irresistible allure of the VS angels, this captivating new scent has been dubbed by the brand to be a fragrance dream come true. It makes an entrance with luscious, radiant fruits, dazzles the crowd with a bouquet of enticing florals and leaves you glowing in the rich warmth of sultry woods and musk. And the perfume bottle features a set of wings, so if you’ve been naughty this year … you can still fake nice.

Featuring notes of Lace Violet, Iridescent Currant and Sheer Sandalwood, Victoria's Secret Angel Dream is the star of the Holiday 2013 season, complete with glamorous wings of iridescent glitter.

Check out the notes that make up this newest edition to the line:

Top - Strawberry Leaves, Iridescent Currant, Chinese Mandarin, Cucumber
Middle - Rose, Jasmine, Solar Greens, Juicy Melon, Lace Violet
Dry-Down: Musk, Sheer Sandalwood, Ambrette, Cedarwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Tempting Apple
If you didn’t get at seat at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013, don’t despair as you can catch it on CBS at 10 p.m. on Dec. 10. Victoria’s Secret Angel Dream is available in Eau de Parfum (45-59), Mist ($25), and Lotion ($20) exclusively at Victoria’s Secret.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind The Scenes For Victoria’s Secret Fall Makeup Campaign

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret
Cooler weather is definitely on its way, but Victoria's Secret knows exactly how to make it a little bit hotter. Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel sizzles during their most recent ad campaign for the fall season, which was shot on September 24 in New York City.

The lingerie brand made their name famous not only for their products but for their enviable Victoria's Secret angels and one of them being the South African beauty, Candice Swanepoel. On the campaign, Candice works her way on the camera for a sultry photo shoot for the brand's new fall beauty collection.

During their behind-the-scenes video, Candice together with fellow model Lindsay Ellingson do what they do best and pose for Victoria's Secret cosmetic line. Candice is seen in a fresh and playful makeup look, sporting coral lip gloss, heavy mascara and red nails paired with a shimmering eye shadow applied both to the eyelid and under the eye.

In another shot she debuts a classic strong red lip, sultry eyeshadow and shimmering bronzer. Meanwhile, Lindsay is styled in a bold metallic look, featuring sultry brown eyeshadow, which tapers into a standout silver, lashings of blusher and shiny silver nail polish.

Candice Swanepoel looked extra sexy wearing only a bra top with her hair tousled and her face made up. The 23-year-old model also explained to the viewers how a makeup campaign is different from doing a lingerie shoot: "With lingerie you have to be more conscious of your body and the way that you move your body. With beauty it's much more intricate, it's a lot slower. You have to get certain looks, see the colors, it's totally different."

Candice was seen modeling variations of looks from the collection but admitted that she is a big fan of the classic Victoria's Secret makeup. “I always love the classic Victoria's Secret look with thick liner, kind of feline. I love a red lip as well,” she said. Reader’s can get a behind-the-scenes look by clicking at The Women’s Network!