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Friday, May 2, 2014

Get Groomed for the Derby with Dr. Allan Peterkin

Dr. Allan Peterkin

The Kentucky Derby is finally here! Turning to Dr. Allan Peterkin today, May 2, The Makeup Examiner offers her suavenistas all the answers to get your face in shape for this weekend’s event and beyond. Whether you’re going to be at the track or at a local viewing party, you know that you want to put your best face forward for the races … and the ladies. After all, the Derby is more than a horserace … it is the kick-off event for the social season. So, how can you achieve the best facial hairstyle?

Yvonne P. Mazzulo (The Makeup Examiner): Regarding facial hairstyles, we’re seeing everything from clean-shaven to full beards. What styles would you say are current for the season?

Dr. Allan Peterkin: Well, I think a lot of men tend to shave off their scruff and winter hibernation beards for spring and summer months, when it is much warmer. The modern Derby has generally been a clean-shaven affair. With the recent surge in facial hair trends, however, I think men are starting to wear what fits them best and there's more freedom for stylish self-expression.

What advice can you share to guide men on what look they’re best suited for?

Dr. Peterkin: Determining your face shape and giving your facial features some thought is the first step in choosing the right beard or mustache. Make note of the strength of your jawline, the prominence of your cheekbones, the size of your lips, and the volume of your cheeks. All of these can affect which facial hairstyles will complement your look and which will not. While faces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are all basically one of these three: Round, Square/Angular, or Oval. Choosing the best style for your face shape is about achieving a fine-tuned balance between face and hair. Your barber can help you decide or check out specific tips in my book on grooming “The BeardedGentleman-The Style Guide to Shaving Face".

Once a guy has chosen a facial hairstyle, be it full beard, clean-shaven or somewhere in between; how can they achieve that style? 

Dr. Peterkin: I would advise someone who would like to grow a beard to be sure to take all of the necessary steps that accompany caring for both facial hair AND FACIAL SKIN. Bearded or not, men need to care for their skin by cleansing and moisturizing, I’d recommend using a cleanser like the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash and their Face Lotion with SPF.

The easiest beard to grow and maintain is the short length trimmed beard. You can care for this beard simply by keeping the margins clean (shaving outside the natural growth) and regularly trimming your beard with scissors or a clipper to maintain a uniform length.

A lot of men look good with stubble (and women when surveyed like that look).

How does skincare factor into a good facial hairstyle look and what advice can you offer about skincare?

Dr. Peterkin: What most men don’t realize is the key to your grooming regimen is skincare. Guys only need a few products to care for their skin, and certain brands have made it easy for guys to maintain a quick, regular grooming routine. For example, the Dove Men+Care face range is designed to care for men’s skin in three easy steps, which require only 3 basic products which work in sync: face wash, shave gel, and face lotion or post shave balm.

Some guys have issues with growing in a beard evenly, what advice can you offer to help achieve a thicker and even beard?

Dr. Peterkin: Patience is key. Let your facial hair grow for a few weeks to determine maximal growth patterns and then keep it in check by shaping and trimming it to give it a cleaner and sharper look -- constant maintenance helps with the uneven growth. If you can't grow a full beard, you can still consider your options-sideburns, stubble, a mustache or soul-patch.  When shaving, use a shave gel that moisturizes your skin and shave outside the natural growth on your neck and above your cheeks, but not with too much precision that it eliminates the natural look. Use pictures of yourself as a reference and create visual parameters – keep that in mind when shaving the perimeter on the upper cheek and at the neckline.

What is the best way for guys to maintain their chosen look throughout the season?

Dr. Peterkin: Moisturize! Moisturizing is the most important step in a grooming routine --so if you haven’t started yet -- start now! This is especially important for older guys, who are most susceptible to dryness and wrinkles. I’d recommend using a lightweight moisturizer every morning and evening to help care for your skin, keeping it healthy and fresh, bearded or not. If you do have facial hair, you can also use a dab of the lotion or of Dove's post-shave balm to condition your beard and keep it soft.

What are your plans for Derby Weekend?

