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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Five Winter Beauty Problems Solved

This week's weather has been brutal! We've made super nutritious soup and super delicious hot chocolate, but nothing seems to shake off this cold! We're voting to run off to a warmer climate! To make matters worse it sort of seems like our hair and skin are like a misbehaving toddler and this certainly doesn't make the cold any easier to cope with. The winter weather brings unique beauty challenges, from static hair to dry skin, chapped lips and watery eyes. So until we can make our great escape to somewhere warm and sunny, we might as well make the best of things around here and share some winter beauty tips.

1. Static Hair: Both an external and internal problem. While we can do little to control the external dry air sans remaining in a hermetically sealed environment, we have control over how we treat our hair. Dry hair is the underlying issue with static hair problems. So getting hydration back into those tresses is the part of the solution. You can afford to skip shampoos during the winter and opt to use a dry shampoo and try a once per week treatment like Harklinikken Hair Hydrating Mask ($56). 

2. Dry Hair: When you’ve worked to get hydration back in your hair, don’t zap it out with stylers. While you may think that you need a little extra gel or finishing spray to control those flyaways, you’re actually weighing you hair down and drying your hair out! Opt for fewer products, alcohol-free stylers, and change up your styling tools. Use your blow dryer on a lower setting with a diffuser and a natural bristled brush like our favorite Mason Pearson Brush ($150). And under no circumstances should you take that flat iron to your head without using a thermal protectent!

3. Dry Skin: For starters, resist the temptation to take long, hot showers or baths. Hot showers and baths feel fantastic on a cold winter morning, but they’re actually hydration stealers. Skip the bath and opt for a shower spending no more than 15 minutes and keep the temperature warm. Use a hydrating shower gel and after your shower, you need to get moisture back into your skin so don't skip the body moisturizer and one super hydrating moisturizer that we've found is Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer ($10). 

4. Chapped Lips: Easily one of the biggest winter weather beauty issues. Aside from cold temperatures and blistery winds, a big contributor to chapped lips is the habit of licking your lips when they feel dry. Get hooked on hydration with lip balm. For nighttime, grab a non-petroleum based product like Waxelene ($35).

5. Watery Eyes: Between blistery winds and sun glare no wonder our peepers start to water. While you can opt for all the waterproof cosmetics available, why not take a super easy preventative measure like sunglasses? Aside from protecting your peepers from the elements, sunglasses are a fabulous way to stylishly give your eyes a rest from sun glare and our pick of the moment is a pair of Dior Reflected Aviator Sunglasses ($550).

xoxo TME

Monday, October 28, 2013

Waxelene Teams Up with HoneyColony to Bee the Change

Waxelene announced today, October 28 that it has teamed up with HoneyColony to raise money to help save the honeybees by selling HoneyColony’s “Bee the Change” t-shirts ($24.99).

HoneyColony was founded to bring together people and companies who are interested in adopting healthy lifestyles and want to help each other cut through the hype and claims of natural products and remedies. This community, referred to as “the hive”, includes leading health experts, top-notch journalists, companies that uphold these values (like Waxelene) and like-minded people looking for a trusted source of information and inspiration.

Waxelene will give all proceeds from its Bee the Change t-shirt sales back to HoneyColony who is currently earmarking a portion of the money raised through t-shirt sales for The Pollination Project, a non-profit organization that gives $1000 per day in grants to projects that change the world. For more information or, visit the Waxelene website

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waxelene Seeks Crowdfunding for Lip Tube

Waxelene, the number one petroleum jelly alternative for beauty, announced today, September 18, that the brand is seeking crowdfunding for the Waxelene Lip Tube. For those familiar with Waxelene, which currently comes in a jar and a flip-top tube, this is exciting news!

The Makeup Examiner has been waiting for Waxelene to offer a lip tube, as it is my go to product for dry lips. Waxelene has been looking to offer its product in a lip tube delivery, but a minimum production run is 100,000, which takes capital … serious capital. This desire to bring customers the very best has led Waxelene to start a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo.

