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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Viktor&Rolf Announces Launch of E-Commerce Fragrance Experience

Fashion artists Viktor&Rolf announce a new e-commerce fragrance experience. A whimsical wardrobe of services and surprises launching today September 6, the new website is home to several exclusive privileges and innovative personalization services that reaffirm the brand’s avant-garde DNA.

The new Viktor&Rolf e-commerce platform is driven by the designer’s conceptual vision: to re-infuse the buying experience of luxury fragrances with enchantment and imagination. Like everything they do, this new project was designed for the future and is filled with unexpected surprises. The new site offers consumers a refreshingly interactive tailor-made experience thanks to personalized services and original content.

Drawn by their provocative and theatrical heritage, Viktor&Rolf have always given haute couture an unexpected twist with surreal contrasts and perspectives. Their imagination and conceptual glamour have become their style signature. Using these same revolutionary ideas, they have extended their spirit to the world of fragrances.

With their luxurious and hypnotizing fragrances, Viktor&Rolf have designed a world bigger than life fueled by fantasy and mystery. By twisting the familiar, giving a new edge or playing with the opposite, they have created unique, one-of-a-kind scents bursting with romance, glamour, beauty and passion.

THE ART OF PERSONALIZATION Each individual has a unique style. So why should a perfume bottle be the same for everyone? Viktor&Rolf has perfected the art of personalization with the option with a unique bottle customization service. Customers can choose their bottle color style, dress it up with exclusive accessories and engrave it to give it a final personal touch. The classic Flowerbomb bottle now comes in 4 unique color styles with 4 unique accessory options. Bloom, Nectar and Bonbon can also be customized with accessories and engraving.

THE ART OF GIFTING Viktor&Rolf are famous for their fashion shows that turned the runways into theatrical performances. They bring this same theatrical, fantasy spirit to their fragrances and the art of sharing them. Gift boxes are fashionable gifts unto themselves wrapped in the signature black ribbon. And the masters of perfection are always keep a step ahead of the game: the magic doesn’t stop there…

SECRET SERVICE The new Viktor&Rolf “Secret Service” rewards program invites VIP clients to enter a world of ultimate refinement and spectacular privileges. By showing their passion for Viktor&Rolf’s enchanted world through purchases and site interaction, they can earn points and be rewarded in gifts and perks. From the “secret members” to the “secret few”, top customers can reach four tiers and enjoy an even more whimsical world unknown to many others.

Since those who have immersed themselves in this enchanting world will never want to leave, the new website will offer original content about both the fragrances and Viktor&Rolf’s world of fashion and lifestyle so consumers can be the first to know about and experience new products. This new website marks a revolution in the e-commerce fragrance experience, a new way to buy products and dive into the unique world of Viktor&Rolf where the fragrances are a microcosm of the brand’s couture core and unique approach to fashion.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection Now at Sephora

In 2017, fashion artists Viktor&Rolf launched a collection of six magical fragrances as rich and fantastical as the couture they create -- Magic Collection. In full disclosure, we’re pretty new to the fragrances of Viktor&Rolf. “Designer’s” fragrances have often left us with so much to be desired that we’d basically given up on them. That was until we caught a whiff of Flowerbomb Nectar!

So, now we’re moving onto a new (to us) discovery and making Sephora even more magical, Viktor&Rolf’s Magic Collection just hit the shelves. All six fragrances, or illusions rather, are now available and these luxurious scents are dedicated to making the impossible, possible. Each fragrance is a masterful composite, blending raw and natural materials with innovative accords to create truly unique, never been used before combinations. Each MAGIC potion features a paradoxical fusion of raw natural ingredients and innovative accords. Not only is each fragrance name a riddle, it includes compelling and hidden graphics from M/M Paris and a vintage apothecary packaging.

Viktor&Rolf’s Magic Collection:

Dancing Roses - a fruity floriental with pink pepper, litchi, cherry liqueur and rose. Dancing roses is intoxicatingly addictive with its irresistible blend of rose essence and cherry liquor. The ravishing queen of perfumery, the rose, blends with Bergamot, pink peppercorn, and lychee, deviating with its classical path to become addictive thanks to plump and juicy cherries dipped in an infusion of white cognac. Saffron, tonka bean, musks and ambery notes complete the potion to plunge into a captivating dream.

Dirty Trick - an oriental with ink accord, iris and suede. Dirty Trick arrests the senses with a mischievous combination of iris and ink. Sparkling bergamot and clary sage are interrupted by spicy and sweet incense to compose the top notes, while powdery iris and violet leaves blend harmoniously with ink to create a metallic and smoky heart. Base of suede, cedarwood and benzoin reveal the overall sensuality of this fragrance, leaving behind an enchanting trail.

Lavender Illusion - with citrus caviar and lavender. Lavender Illusion opens with a bright surprise: a refreshing blend of the citrus caviar, reminiscent of cool ocean air, green notes of galbanum essence, and ripe notes of the blackcurrant. At its heart is a unique harmony of lavender and lavandin that is at once fresh, floral, and aromatic, which softens to a woody and sensual olfactory signature comprised of patchouli essence, musk accords and pine essence.

Liquid Diamonds - with peonies, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and musk. Liquid Diamonds is an opulent balance of a delicate flower bouquet and velvety white musks: the top-note trio of fresh petit grain bigarade, green galbanum and spicy pink pepper essences introduces a clean sensation, while an intense floral heart comprised of Bulgarian rose and Ylang Ylang flower tinted with Jasmine provide comfort; Musk and Ambrette accord at its base bring warmth and intimacy to the mix.

Sage Spell - with grapefruit, pink pepper, peppermint, absinthe and sage. Aromatic sage and addictive absinthe cast this spell: bright citrus notes of pink grapefruit spiced by peppermint and pink pepper introduce a radiant, effervescent top. The coupling of absinthe and sage accented with vibrant star anise achieves a core signature that is at once hot and cold. Patchouli adds a layer of mystery to this potion with its herbaceous, woody and suave nuances, contrasted by the warmth of labdanum and enhanced by subtle notes of green tea leaf.

Sparkling Secret - a woody citrus with ginger, lime, grapefruit, orange blossom and vanilla. This floral and voluptuous cocktail leads with ginger, sweet lime and grapefruit. The sparkling brightness of the top is brewed with white flowers and neroli, then enveloped in a creamy cloud of vanilla bourbon and tonka bea - and the expression of "freshness" is reinvented.

Do we have a favorite? Is it a bad thing that we love each one?!? The Magic Collection ($190 each) is available online and in-store at Sephora.