Dr. Peterkin: I recently bought two fine top hats, but won't be able to make the Derby this year. It's on my list for next year! I plan to lie low, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Note: A very special thank you to Dr. Allan Peterkin for his time and expertise. Dr. Perterkin’s books can be found online at AD Peterkin and at Barnes &Noble. The Dove Men+Care Face Range is available at Dove and mass retailers. 

Dr. Allan Peterkin is a facial hair expert, pogonologist (beard scholar), and a Dove Men+Care Face Range Expert. Dr. Peterkin has authored three bestselling books on facial hair and is a leading authority on contemporary styling choices for men lending his expertise to the likes of Men's Health, GQ and Esquire, as well as in documentaries from National Geographic and Morgan Spurlock (“Mansome” 2012). He also appeared as a judge at the 2012 National Beard and Mustache Championships held in Las Vegas. Dr. Peterkin’s books include; “One Thousand Beards-A Cultural History of Facial Hair”, “The Bearded Gentleman-The Style Guide To Shaving Face” (co-written with Nick Burns) and “One Thousand Mustaches-A Cultural History of The Mo.”

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stila Dancing with the Stars Collection

Check out The Makeup Examiner's Review of Live.Love.Freestyle! 

Live.Love.Dance Sets ($39 each) are available in:
  • Cha Cha (shimmer shades)
  • Tango (bronze shades)
  • Freestyle (smoky shades)
  • Samba (wearable pops of color)

Each set includes one palette with a universally flattering cheek color and seven eye shadow shades that can be applied wet for greater intensity or worn dry for a slightly more subtle look. The sets also include Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm, a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, and a deluxe Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

Other Beauty Products in the Stila Dancing With the Stars collection are:

Powder Blush ($16 each) - This powder blush comes in a universal shade suitable for all skin types and tones. (Artist Tip): Apply to the apples of the cheeks for a natural looking flush.

Illuminating Powder ($16 each) This all over shimmer powder adds a touch of dewy radiance to any look. (Artist Tip): Use as a highlighter - over the lids or on the corner of eyes, brushed onto cheekbones or dusted over the décolleté.

Bronzing Powder ($16 each) - This all over bronzing powder delivers a natural, sun-kissed glow. (Artist Tip): Use as an all over bronzer, dusting across the areas of the face where the sun naturally hits or to add contour and definition.

Makeup Bag with Star Mirror ($20 each) - Take your makeup on the go! This Dancing with the Stars inspired makeup bag with convenient star-shaped mirror is the perfect keepsake to store makeup or for taking it with you.

The Stila + Dancing with the Stars Collection is sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CoverGirl Announces A Nueva CoverGirl

CoverGirl announced on July 9 a new, fresh face to the brands lineup of amazing and beautiful women. Joining a lineup of successful and inspiring global beauties like Pink, Sofia Vergara, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres, is 16-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper and Mexican-American superstar Becky G. 

With an ongoing focus that’s all about individuality and the celebration of each woman’s unique beauty, Becky G adds a distinctive street style to the brand. Becky recently wrapped up her first CoverGirl shoot and will be appearing in national TV and print ads this summer. Catch a glimpse of this cutie in action on CoverGirls Youtube Channel!  CoverGirl shares a special behind-the-scenes photo with The Makeup Examiner’s readers. And fans of both Becky, (which she affectionately refers to as “beasters”), and CoverGirl will have an opportunity to interact with the super socially-active superstar via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Becky has hit the ground running as the newest CoverGirl, as her Twitter feed hasn’t stopped since today’s announcement.

As the first chapter of her CoverGirl story, Becky will be joining the brand to celebrate beauty, beats and “confianza” in every girl, on every block. In the upcoming months, Becky will debut many looks from the CoverGirl’s new collections, including ones featuring the fired-up, volumizing CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara. Becky’s lips and nails will be in the spotlight showcasing CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm, which is a favorite of The Makeup Examiner’s, and CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis, which are mini versions of Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in tropical, glossy colors that are perfect for summer. CoverGirl cosmetics are available at major retail outlets and you can find your closet retail outlet at CoverGirl

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ralph Lauren Drops Another Fragrance

Adding to an already impressive cache of fragrances for both men and women, Ralph Lauren introduced on July 9 an additional to his fragrance line. The latest offering from Ralph Lauren is Polo Red and the inspiration for the men’s fragrance is all male!