“This is the form factor that is requested most often,” said Todd Cooper, CEO of Waxelene. “Waxelene is really effective on dry lips and the Lip Tube will make it easier to carry around and apply. We’ve wanted to offer this for a while, but a minimum production run is 100,000 and that takes capital. We’ve watched other companies raise money to execute on product ideas using crowdfunding and we thought – why not us? ”. My sentiments exactly!

Waxelene contributors will be the first to tote around the new Waxelene Lip Tube. The larger Waxelene flip tube is already a top seller in Whole Foods (production for that form factor was funded through Whole Foods’ Local Producer Loan Program) and there is a growing fan base of Waxelene users. The company is hopeful that Waxelene fans and friends will put their money where their lips are – and rally behind Waxelene’s Lip Tube campaign. Contribution levels start as low as $12 and includes four tubes fresh off the off the production line. For those interested in getting in on the ground of this endeavor, visit Indiegogo.

Waxelene is not just a replacement for petroleum-based products. It is a major improvement because it is noticeably more effective. Waxelene’s ingredients, vitamin E oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and organic soy oil, are delicately balanced to synergistically care for your skin. These all-natural ingredients are combined using a patented aeration process to create this amazing texture that won’t clog pores. Knowing that it is made in the USA with sustainable ingredients makes consumers feel good about using it every day from their head to their toes. Waxelene is available in over 9000 stores across all 50 states and Canada. Visit the Waxelene website and type in your zip code on the Retail Locations page to find the location nearest you.

Other good stuff about Waxelene:
  • Made with 100% wind power.
  • All natural, eco-friendly & biodegradable.
  • No animal testing (PETA Approved).
  • Smells beautiful (bee-approved and people-approved).

Photo Courtesy of Waxelene

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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Repair Damaged Nails

Welcome to another Manic Makeup Monday article lovelies! Over the weekend, The Makeup Examiner received quite a few emails from readers who were asking questions about nail damage and overall nail health. Due to the shear volume, I though it a good idea to address the issue of nail care in the column.

The history of nail care and nail art can be traced back as far as 5000 B.C. India, when both men and women used henna to dye their nails. You’d think after so many years that nail care and healthy nails would be second nature to us. But, with many women having a strong desire to have those oh so pretty nails that can be had via acrylics, our passion wins over our sense for healthy nail care.

The Makeup Examiner has been very guilty of going the acrylic nail route. Aside from aggravation of maintenance, pain of removal, and the great potential for nail fungus; I grew rather concerned about the toxicity of acrylics when it occurred to me that the manicurists were donning facemasks. I can relate to “it hurts to be beautiful,” but I’m not willing to go toxic any longer and this is perhaps where you need to start.

While dry, brittle nails can have hereditary factors, lifestyle is a much greater contributor to unhealthy nails. It’s time to move away from fake nails! So, once you wean yourself off of your weekly visits for fill-ins, you can begin to take steps to get naturally beautiful nails.

Here are a few tips to help prevent and repair nail damage:

Hot Oil Treatment - One of the easiest and most inexpensive treatments can be found in your kitchen. Try an olive oil soak for your nails. Grab a glass bowl, add olive oil, heat in the microwave for 10 seconds and there you have a healthy, hot oil treatment for your nails. Remember to do this to polish free, clean nails.

Re-hydration – A fabulous, inexpensive product is Waxelene. I’m in love with this non-petroleum based stuff. Waxelene has a multitude of uses, one of which is it’s a fantastic nighttime treatment for your nails. Massage Waxelene into and around your nails at bedtime to get hydration back to your nails and cuticles.

Grab the gloves – I used to laugh at my mother for wearing rubber gloves when she did chores, but mom was smart to do so. Water and detergents do an amazing amount of damage to our nails. So, grab the gloves and apply moisturizer to your hands and nails.

Get off of the chemicals – Switch to non-acetone polish remover and try a water-based nail polish. Another absolute favorite product of mine is Acquarella. This water-based, non-toxic nail polish is odorless and since I switched from solvent-based lacquer to Acquarella, my nails are in amazing condition.