Like so much of what Ralph Lauren designs, Polo Red is inspired by his passion for cars and speed. Polo Red brings an exciting edge to the Ralph Lauren fragrance portfolio.  Polo Red is inspired by the speed, seduction and adrenaline of thrill-seeking male.

Polo Red combines powerful notes in a woody, spicy fragrance to create an adrenaline rush of key ingredients, including:

  • Top Notes:  red grapefruit, Italian cedrat, red cranberry
  • Mid Notes:  red saffron, lavandin, red sage
  • Base Notes:  red wood, amber, coffee berry
Polo Red is the ultimate in design, power and distinction, taking inspiration from the Ralph Lauren Car Collection, one of the world's most prestigious collections of exquisite cars. The high-gloss, opaque bottle is a striking, fiery red, mimicking the sleek curves of an automobile and featuring the iconic Polo pony logo.  The bottle is topped with a matte black cap to create a powerful appearance. Polo Red is available, today, at select retail outlets and includes Eau de Toilette ($76), Deodorizing Body Spray ($20), After Shave Balm ($40), and Alcohol-Free Deodorant ($18). Visit Ralph Lauren for locations.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eco-Armour organic beauty review

Hello lovelies! The Makeup Examiner hopes that everyone enjoyed the Fourth of July festivities and that you’re enjoying a long holiday weekend. Before TME wanders off to enjoy more of our Independence Day celebrations, she wanted to share with her readers the trifecta treasure of Eco-Armour. As The Makeup Examiner has previously written, she’s always on the hunt for products that hit the beauty product trifecta of organic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Often found are products that hit one-of-three. Imagine her delight when she found two quadruple-duty products that hit the beauty trifecta and are wallet-friendly. Score!

Eco-Amour was found by Robert and Zoe Benzinger in 2011, and their back story is rather interesting so check in with The Makeup Examiner to read an interview about this dynamic couple. Now … to the products! Eco-Armour Shaving Foam was a featured product in Yuzen Box Father’s Day Edition and has been a staple in spas on the East Coast. The Makeup Examiner was sent the Eco-Armour Triple Pack Shaving Foam (5oz each $19 set of 3 $48) and Botanical Insect Repellent and Moisturizer (4oz $12.50). The Eco-Armour Triple Pack Shaving Foam contains each of Eco-Armour’s three scent formulations of shaving foam, which are Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit; Mint + Eucalyptus; Pomegranate + Mango. Each scent is formulated for more than just a desire for a particular scent. Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit is soothing and gentle for sensitive skin, Mint + Eucalyptus is invigorating and cleansing for problem skin, and Pomegranate + Mango is calming and moisturizing for dry skin. Do they give a great shave? Yes. And they are not a “women’s-only” product.

Eco-Armour’s Shaving Foam scents are appealing to both men and women. The light foam formula is gentle enough for the bikini area, yet effective for men. The foams are formulated to extend the life of a blade, can be used as body wash and The Makeup Examiner has been using the Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit as a face wash for several weeks with wonderful results. With four separate uses, Eco-Amour’s Shaving Foam should be called wonder foam! Extending the life of your razor and multi-use, makes this product both eco and wallet-friendly.

Moving onto Eco-Armour Botanical Insect Repellent and Moisturizer. The Makeup Examiner put this to the test, on the Fourth, when festivities were outdoors and the bugs were abundant. Many repellents have an overwhelming scent; this is not the case with Eco-Armour’s Botanical Insect Repellent and Moisturizer. The light lemony scent is lovely and the product absolutely keeps the bugs away … but not the boyfriend! It is safe for adults and kids, and is biodegradable (as is the shaving foam). The Botanical Insect Repellent and Moisturizer can be used as just a moisturizer, which is why The Makeup Examiner pointed out the light scent. It is also effect as an after-sun care product.

If you’re seeking products that are organic, vegan and eco-friendly plus are multi-purpose, The Makeup Examiner highly recommends checking out Eco-Armour. Eco-Armour is a member of 1% for the Planet and their products can be found on the Eco-Armour website

Insider Beauty News: Eco-Armour will be launching an after-shave serum and a lavender mist in Fall 2013.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New at Birchbox: Another Exclusive Collaboration

Birchbox announced on July 2 another exclusive collaboration that launches today. While we may know Birchbox best for their wonderfully curated beauty and lifestyle boxes, Birchbox also offers an extensive online shop. The brand’s online shopping platform provides a selection of over 400 products, many of which are exclusive to Birchbox.

The latest Birchbox collaboration is a partnership with the design house of Tibi. The two brands have teamed up to provide an exclusive pouch, which features the “Empire” print from Tibi’s pre-Fall 2013 collection. Based in New York City, Tibi pays homage via the Tibi Empire Pouch, to the design house’s home city. In conjunction with the exclusive pouch, this collaboration will offer consumers an opportunity to discover the latest ready-to-wear designs from Tibi and inspirations from Tibi’s newest collection.

The exclusive pouch will be available throughout July and is destined to become a must-have accessory. The pouch can be used as a stylish makeup bag, but is also roomy enough to be used as the perfect clutch. The Tibi Empire Pouch can be purchased for $28 or added as a gift with purchases over $65 from the Birchbox Shop. To check out the Tibi Empire Pouch, visit the Birchbox Shop and to view Tibi’s pre-Fall 2013 collection, visit Tibi’s website.

Just as side note lovelies: I received one of the Tibi Pouches and it is so amazing. Exquisite "Empire" print and the pouch is roomy enough for all of your cosmetics or the perfect clutch.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

NARS Fall 2013 Sneak Peek

In the middle of summer, fall may be a far off thought. But despite the summer festivities being in full swing, cosmetic houses are already rolling out next season’s offerings. And you may be surprised at the departure of a multi-season staple.

NARS has delivered a sneak peek of their Fall 2013 collection and it is sans sparkle! Plus, the new line has taken another major departure from the traditional black smoky eye, opting for a very sultry navy. If you’re thinking that you have to wait to get your hands on the new range of fall colors … think again. NARS will introduce the fall collection on July 15.

So, what’s the Fall 2013 collection all about? Would you believe matte! Completely chic and completely sophisticated, it brings hope that we can look forward to refined offerings across the board. The collection includes two nail lacquers, Galathée and Fury, which are lovely shades of royal purple and pewter and which have The Makeup Examiner filled with joy for fall.

Beautynistas will be clamoring to get hold of NAR’s first makeup bag, a limited edition pochette and The Makeup Examiner would very much like to say that it’s something she’d covet. But, no love here. This, of course, would be the only item in the NARS Fall 2013 offering to not fall in love with. Although we’ve witnessed hues of red for several seasons, the shade continues into Fall 2013. Anyone complaining? Me neither. The NARS Fall 2013 collection will be available online at NARS and select retail location beginning July 15.

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Get the Hottest Makeup Look for Summer 2013

Bold, brilliant color has taken over for Summer 2013. From red-hued lips to neon nails, and now a stunning peacock effect for your peepers. NYC New York Color is providing The Makeup Examiner’s readers with a step-by-step for this multifaceted, sure-to-turn-heads, hot summer trend.

The graduated shade peacock eye appeared all over runways during S/S 2013 Fashion Week, ranging from a subtle sweep of gold and bronze to a bold, multihued version of this sultry, sizzling look. Using brilliant blues, greens, purples, and gold hued shadows, enhanced with dramatic black liner and a finishing touch of mascara, this must-try makeup trend will definitely have you strutting. The look is easily achieved with the budget-friendly makeup tools from NYC New York Color’s peacock-inspired shades.

Here’s all you need to get the peacock effect:
Tools – NYC New York Color’s HD Trio Eye Shadow palette in West Vintage ($2.99), NYC New York Color’s HD Trio Eye Shadow palette in Streets Paved in Gold ($2.99), NYC New York Color High Definition Liquid Eye Liner in black ($3.99), NYC New York Color’s Big Bold Curl mascara ($4.99)
  1. Begin by blending a combination of green and purple shadows to mimic a peacock feather. Use NYC New York Color’s HD Trio Eye Shadow in West Vintage, which contains pale and dark green shadows plus a dramatic purple for an all-in-one pick. Add a shimmering highlight with the golden shade found in the Streets Paved in Gold HD Trio Eye Shadow palette.
  2. Start by applying the lightest shadow from the corner of the eye to about 1/3 of the way across the lid with the included applicator. Apply the lightest shadow in a sweeping motion across the brow bone as well.
  3. Next, apply the middle shade down the center of the lid, so that the lid is now 2/3 covered with shadow. Extend the shadow to the top of the lid making sure the color is completely saturated.
  4. Finally, apply the deepest shadow to the last 1/3 of the lid, blending it in the outer corner of the lid so that you can see it peeking out from the lid.
  5. Next, line the eye with NYC New York Color High Definition Liquid Eye Liner in black. A larger flick makes it more pronounced while a smaller flick is a subtler take on this look. The slideshow features the peacock effect sans the winged line, but for a little extra drama, extend the line into a wing.
  6. Finish with several generous coats of NYC New York Color’s Big Bold Curl mascara.
And there you have it … six easy steps to this stunning look! NYC New York Color cosmetics are available nationwide at CVS.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Battle of the Beauty Boxes: Round 2

Hello lovelies! In January, The Makeup Examiner had the pleasure of working with Beauty Box 5, Birchbox, Blissmo, GlossyBox, KlutchClub and True Beauty Box for “Battle of the Beauty Boxes” - Round One. Since that first article, I quickly came to realize that there are many, many beauty and lifestyle boxes on the market and that the competition to capture the attention of beautynistas is fierce. I also came to realize that not all subscription services are created equally. Quite frankly, some of them are not worth your money!

Armed with five new companies, and a check-in with one from January, The Makeup Examiner set out once again to see who offers what, and what’s not worth it. The Qualifiers for “Round Two” are Beauty Army, Birchbox Man, Bulu Box, Conscious Box, PopSugar Must Have, and Yuzen. As always, The Makeup Examiner hopes that readers will find this review to be helpful. For your convenience, all of the beauty box subscription company websites are hyperlinked, as is a complete product breakdown for the winners. So without further ado, let the battle begin!

Beauty Army - Cost $12 per Month

If you’re a beautynista that likes to be in control, Beauty Army is for you! You begin by filling out a personal beauty profile that helps Beauty Army to offer samples unique to your interests and beauty needs. You may choose six out of nine samples and if you don’t like any of them, you can choose to skip that month. There is also the option to change your beauty profile or have a beauty expert chose for you. Beauty Army offers rewards via a “Badge” program that allows you to earn discounts by referring friends, reviewing products or taking surveys. And if you fall in love with a particular product, you can purchase the full-size directly from their website. You had me at “Hello Gorgeous,” which was how I was greeted upon opening my Beauty Army box. The approximate value for the products that I received was $28. The Makeup Examiner determines Beauty Army a winner! Beauty Army product breakdown.

Bulu Box - Cost: $10/month

Bulu offers two types of boxes, one for “feeling good” and the other to “succeed at weight loss”. The Bulu Box offers bells and whistles of a rewards program and member community support. The products that The Makeup Examiner received slightly exceeded the $10/monthly subscription price with an approximate value of $13.55, but the products are not what I would ever want to try, and the kitschy “get healthy” garbage that Bulu Box promotes such as, “Lose that last 10 pounds before the big beach party” while showing an anorexic looking model, is shameful. Bulu Box is KO’d … right out of The Makeup Examiner’s Battle of the Beauty Boxes ring!

Conscious Box - Cost: $19.95/month

The Conscious Box is just that. With a tagline of “Discover the best of the planet,” Conscious Box focuses on products that are fair trade, eco-friendly, vegan, and GMO free. This box is beautifully “packaged with love” and from the moment that The Makeup Examiner had it in her hands, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Right off the top, the box included $75 in coupons, a beautiful post card, and a card with a full description of each product. Of course the best part are $63 of both full and sample-sized products, which brings the approximate value to $138. Every product in this box is selected for healthier, happier living without impeding upon the planet, as is the packaging … right down to the use of inks made from veggies and BPA-free labels. Conscious Box is also a member of 1% for the Planet. The Makeup Examiner determines Conscious Box a winner! Conscious Box product breakdown.

PopSugar Must Have Box - Cost: $35/month

Many of you may be familiar with, a leading online source of women’s lifestyle information and a favorite site of The Makeup Examiner’s. Every Must Have box is expertly, and lovingly, curated by the PopSugar editors, which guarantees that you are going to be presented with top-notch products. PopSugar’s Must Have Box for June contained everything needed for the perfect summer weekend get away with an approximate value of $209. And based upon both the PopSugar Must Have for women and PopSugar Must Have for men, The Makeup Examiner is confident that high quality and high value is the norm for PopSugar Must Have. The Makeup Examiner determines PopSugar Must Have a winner! PopSugar product breakdown.

Yuzen - Cost: Yearly Commitment $132, Boxes sent out quarterly $33/box

With boxes arriving quarterly, Yuzen’s tagline of “Sending you a little Zen” reminds us to stop and take time for ourselves. Each $33 box includes high-end luxurious organic beauty, snack, and lifestyle products that are carefully selected by Jen and Ted, the owners of Yuzen. The Summer Yuzen Box was so beautifully packaged that The Makeup Examiner almost didn’t want to open it. Oh, but, you know that I did! And there began my Yuzen experience. The box contained a card with detailed information about each product and an explanation for why it was chosen, a mix of nine full-sized and sample size products, a $40 coupon and discount codes for each product, and the products were packaged with lovely reusable mesh draw string bags. Unplug the phone, send the kids to grandma’s, and pamper yourself with a day at your home spa. With an approximate value $134 and a priceless day of at home lavishness, The Makeup Examiner determines Yuzen to be a winner! Yuzen Summer Box product breakdown.

Birchbox Man - Cost: $20/month and savings with lengthier commitment

In January, Birchbox participated in Round One and The Makeup Examiner brought them back for Round Two, specifically for Birchbox Man. The Makeup Examiner believes that our guys want to try high-end luxury lifestyle products, but knows that a lot of guys simply don’t know where to look. For just this reason, I make it a point to integrate tips for guys and to review gentlemen’s products into my column. Birchbox Man June edition contained both full-sized and sample size products with an approximate value $65. If your guy finds a product that he absolutely love, a full size can easily be ordered from the Birchbox website. As an introduction to a man’s lifestyle box, Birchbox is the perfect product for men ages 18 to 80. With mass appeal, luxurious yet practical products The Makeup Examiner determines Birchbox Man to be a winner! And this my lovelies, leads way to the announcement of “Battle of the Beauty Boxes – The Men’s Edition!” Product Breakdown 

PopSugar Must Have Box

PopSugar Must Have Box  - Cost: $35 per month, includes shipping  

In The Box:
  • Gorjana & Griffin | Gift Card $25
  • Gorjana & Griffin | Zuma Scarf $62
  • Juice Beauty | Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer Full-Size $65
  • Juice Beauty | Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream .17 oz (2) $7.80
  • Hard Candy Fitness | Addicted to Sweat #4 DVD $19.95
  • Revenge Wears Prada The Devil Returns | Hardcover $20
  • Project 7 | Quench the Thirsty Wintergreen Mints $5
  • Popcorn, Indiana | Fit Popcorn Full Size $4.10
Approximate Value:  $208.85

Subscription Perks: Value far exceeds the cost

Philanthropic Endeavors: Majority of curated products participate in a socially responsible forum. For example, Project 7 creates useful products and donates 100 percent of the proceeds to charity; Gorjana & Griffin are a socially conscious company with an in house charitable foundation. 

*All products were sent to The Makeup Examiner courtesy of PopSugar. Monetary payment in never exchanged for product reviews.

Conscious Box

Conscious Box - Cost: $19.95 per month, including shipping

In The Box:
  • Paper Culture | Coupon $25
  • | $50 Coupon
  • Paper Culture | Greeting Card $2.59
  • Nature’s Baby Organics | Shampoo and Body Wash (Vanilla Tangerine) $2.50
  • Greek Island Labs | Natural Colon Cleanse $7.70
  • Sneakz Organics | Chocolate Milkshake $2.09
  • Organic Flavrz | (2) Boost and (2) Revive $4.52
  • Skout Organic | Trailbar (1) Apple and Cinnamon (1) Cherry and Vanilla $4.98
  • LARABAR Alt | Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit and Nut Bar $1.59
  • Son for Men | Soothe After Shaving ‘Rescue’ $3.50
  • Flora Health | Udo’s Choice Adult Enzyme Blend Full-Size $28.99
  • Farm Dog Naturals | Restore Salve .05 oz $4.50
Approximate Value:  $137.96

Subscription Perks: Rewards Program - Earn points for rating products, Support from Health Experts and Community, Full Size Products Available

Philanthropic Endeavors: Member of 1% for the Planet, Greenwashing: Zero Tolerance,
Leading by Example

*All products were sent to The Makeup Examiner courtesy of Conscious Box. Monetary payment in never exchanged for product reviews.


Yuzen Cost: Yearly Commitment $132, Boxes sent out quarterly $33/box

In The Box:
  • Juil Footwear | Coupon $40
  • Level Naturals | Shower Bomb $7.99
  • ACURE | Argan Oil $2.50
  • ACURE | Marula Oil $2.50
  • Pritte Organic Skin Therapy | Daily Moisturizing Lotion $4.50
  • SpaRitual Nail Lacquer | Emerald City $6.50
  • SpaRitual Nail Lacquer | Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat in One $5
  • suki Color | luscious lips berry cream trio $31.95
  • ski Body | Sensitive Cleaning Bar $26.95
  • JJ’s Sweets | Cocomels Sea Salt Pocket Pack $3.99
  • Action Wipes | Large $1.49

 Approximate Value:  $133.37

Subscription Perks: Value far exceeds the cost; Yuzen Summer Box would cover subscription

Philanthropic Endeavors: Yuzen’s products are chosen on the LOHAS philosophy

*All products were sent to The Makeup Examiner courtesy of Yuzen. Monetary payment in never exchanged for product reviews.

Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man Cost: $20 per month 

In The Box:
  • The Art of Shaving | Pre-Shave Oil .5 oz $2.50
  • TOWELDRY | Creme Styler .05 oz $2.50
  • Balla Powder | Intimate Anti-Order 10.3g  $5
  • John Varvatos | Artisan Cologne glass vial $12
  • Jack Robie | Pocket Square $25
  • Birchbox Man | Shoe Horn $18

Approximate Value:  $65

Subscription Perks: Rewards points, discounts on full size products

Philanthropic Endeavors: Birchbox uses 100 percent post consumer recycled boxes

*All products were sent to The Makeup Examiner courtesy of Birchbox. Monetary payment in never exchanged for product reviews.

Beauty Army

Beauty Army - Cost: $12 per month, including shipping

In The Box:

  • Addiction NV Cosmetics | Lip Habit Lip Gloss in Walk of Shame (full size) $16.00
  • AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy | Moisturizing Body Lotion 2 oz - $3.00
  • Nelson J Beverly Hills | Aragon Oil 7 Non Foaming Shampoo 1 oz $2.50
  • Own | Lifting Eye Cream .75 ml $1.20
  • Egyptian Magic | All Purpose Skin Cream .01 oz - $0.92
  • Yes to Blueberries | Eye Firming Treatment .01 oz $4.00
Approximate Value:  $27.62

Subscription Perks: Option to skip a month, Rewards Program with Free Month and Discounts, Support from Top Beauty Experts, Full Size Products Available 

Philanthropic Endeavors: Beauty Army Participates with the Beauty Bus Foundation

*All products were sent to The Makeup Examiner courtesy of Beauty Army. Monetary payment in never exchanged for product reviews.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CoverGirl introduces a sizzling line for summer

Hello lovelies! Summer has finally graced us and some of us may not have prepared for all of that fun in the sun, or those hot summer nights! But leave it to everyone’s “go-to” brand to have us covered. CoverGirl has just introduced the Flamed Out product line, which goes nationwide on July 1.

The new CoverGirl Flamed Out product line is full of amazing, highly intense colors that will have you looking as hot as the summer sun. The line includes mascaras, shadow pots, and pencils.
CoverGirl Flamed Out product line:
  • Flamed Out Mascara ($7.50) fires up the volume for a flamed out lash look with up to 3 times the volume. The innovative Volume Igniter brush grabs each lash, saturating with even more mascara and is available in a water resistant formula.
  • Flamed Out Shadow Pots ($3.99) feature blazing, blendable colors packed into a tight powder formula. Its high color payoff amps up the volume on any eye look. The shadow comes in 12 fierce, expressive shades to instantly heat up any look.
  • Flamed Out Pencils ($5.99) feature a 2-in-1 gel shadow and eye liner in 10 hot, blendable shades. The ultra creamy formula glides on smoothly and is perfect for creating exotic eye looks.

CoverGirl Flamed Out Tips:
  • Flamed Out Shadow Pots - Simply apply, smudge and blend for smoky, flamed out perfection.
  • Flamed Out Pencils - Pair with Flamed Out Shadow Pots for a vibrant and transformative smoky eye. Using an eyeshadow brush, sweep shadow across eyelids from your upper lash lines to creases. For a fun look, blend in another shade and extend color outward at the corners like a wing. For added definition, glide pencil along your upper lash lines and extend outward like a wing.
  • Finish your bold winged-out eye look with one coat of Flamed Out Mascara to curve lashes up and out.
The new product line is currently available at select retail locations, but will be available nationwide on July 1. Visit the CoverGirl website for more makeup tips and availability

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adele stuns in a rare public appearance

Since becoming a mother for the first time last October, Adele has made very few public appearances. With so few outings, perhaps that could be the reason why the 25-year-old went all out, from head-to-toe, on June 21 for the UJA-Federation Music Visionary of the Year luncheon.

Adele wore a striking black cat-eye, complete with long false eyelashes, and a romantic smoky effect. She paired this with a nude lip and the finished look was nothing less then stunning. In a complete breakaway from Adele’s retro-chic coif, the new mom sported a braided up-do and dressed in a flowy long black dress, finishing the entire ensemble with brass jewelry.

The singer’s look is striking, yet easy to accomplish. The Makeup Examiner’s dear friend Caite Pywar of Lipsi Cosmetics precisely demonstrates just how simple it is to get the look. Check out Caite’s “Cat-Eye” tutorial and  “Romantic Smoky Eye” tutorial, then go rock it out! Oh, and rest up lovelies ... the "Battle of the Beauty Boxes - Round 2" is coming very soon! 

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sealed With A Burberry Kiss

In the digital age, communication has become so impersonal. Do you remember when you used to send handwritten notes or the feeling of receiving one? Although the recently launched “Burberry Kisses” campaign still utilizes technology, there is no denying that Burberry has returned romance and whimsy to loves and lovers across the globe.

At the end of June a collaborated effort between Burberry and Google has made kissing someone, anywhere on the planet, seem very real. The idea behind the “Burberry Kisses” campaign is to provide a more personalized way to send your loved ones a little love, no matter where they are, by allowing you to send your very own kiss imprint.

The Campaign allows users two ways to send some love. The first is to visit Burberry Kisses and pucker up in front of your webcam. From that point “kiss-detection” technology captures your beautiful pout. The second option is to use you iPhone and actually kiss the screen. Yes, The Makeup Examiner tested “Burberry Kisses” from her phone and yes; it was odd to kiss my phone … publicly. But that is where any oddness stopped.

After your kiss is captured, you’re given the option to choose au naturel or one of five shades of Burberry lipsticks like, Union Red, Devon Sunset, Bright Plum, Nude Beige, or Tea Rose, to really personalize your pout. Once you’ve chosen the perfect pout imprint and color, write a short message to the recipient and send it via email or Google +. The virtual envelope containing your message, and sealed with your kiss, will then fly across a 3D landscape to the recipient’s destination.

The recipient has the option to display their “Burberry Kiss” across various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Each kiss that has been shared receives a spot on a real-time interactive map, but there is an option to keep your kisses private if you so choose. “Burberry Kisses” isn’t limited to lover, as The Makeup Examiner sent plenty to friends and family across the globe. Watch the video about to learn how to send your kisses, and then, send some love to someone far away or right next door. 

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